Should I trust Turbo VPN?

Should I trust Turbo VPN?

According to my overall review, the main purpose of Turbo VPN services is to provide you with maximum security and privacy for your internet activities. If any VPN is not providing you with either of these services, then you should not be using that VPN service application. Despite of its server count, good speed, or other specifications, that VPN is not trust worthy.

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Is Turbo VPN trustworthy?

I have reviewed about 68 VPN service provider and I ranked turbo VPN on 63rd position. I think this ranking is enough to justify the overall quality of this VPN service provider. What else can we expect from a free VPN service provider? Every attribute that makes a VPN application to be ranked on the top of the list is missing in this application. It is connected with different advertisement applications, and all of those advertisement applications remain connected to you while the turbo VPN is connected to your internet connection. Moreover, I detected unsafe environment, DNS leaks, and malware attacks while using this application. If you use turbo VPN then you are seriously compromising on your privacy and safety of your internet activities. I have given ratings to every aspect of this application. Read on!

Features of turbo VPN:

Speed 45 MBs per second
Logging policiesRisky
DNS leaksYes
IP addressesNot disclosed 
ServersNot disclosed
Netflix accessNo
Torrent downloadingNo
Supported in Chinano
Customer supportyes

Since it’s launch, more than 300 million people around the globe. But the question is, can these number justify the good quality of this VPN service? The answer remains no! Turbo VPN is ranked 63rd on or 68 VPN review page, so it is obvious that turbo VPN is one the worst VPN applications that we have ever tested.

Read the whole review and know the unspoken and horrible facts about turbo VPN and why we have ranked it low.


Torrent downloading0/10
Jurisdiction and logging policies0/10
Server count5.5/10
Security and privacy 3/10
User-friendly interface7/10
Customer care services8/10


The speed of this VPN is only good on those countries that have a nearby servers. If you don’t live in those 7 countries, then you will not witness any good speed. The streaming speed will be horrible, and torrent downloading speed will be the worst ever. As you can see, the speed ratings of turbo VPN is not so good. Downloading speed was good when we were connected to the nearest server, but the speed dropped when we were connected to far server. Maybe, this VPN can be used for average browsing and stuff, but still the users can face several issues.

The witnessed speed is poor, even there are some free VPN services that offer much better speed than turbo VPN. Fortunately, if you are living in a country that is nearest to any of the provided servers, then the speed will be average, but if you are living in a far away country, then you will face many problems regarding the speed.

I have counted the speed of turbo VPN in different servers. Read below:

The United States16 Mbps
Germany28 Mbps
Singapore0.49 Mbps

Even in united states, the VPN didn’t perform very well. Not to mention the disappointed speed in Singapore. Moreover, many users complained about the inconsistent speed of this VPN as well.


For the free VPN service provider, the streaming quality of turbo VPN is the worst we have ever recorded. Some users said that we cannot expect good streaming quality from a free VPN service. That argument or justification is completely wrong. First of all, streaming is one the main reason why people use VPN, if a free VPN cannot provide good streaming quality, then what is the point of that VPN service application at the first place? Secondly, there are some free VPN application that are offering good speed for streaming.

However, the premium version of turbo VPN provides good speed for streaming, but not comparable to other paid VPN applications.

Turbo VPN Security features:

This application uses the industry recommended security protocol that is “OpenVPN protocol”. For someone who is the average user of VPN application, OpenVPN protocol is suitable. The main purpose of this protocol is to create an anonymous tunnel between your internet connection and the selected server, so that no one can see your exact location or IP address. OpenVPN protocol is the most common security protocol that every VPN have to use to gain popularity and place in the industry.

In some reviews, we heard that turbo VPN is using IKEv2 protocol as well. This protocol can be a good addition is overall security features of this application. For encryption, both security protocol uses essential 256-bit encryption, that the most intelligence agencies use all over the globe.

Kill switch:

I think, every VPN application should have a kill switch feature. This is to automatically disconnect the application with your internet connection and device. Unfortunately, turbo VPN does not offer any kill switch in either paid or free version. Among other factors, this is most irritating. It means that your data, privacy, and internet activities are not safe at all.

DNS leak:

This application has no contribution is protecting the DNS leak of your internet connection. This can lead to the worst privacy protocols, because all of your internet activities are running through a third-party server even if your internet connection or your device is not connected to the application. 

Turbo VPN Supported devices:

This is a bit comforting factor about this VPN. It is suitable for following devices and operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Linux

Turbo VPN Pros and cons:


  • Available for every device
  • Uses OpenVPN security protocol


  • Privacy policies are not so good
  • No kill switches
  • Not supportable in China
  • Inconsistent


For wrapping up the overall discussion, we will not recommend this VPN application for someone who is concerned about its privacy policies, or want a good browsing, streaming, or torrent downloading speed.

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