Is VPN 360 worth using?

Is VPN 360 worth using?

Before we dive into reviewing the VPN 360 mobile application, we have to understand the working of VPN services and how they work. So, let’s get started!

Have you ever felt trouble in accessing any website that is not accessible in your country? Or have you ever felt unsafe while browsing? Well, these problems can be solved with the help of a VPN service. Whenever you activate a VPN service on your computer or smartphone, the VPN provides you with a different IP address of any country. This is how the VPN application takes you to another location and you access the blocked website. Or, when you feel unsafe, this VPN service will create a tunnel that will lead you to another location and does not allow any hackers or ISP to watch your internet activities.

So, this is how these VPN services work. Now, let talk about VPN 360 and how its impacts VPN users.

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VPN 360:

The main purpose of a VPN service is to provide you with an anonymous location and IP address to make you feel secure and free for browsing and streaming. Well, VPN 360 has been doing a fine job in that, although it has few drawbacks. With all the flaws, this VPN app can protect your online activities, assign you an IP address, and secure your privacy.

VPN 360 is a mobile application and it can be only installed on android devices and iOS devices through the play store and apple store. VPN 360 is not available for desktop computers or laptops. If you are someone who just wants to access Netflix, some restricted websites and applications, or downloading from torrent, this application will be ideal for you.

Take a look at the benefits of choosing VPN 360 as your browsing partner.

Advantages of VPN 360:

This application has some good advantages that can surely attract average users. Some of the benefits of this application are given below:

Good speed:

Unlike other free-of-cost or even paid VPN services, this application offers a good number of servers and good overall speed. If you have a good internet connection, you will not feel any hurdles in accessing any website while your VPN 360 is activated.

User-friendly interface:

Just like every VPN application, VPN 360 has a user-friendly and attractive user interface. This is how you can use this application:

  1. Launch the application.
  2. Tap on the power button
  3. The application will automatically choose the best server for you.

Affordable prices:

If you are an average user, then you will not even have to pay for its services. However, the overall pricing of this application is not so high. It is about $35 for a whole year or $2.90 for a month’s subscription. 

Easy sign-up:

I don’t think that an average user will have to sign-up for their plans. But if they ever decided to do so, they will not feel any difficulty. Because the sign-up method is so simple. When you have signed up for their paid version, your google play store ID will be linked to the application for payment methods.

Disadvantages of using VPN 360:

We have provided you with the information and facts that we liked about this VPN application. Let’s dive into some critical analysis. There are some factors of VPN 360 that we didn’t like. Some of them are explained below:

Few servers:

The number of servers that a VPN service is providing is always considered an important factor. If you are not an average user who just wants to stream or browse through the internet, then you should consider the number of servers before buying any VPN service. VPN 360 only offers 10 servers or maybe even less than that. Only 10 servers for a premium user are way less than average. We were stunned to see a good speed with such a low number of servers.

No server for Netflix:

When a VPN service application has a smaller number of servers, we cannot expect to have access to Netflix. The same case is with VPN 360. We tried all of its servers, and we couldn’t find anything that could lead us to Netflix. We always got that dreaded error. If a VPN service application offers low servers, then it should consider access to some important websites, and promised speed. The speed of VPN 360 is good but it should give access to Netflix as well.

No torrent downloading:

If a VPN service provider does not even support Netflix, how can we expect it to give access to torrent downloading? The main reason behind this drawback is they don’t have an application for laptops, and torrent downloading is not so famous for mobiles. If VPN 360 was available for desktops, then we could have expected torrent downloading. Moreover, VPN 360 does not even mention torrent downloading in its privacy policies.

Not so good for privacy:

This is the worst and surprising drawback of VPN 360. It has a very bad policy for logging. The privacy policy about logging into this application is that the application will hand over your privacy concerns and information to the authorities when they are asked to do so. In the world of VPN services where every VPN is expected to do the quite opposite when they are asked to hand over the data of their users, VPN 360 is not doing a good job. Moreover, it has further details of logging policies that they will collect information from you, and forfeit that information. This is the worst drawback of this application. After all, if their users are paying for their services, VPN 360 has to take good care of their privacy.

Wrap up:

So, I’ve mentioned the drawbacks and benefits of VPN 360. I would like to say that if you are an average user and not so concerned about your privacy policies, then this application is good for you. Even with their fewer servers, they are providing good speed for browsing and streaming. Moreover, if you are seriously concerned about your privacy and internet activities, then you should look for something else.

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