Touch VPN Chrome Review

Touch VPN Chrome Review

Touch VPN For Google Chrome is used to have access to banned and restricted sites. Touch VPN chrome offers you access to such disabled sites that are limited due to some reasons like geographical locations and provides you the security of your network.

You can use this to overcome the hurdles and obstacles on the internet when you are stuck in these. You can reach to access restricted social media platforms and websites by it. Its unique features are its free to use, with a limited number of ads, has a decent design, and most importantly can be used unrestrictedly.

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Suitable devices with chrome extension

  • Android devices
  • Windows

Touch VPN with the extension of Chrome

Touch VPN is very easy and simple to set up, all that matters is your device, if you want to have Touch VPN on your device that may be a laptop, desktop PC, and want to enjoy barrier-free internet without getting stuck into it. You just have to add its extension to a Web browser

Browser Extensions will be 

  1. Chrome
  2. Firefox

Although desktop apps are less common than mobile apps, despite the fact you can still have Touch VPN on both of the above-mentioned extensions.

It offers you the option to have a connection with the following 7 countries, named

  1. Canada
  2. France
  3. Russia
  4. UK
  5. Germany
  6. Netherlands
  7. US

You are misled if you are being told that the service of Touch VPN is available on macOS as well as on Windows. You can just use it with the extension of Chrome and that is an encrypted proxy that will take off your location

How to Use Touch VPN?

Touch VPN is a friendly using app, after the process of installation all you need is to run this app. No membership or registration will be needed. You just have to need to click the “Connect” button. After doing so, your device will be connected to the nearest server. Now you can browse the internet unidentified.

How to Install Touch VPN?

Run your browser on which you want to install it, i.e., Google Chrome, then search for Touch VPN chrome extension

  1. The homepage of Touch VPN will be opened
  2. From there click on the “Add to Chrome” option.
  3. After this, you can activate it and use it.


Access any restricted Website in any Country

Allow you to bypass regional restrictions on websites and any type of content on the internet. No matter in which country you are. You may have access to content that is banned and censored by the government, educational institutes, and offices. It can dodge the barrier that blocked Facebook, YouTube, or any website for any reason. All you need is just to use a Touch VPN that will unblock everything.

Protect Your Data from Hackers

If you are using any public internet connection, then there are more chances that hackers can have access to your personal information including your name and passwords, etc. Touch VPN provides you security and encrypt your data even if you are connected with an unreliable and insecure network

Visit the Web Anonymously

To avoid being caught by IP code and to protect your surfing websites from advertisement targeting, Touch VPN is best. It will change the IP that is used by you for surfing webs. So, your identity will remain anonymous and your browsing history will not be accessible by anyone. Touch VPN does not require such information regarding your identity.


Touch VPN will require you to keep your “approximate location” which will according to your IP address to identify at how much distance a secured VPN is.

Touch VPN claims that they have to know the location to provide better service, but we are not sure about this.

It uses the technology of tracking, in the name of cookies, privacy, and pages tags, but actually, it tracks all the activities you are doing and also tracks all your clicks.

To use it you even have to permit this, have access to the settings of your phone.

Touch VPN is not secured.

Touch VPN uses the protocols PPTP, which is not secured and has easily crack able protocol that is not reliable and outdated now.

No Kill switch is available with Touch VPN, which means if you lost connection then your real Identity will be used by the web, you are surfing.

Login policy is not clear and includes access to your personal information like IP address, current location, browsing history, and device you are using.

VPN Touch has it’s tunneling tool, which is called “Apps Control, will help you to choose apps that are secured and encrypted and that are not. The issue is that VPN encryption is failed at the start.


How do I remove touch VPN on Chrome?

Once you realize that this is not much secure app for official or high-level security. You just want to get rid of Touch VPN. Go to a browser search for Touch VPN Google’s Chrome Extension. After reaching its management page you will watch every extension that you have added. At bottom of every added extension, will lie an option of Remove. Click the Remove button. Simply unwanted and undesirable extensions will be removed.

How do I come to know whether touch VPN is working? 

If you are facing a problem running this app and to know if your touch VPN is working or not, run an internet troubleshot on your device.

  1. Move to settings
  2. Click “update and security”
  3. Click and run the following 
  4. Internet connections
  5. Incoming connections
  6. Network Adapter.
  7. Restart your device to see if working properly now or not.


Touch VPN chrome is a software used to access restricted data, but as mentioned above it is not secure for the purposes in which extreme security is needed, as touch VPN can have access to your data. So, by observing the pros and cons closely, make the best choice in choosing VPN for you.

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