Should I use Thunder VPN?

Should I use Thunder VPN?

Thunder VPN is a free service provider and we would not recommend this VPN application to anyone with good expectations. To be quite honest, this VPN service has disappointed us in almost every condition and field. Security checks, number of servers, privacy protocols, everything performs way below average. The only thing we liked about this VPN service was its speed. What can we do with the speed of thunder VPN is not protecting our internet activities the way it is supposed to do? It offers no kill switch, outnumbered tunnels, and lots of red flags.

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Everything to know about thunder VPN:

SigLab launched this VPN service application, and we believe that this application works under the jurisdiction of the United States and Five Eyes intelligence. When you activate this application, it hides your internet activities with the third parties who are trying to track your internet activities. This process makes your internet activities more secure and convenient than traditional proxies. Ultimately, your internet activities are secure especially when you’re connected to public Wifi.

The free version of thunder VPN sucks at everything except its speed. While the paid version is quite promising. The paid version of this VPN is very impressive and it offers an industry-standard security protocol to hide all of your internet activities. Like I said before, Thunder VPN is very good at providing speed to its users, but not so good at security protocols. The paid version of thunder VPN gives you access to more than 15 servers within 8 countries. when you use the paid version of this app, you won’t see any stupid ads as well. Sometimes, because of less server count, it struggles at providing the best speed and poor logging policies. Its encryption methods are not so safe, and it struggles to give access to Netflix. 

This VPN service provider is a free and paid application that is not so good at securing the data of its users. The lack of the latest tunnel, security and kill switch protocols makes it vulnerable to hacking and other issues. As it does not offer a kill switch, so your password can be seen by other users as well. So far, more than 10 million Android and iOS users have downloaded this application and its current ratings are 4.8 on the google play store. These ratings are pretty high for an application like thunder VPN.


There are the following features of this application:


The free version of this VPN service provider does not offer much higher speed. We calculated the overall downloading speed as 2mbps, and the speed didn’t go more than that. Meanwhile, the paid version is a bit promising. The paid version of this application can easily surpass 5mbps.

Suitable devices:

This is another disappointing factor of thunder VPN. This VPN is only available for android devices. This means if you are using an iOS device, or any Windows computer, you cannot use this application. You will have to switch to something else.


The user interface is just like other VPNs. Simple interface that makes it easy and convenient for the users to connect their device. You just have to tap on the power button and the application will automatically choose a server that has less traffic. 

Server count:

Another disappointing factor. Thunder VPN offers the lowest number of servers for the free and paid version. It offers only 9 servers that are very disappointing. The low server count would not matter if the overall speed of these servers were good.

Netflix and other streaming sites access:

To be quite honest, we didn’t expect that a VPN service provider like thunder VPN would offer Netflix access, but fortunately, it does. however, only the paid version of this application gives access to Netflix and another streaming site within the United States server. The overall speed of streaming was good too. If you try to access Netflix with the free version of this application, you will always get a proxy error.

Moreover, the paid version of this application successfully unblocks BBC iPlayer, and the streaming speed was above average. 

Torrent downloading:

As thunder VPN supports P2P protocols, that is why torrent downloading is supported. But our opinion is that you should not use this VPN for such activities as it is not so good at security protocols. The VPN service stores all of your information and that is why it is quite easy for third parties to access your information from their database. 

Kill switch:

Unlike other paid VPN service applications, thunder VPN does not offer any kill switch. This is another disappointing factor of this VPN application. It can make your information vulnerable to any hacking attacks because your information is continuously being exposed to hackers.

Pros and cons of thunder VPN:

There are the following advantages and disadvantages of using Thunder VPN as your browsing partner:


  • Does not require any sign-up methods for free service
  • Basic server
  • Very easy to use.


  • Low server count
  • Only one server to access Netflix
  • Low speed
  • No-kill switches
  • Only available for android devices
  • Poor security protocols
  • Not good for torrent downloading

Frequently asked questions about this application:

Should I be using thunder VPN?

If you have read the whole article carefully, you would know the answer to this question. According to my reviews, I don’t think that you should go for it. Thunder VPN is not good at security, provides poor speed, a low number of servers does not support Netflix except on United States server, poor for downloading, and does not offer a kill switch.

If you want to use any VPN just for browsing, then I would suggest this VPN service provider. But you should not buy its premium version as it is a waste of money.


There are thousands of free and paid VPN service applications. You should always go for something that has a good reputation in the industry. Despite your average usage, you should be possessive about your privacy, and that is why I would not recommend thunder VPN to anyone.

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