How to Setup VPN on OVH Cloud and why do you need it?

How to Setup VPN on OVH Cloud and why do you need it?

Now a data VPN has become an essential part of data security and privacy. Either you are an individual or own a business, you have to use a good VPN service for your data security. By default, the data is not private and can be hacked while the VPN adds additional security layers and encrypt it.

If you are using OVH cloud hosting then it is better to protect your communication and network using a VPN. You can use OpenVPN for this purpose. You also need a cloud management service. I will suggest using Zerto and also using it in this guide. Other cloud management services are also similar. Let’s start!

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Why do you need to set up OVH VPN?

OVH offers you cloud hosting which is not fully protected and secure. Your communication and network can be visible and can be exposed to hackers so, you have to use a VPN that will activate a firewall, IPSec security feature, and VPN tunnels for users’ management.

What are the Requirements?

Following are the requirements for setting up a VPN on the OVH cloud:

  • Public IP
  • Private cloud for VPN endpoint
  • Zerto platform
  • VRAs on both sides that can connect with TCP ports
  • Zerto addministration consoles

Choose a Cloud Management Service

There are lots of cloud management platforms such as Zerto, VMware, Veeam, etc. I am creating this guide using the Zerto cloud management service.

Step by Step Guide to Activate Zerto VPN on OVH Cloud

For your ease, I have broken down this guide into different parts. There are only a few easy steps to follow to activate a VPN on your OVH cloud.

Activate Zerto

First of all, you have to activate your Zerto account. You can activate Zerto features from the OVH cloud. Just select the desired data center and then go to the Disaster Recovery Plan in your OVH cloud.

Select Between your infrastructure and an OVHcloud Private Cloud and then click activate. Now select the free IP and select the range. Confirm VRA range and click install.

Activate IPsec Service

Go to the VPN menu from OPNsense. Once you will hover on VPN, it will show a sub-menu on the left side. Click IPsec and then click “Tunnel Setting”. Finally, click “Enable IPsec”.

Setup VPN Tunnels

You have to define two phases to create VPN tunnels. Go to VPN and then go to Tunnel settings. You have to click + sign to add a phase one. You only have to add the OVHcloud IPSec endpoint IP address to set up. Are the other values are by default valid.

In the details, you will see different hash encryption algorithms. You can choose any of them. OVH cloud offers the following types of hash encryption algorithms:

  • Encryption algorithms: AES 256 bits
  • Hash algorithms: SHA256
  • Diffie-Hellman key group: 14 (2048 bits)
  • Lifetime: 28,800 seconds

Keep the remaining default values and save the changes. It will start appearing in the VPN interface. Finally, you will see the + sign with the text “show phase 2 entries” to add a phase two.

Click the + sign that will show you the phase 2 general information. You have to choose Tunnel IPv4 mode. In the local network, choose the Lan subnet type. Finally provide ZVM IP and network range in the remote network section.

Do not forget to check your VPN status once you add both phases. You have to click the start icon and see either it gives any error or working fine.

Firewall Setup

If you want to control network pairing then also set up a firewall. This will permit connections as per your defined rules.

Click on the Firewall then click rules and choose the IPsec section. Click + sign to add a new rule. It will show you lots of information which are permissions for allowing or blocking connections. You can define your own rules as per your needs to allow or disallow. Finally, click save changes to activate the rule. You can add multiple allow and disallow rules for better security.

These were some simple steps to set up a VPN on your OVH cloud. Hopefully, you will find it informative.

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