VPN Pro Review – Is it Safe to Use?

VPN Pro Review – Is it Safe to Use?

It is good to read about the VPN pro review before you buy any plan. You might have seen promotional content and advertisements for VPN Pro so, your interest level is quite increased now.

While looking for a VPN app that hides your IP, you will find that VPN Pro is one of the best VPN sites. It sounds economical when you hear unreliable lifetime deals. Most of the time, the service which you choose to get deteriorated before the given time.

That is the main reason why most top VPN companies are not offering lifetime deals. Speeds get so slow and streaming becomes almost impossible. 

If you are in hurry, you can go through the VPN Pro Quick Review, so it can ease you in making the right decision.

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VPN Pro Quick Review

It is one of the good VPNs that can hide your IP addresses. Anyhow, it lacks security and encryption features. It is a key factor that it is free without any bandwidth limit so, you can browse unlimited sites and stream your favorite content on the streaming sites. While Lifetime Premium VPN Pro does not offer the highest speeds or maximum security


  • Hide your IP & location details
  • You do not have to enter personal details to use the service
  • Secure your wifi network
  • Free to download & unlimited use
  • Easy installation of VPN Pro apk
  • A lifetime deal is a good option


  • Inferior speed on some devices
  • Does not unblock Netflix
  • Start lagging after sometime


VPN Pro is a free VPN application that provides many services. For example: Hide the IP, browse without restrictions, and access content not enabled in your country or region.

Another very important service provided by VPN Pro is the ability to firmly and securely download torrents. This means that you will be able to download torrents from unknown computers without being able to recognize your IP address.


Downloading the VPN Pro software is completely free and easy to use. You just have to log into the official VPN Pro website and you have access to all its content for free. You can install their APK for your Android phones and activate the VPN with one click. Follow the below link to download the VPN Pro apk for Android.



VPN Pro stands out as a free VPN service. This means that it will depend only on the user. Downloading and installing the application for free from the web already makes you feel like a member of the community. 

All in all, this gives you good benefits. First of all, the point of using the service for totally free and without giving your personal data to the site. Secondly, there are full bundles to appoint. This makes VPN Pro highly recommendable.


If you already using a free ad-supported VPN, this could be a nice change, since no ads are displayed. A good thing about this VPN Pro is that it is truly anonymous. You do not even have to enter any of your details to get access to it. It also allows up to six users on a single license.

VPN Pro provides you with a strong reliable and secure internet connection, so no one can track you or your browsing history activities.

Speed and security Test

The VPN Pro lets you access geo-blocked content. However, it is not the best VPN for streaming and downloading since its speed is not up to the mark. When we talk about HD videos you are likely to experience buffering. On the other side, Lifetime Premium VPN Pro will let you access P2P content, which makes it a great choice for torrent lovers. Anyhow, VPN Pro is a poor choice for the use of Netflix.

Similarly, such as other VPNs sites. VPN Pro does not compromise your Internet connection speed. Its server lets the user have an improved experience without altering the speed compared to other VPN sites in the market.

Most of the VPN sites in the world, slow down the device by approximately 70%. In comparison, it is one of the rare sites that does not change your speed, making it one of the most lively in the world.

Customer service

One of the most amazing things about VPN Pro is its customer service. So if there is any type of inconvenience approach, when you download and install the VPN, you can count on the customer service providers on the website. They are available for you 24/7. 

 Best Alternative

You have been told about VPN Pro Review in detail. Overall it is a good option. But, If you value high speeds and the ability to stream Netflix and other services though, I would always recommend a more reliable VPN.

Following are the best VPNs that offer a no-log policy, great speed, high data encryption security and native apps and, lots of features.

  • VPN Unlimited – $4.99 per month for the 1-year plan
  • Express VPN – $6.67 per month for the 1-year plan
  • Surfshark – $2.49 per month for 2 years plan
  • Ipvanish – $3.2 per month for the 1-year plan
  • CyberGhost – $2.25 per month for 2 years plan

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Still in search of an excelent VPN? We got your back! Try out this one for Free!

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