Best VPNs for Roku, and how to use Roku?

Best VPNs for Roku, and how to use Roku?

Roku is the best streaming media box and it has gained popularity since its first launch back in 2012. And now, Roku comes in 5th generation and it has 6 different types. Roku has everything that can be a small streaming box in low budget, and 4k display streaming box for pro streamers. Its six types are given below:

  • A streaming stick by Roku
  • Express Roku
  • Premiere Roku
  • Premiere+ Roku
  • Ultra-Roku
  • Roku TV

Roku is an android streaming device that can be connected to any other operating system as well. Roku has a wide range of channel to support, and almost every channel is geo-locked. This means that those channels cannot be accessed in many countries. This is the most irritating part of Roku. But thanks to some authentic and trusted VPN application, Roku can be used in any country without worrying about any channel blockage. The bypass of these restrictions is now possible because of some VPN service providers. So, in this review, we are going to talk about best VPN services that can easily bypass channel restrictions of Roku. Read on to find out!

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Criteria for ranking VPN:

We have listed few VPN applications that are best for using Roku, but first, you should be aware of the criteria we used to rank those VPNs.

  • Can the VPN application unblock the famous streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, or HBO?
  • Is it fast and reliable enough to provide HD streaming?
  • Is it protected from IP or DNS leak protection?
  • How is its customer care support?
  • What kind of devices and operating systems does it support?

So, these questionnaires are the main criteria to judge the VPN for using Roku streaming box.

Best VPN for Roku:

It was hard to find such VPNs that can fulfil the above criteria, but after a deep research and analysis, we discovered some underrated VPN application that are best for using Roku.

VPN Unlimited:

As we have listed this VPN application on the top of our list because this is the recommended and most preferred application for streaming freely on Roku. This VPN passed our first criteria, and unblocked most famous streaming sites like, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and HBO. We were first struggling to unblock these streaming sites, but when we contacted their help center, tell them about our location, and they provided us with the best servers that can easily unblock streaming sites.

This application is recommended for using Roku freely because of its uncountable servers. It offers about 500+ servers in 80+ countries. All of its servers are designed to provide maximum speed to its users. Moreover, this VPN is also considered as the safest VPN because of its strict security policies, and protection.


  • Good number of servers
  • Secure
  • Fastest servers
  • Customer support
  • Supportable for every operating system


For all the VPNs we tested IPVanish came out to be the best among them. Its server count, speed, security concern is just ideal for every user around the globe. Not to mention its 24/7 customer care support. This VPN service is based in a country that is not the part of any intelligence agency like 14 eyes. This application has more than 1200 servers in 60+ countries, and all of these servers are fast, reliable, and authentic.

We tested this VPN and it fulfil our criteria to be ranked in our list. This VPN is ideal for Roku VPN. It successfully unblocked famous streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. IPVanish is the ideal option for everyone who are a bit more concerned about their privacy policies. Because this application uses military grade encryption protocol, IP and DNS leak protection, and best tunneling protocols.

The only thing that I dislike about this VPN application is it does not offer any custom firmware, but if the users do not want to set-up a router by themselves, they can always buy one premium router.


There are following advantages of this application:

  • A good number of servers
  • Fastest speed
  • Offers safest environment for streaming
  • Can unblock all the streaming sites
  • Best torrent downloading speed
  • Military grade encryption protocol
  • DNS and IP leak protection


This VPN application is turned out to be the fastest VPN we have tested for Roku VPN. It offers good number of server count in more than 50 countries, and offers unlimited simultaneous connections. All of its servers are safe, and fast. If you want an ideal solution for unblocking streaming sites, then I would highly recommend this VPN service because of its speed and protection.

Among other factors, the thing that impressed me the most is it gives complete access to all of its premium users to use SmartPlay. It offers the military grade encryption protocol to bypass all the restrictions and use your favorite streaming site without any tension.

Just like IPVanish, this VPN also offers pre-flashed routers to everyone who wants to buy them. Moreover, if you have any trouble in using or unblocking any site with this VPN, you can always watch tutorials on their official sites, or contact their 24/7 active customer care support.


  • Best server count of more than 2000 in 50 countries
  • Best speed for HD streaming
  • Top-notch DNS and IP leak protection
  • Cost effective
  • User-friendly interface
  • Active customer care support

How to connect Roku with a VPN application?

To be honest, Roku does not support any VPN application, but it does not mean that you cannot connect it to one. There are different ways of connecting Roku with your internet connection and VPN application, but here we are going to discus the best method of them. Read on!

  1. First, you have to choose a VPN service application. I will recommend that you choose NordVPN from the given list.
  2. Install that VPN application
  3. Launch the application, and tap on connect
  4. Turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot to connect nearest devices
  5. Connect Roku with that hotspot
  6. Now, all the channels will have to broadcast through that internet connection with activated VPN


Roku is considered as the best device for streaming but unfortunately, some of its channels are not accessible in every country. That is why, using a VPN application to access to blocked channel is necessary.

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