Everything to know about Aloha VPN Browser

Everything to know about Aloha VPN Browser

In this connected world, privacy is the main concern of every internet user. If you want your internet activities to be safer, then you should use a VPN application. There are two possible options for everyone to use a VPN service. First, they can download a VPN application, secondly, they can use a browser that have a built-in VPN service. If you want to use VPN service on a smartphone with low speed and storage, then I would recommend the Aloha VPN browser.

This is the only browser that comes with a built-in VPN service and it has some good and bad features as well. As the good features are way more than bad one, we would highly recommend this application to its users. So, read on to find its pros and cons.

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What is aloha VPN browser?

This is a mobile application that comes with a built-in VPN service, so that the users don’t have download a separate VPN application for their services. This browser has been downloaded about 10 million times, and gained a rating of 4.5/5. This browser is available for both android and iOS devices as well.

The user-interface of this application is very unique and beautiful. It is suitable for everyone. The application storage size is just 56MBs and that is why it runs seamlessly on every android and iOS device.

Pros of Aloha VPN:

  • Offers good speed for a VPN application
  • User-friendly and simple user interface
  • Can be customized because of its flexibility
  • Blocks irritating ads
  • Provides good security and privacy policies through encryption
  • Both free and paid version available

Cons of aloha VPN:

  • Free version does not have good features
  • Expensive

Aloha VPN features:

After we have tested this VPN, we find some aspects that are good for everyone, and some that are not available on free version of this app. Overall, this application is good for average users, and pro users.

Simple user-friendly interface:

When you are about to use this application for the first time, it will look a bit normal VPN application. but after you have gone through its settings, and different features that can be easily accessed because of its user-friendly interface, you will see some good features down there. On the main window you will see a search bar just like a normal browser, and you can open any site you want. Moreover, aloha browser offers some one-tap search for news, fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, money, auto, health, and travelling.

Protect your activities with Aloha VPN password:

Instead of downloading any third-party app to lock your browser, you can just go its settings, and protect your internet activities with its password feature. This is why, this application is considered as the safest form of browsing.

Download any video or audio:

Unlike our traditional browsers like opera, or chrome, aloha VPN offers easy download of any video you found on YouTube, Facebook, or other sites. Moreover, whenever you download something from this app, it creates a separate folder in your gallery, and that folder is not accessible to other applications. That is why it is the safest VPN browser.

Aloha VPN Built-in application:

Now, this is the best feature of this application, and we are here to review the VPN service of this browser. Whenever you download and install this browser, you will get a built-in feature of VPN service for free. Moreover, you can buy the premium version of this application within a reasonable price to unleash some of its unmatchable features.

If the storage space of your smartphone is running low, and you cannot install a separate VPN application and a browser, then aloha VPN might be the best possible solution for you. Because of its low storage space, and built-in VPN service, it has become a leading asset of the industry. So, whenever you want to download a VPN service application, you should be looking to download this browser at first. Because this browser provides you with a free VPN service that has beaten its competition a long time ago.

It is quite easy to turn on its VPN service as well. Whenever you launch this application, you will see a VPN icon on its home page, just simply tap on it and the VPN service will be activated. Unlike other free VPN service, aloha VPN provides a good speed, impressive security protocol, 256-bit encryption protocol, and safest tunneling protocols as well. Moreover, whenever you close this browser, the VPN will disconnect by itself. This is why, aloha VPN service is not usable for aloha browser, and that is why it encrypts the traffic to consume less bandwidth.

Blocks ad:

This is the best feature for someone living in a country that has lots of advertisements on different webpages. Whenever you click on something on a webpage, and it automatically opens another tab with any ad. That can be very irritating sometime when you are scrolling through something really important. But if you use aloha VPN browser, then you will not have to worry about this as well. Because this application offers a free adblocking service to its user. In some countries, this service does not come in free version, but you can always buy this service it cheapest rate of $3 for a single month. Moreover, when you buy its premium version, you can also get some other advantages as well. For example, you can use its VPN service of other applications.

Aloha VPN Speed:

We compared this browser with activated VPN service with chrome, and we were surprised that aloha VPN almost surpassed chrome in terms of speed. Its VPN activated form is quite impressive for browsing and watching videos on different streaming sites as well. Moreover, the speed of this browser is dependent on speed of your internet connection. You cannot expect a good speed if your connection is not good.


I think, this VPN browser can be a good choice for anyone who is struggling to get a free VPN access and good speed. Moreover, this application does not consume large space of your device.

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