Popcorn Time VPN | Discover Best VPNs

Popcorn Time VPN | Discover Best VPNs

Popcorn time is the best way to watch and enjoy the latest movies for free. But the distinct thing is that this application is necessary for peer-to-peer rush clients.

If you are using popcorn time, it may be not secure or can have access to your IP address and you may be at risk for content that is copyrighted. So, you must have a good VPN that will support peer-to-peer traffic.

Here we have solved your issue and made a list of the best VPNs that can be used for popcorn Time. Read on and find the best for you according to your need.

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List of VPNs for popcorn Time

How to use popcorn time VPN?

It’s so simple to set up and work with popcorn time VPN, even for starters. All you need is just to follow the following steps; you will have access to the streaming of movies anonymously.

Select VPN from the above-recommended list for popcorn time. We will suggest NordVPN from above all.

  1. Download the selected VPN and install it on your device.
  2. Run your VPN then connect it to the server.
  3. Open popcorn time for you and start enjoying.

NordVPN is offering 5,500 servers in approximately 59 countries, and these servers are specially designed for use with peer-to-peer, so it’s best to watch popcorn time.

Important features of Popcorn time VPNs

There are some essential features that a popcorn time VPN must-have in it, here all that your VPN will require

Make sure it is good enough for torrenting and peer-to-peer popcorn time. As we know that every VPN is not suitable for torrenting and peer-to-peer streaming. So, ensure before selecting the VPN that it will connect you to Popcorn Time.


Streaming will be best if it has a fast connection, you will never want irritating barriers when you are watching your favorite movie. The best VPN provides you very fast speed along with different servers, and you may choose best from them which have efficient tunnels protocols.


You want to stay protected when you are streaming online. Above mentioned all the VPNs will offer you a high-level security function like kill switches and end-to-end encryption.


Privacy is an important component when you are doing peer-to-peer streaming. Users never want that their internet service providers will be accessed if they are watching the copyrighted content. All these suggested VPNs are based in locations that are privacy-friendly and will offer you full anonymity along with a “no-log” policy.

Customer support 

Our selected VPNs offer you 24/7 supports and a live chat option so that you can contact for your queries.


A good VPN must have a fair price with all the best features. No one wants to overspend, so all the suggested VPNs for popcorn time that are valuable at this price and have the best features.

A good service should have a fair price. You don’t want to overspend unnecessarily. We’ve chosen VPNs that offer value for money, as well as top features.

VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited is provided with all the best features to assist you to enjoy the best with popcorn time, without wasting time. Its amazing feature is split tunneling which makes you able to get through certain apps by using VPN while all the other users keep on your regular network. Specifically, this is designed to secure your streaming at popcorn time and maintain the speed of all the other activities.

The main security feature that every VPN user need is a kill switch, that will break your connection immediately when VPN dropped out. So that your IP address will not be exposed even for an instant.


  • Provide peer to peer servers
  • Very fast with supporting protocols
  • Audited “no-log” policy
  • Can unlock main streaming site, even Netflix
  • Best applications for several devices
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat
  • Passed through Smart DNS and dark web etc.

Surfshark VPN

The best feature of Surfshark is that it provides unlimited connections at a time. So, you can use it on different devices also can share it with others. It is provided with the 3,000 servers in at according to your almost 65 countries, you may select according to your choice. Its servers will support peer-to-peer watching on popcorn time. Also, these servers offer very high speed. Even this is a famous popcorn VPN for the fastest speed. It can support all the devices including macOS and offers you the feature of split tunneling


  • Can connect unlimited devices simultaneously.
  • Affordable with the best features
  • Can unblock all the big sites for streaming
  • Offers fast servers with peer to peer
  • Have WireGuard protocols
  • Compatible with all devices
  • 24/7 live chat supporting


  • Strictly follow “no-log” policy but not audited.


This VPN service provides 700 servers in 70 different countries, all these servers support peer-to-peer streaming, which server you will choose will be added for your popcorn time. You will experience high-speed connections with protocols of WireGuard. The average speed of this VPN is observed at 242 Mbps, which means it will offer you an extreme level of smooth streaming. Offers the feature of split tunneling and is compatible with macOS and all other devices.


  • Each service provider support peer to peer
  • Cheapest in the list of VPNs
  • Feature of split tunneling works with macOS
  • speedy connections with WireGuard protocols
  • Audited and follow no-log policies
  • Can easily unblock major streaming sites


  • This VPN is limited with iOS as compared to other apps.

Atlas VPN 

The best advantage of Atlas VPN which makes it unique and distinct from other VPNs for popcorn time is that it provides a free version that also supports torrenting. Although it is not as fast but still good especially for those who do not want to spend money on VPNs.

But if you move towards its paid version, you will find far better options, like the paid one offers a filter for web browsing, breach checker, and the rotation of IP address


  • Can unblock streaming sites
  • Have a free version that supports torrenting
  • Inexpensive paid version
  • Can block malware
  • Unlimited connections at a time
  • money-back guarantee of 30 days for a paid version


  • Just based in 5 eyes countries
  • The server fleet is small

IPVanish VPN

This is a fast and superb VPN for peer-to-peer, this is worth so much if you want to have a safe and secure popcorn time experience. It offers you to connect through 1,600 servers in 75 different countries. There is no WireGuard on this VPN but still, the speed of downloading is good on IKEv2 protocols. This VPN does not support all the best features that the best VPN for popcorn time can have, but it’s overall nice to use. Split tunneling through IPVanish VPN is available for you. It has a distinct feature, called On Demand. On-Demand will automatically connect your device to VPN when you are using nonreliable internet connections


  • Several options to choose server
  • Offers you a kill switch
  • On-Demand feature
  • no log policy
  • Available split tunneling


  • No WireGuard.
  • Not too much versatile


Here we discussed the best VPNs for popcorn time. There are different VPNs with different specialties, features, and packages, that can be used with popcorn Time to have a good experience. You can choose according to your need and availability.

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