VPNMaster, trusted or not?

VPNMaster, trusted or not?

VPNMaster was first launched in 2005 and it has been providing a United States bases VPN services to its user. This VPN application is not trustworthy or reliable at all. Whenever you signup to their yearly or monthly plans, they always make some typical fake promises like we are a good value to your money, (no they are not), we offer the fastest speed in the industry (surely not), or we will give you complete access to all the blocked websites (I don’t think so).

Its security concerns are not according to the industry standards. I mean, they still use so called an encryption protocol of 128 bit, while almost every VPN service we have tested uses 256-bit encryption. I don’t see a point of reviewing this worst VPN application but still, I had to do it so that its users might get aware of its worst services.

We have provided its features and we have identified the flaws that we didn’t even know existed.

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Privacy and security concerns:

We found some terrible facts about this VPN application while reading one of its ads we came across while browsing. This VPN application contains log files that can be the most important and worst drawback of this application. The log policies are just to monitor the server performance, and hiding the user’s internet activities. Moreover, the logs are used to monitor the server counts, identifying and getting rid of bugs, getting rid of potential threats, and canceling the memberships of abusive users. If this VPN does not have any logs, then it is not possible for the company to identify and take care of any of these threats.

For encryption protocols, it uses 128-bit PPTP encryption methods which are not so famous in the industry. Of all the VPNs we have tested, we found VPNMaster as the only application that uses this encryption protocol. Even the industrial based application uses a bit more secure encryption method of 256-bit. The only advantage of this encryption protocol is you can install this application on any device you want, even on smart tv. But I didn’t find any users who want to use VPN on any of these devices. Moreover, so many devices like Microsoft, and Apple do not support PPTP encryption protocol anymore. OpenVPN protocol is much better and more secure encryption protocol than PPTP and that is why famous and common VPN application uses this protocol. 

If the company wants to improve its privacy and security purposes and concerns, then they must use OpenVPN protocols, or 256-but encryption protocol.

The website structure of VPNMaster:

Honestly, I wasn’t impressed by the interface of the application’s website. It is not very appealing. The homepage of this website contains all the services, but other pages does not have any other details of their services. They should have created a separate page for explaining all of their services and packages. There are three different domains of this website as well, which does not any point. The .com domain contains its logo, and other domains do not have this logo. 

How is the customer care support of VPNMaster?

If anyone wants to contact their customer care support, they either have to send mail to support@vpnmaster.com or they have to visit their website with .info domain. The website supports a live chat that can help anyone for their matters. Just like other live chats, you won’t have to enter your name or email address to contact their customer care services. You just have to enter your query and you will receive the answer after a few time (if you are lucky enough).

To be honest, I didn’t like their customer care support as well because of plenty of reasons. First of all, they took forever to reply, and when they replied to my question, they could find a suitable answer for my query as well. Their employees are not even aware of the common requirements of their VPN application. She just agreed with everything I said, and that irritated me even more.

Plus, there is another option to contact their customer care support. You have to fill the support form, and sent it. You can find that form in the main menu section. After entering the menu, you have to enter contact us form, and follow the procedure.

No so fast:

The only benefit we got from its performance is we know that its time to end this review, and pretend like this application does not exist. We never even thought that such flaws could exist in any VPN application. Only one location which does not even work sometime, and we did not even unblock any site from their servers.

This application could not unblock any streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO, which should be the first priority of every VPN application. Only the United Kingdom server could unblock the Netflix, and they could detect our VPN. So, we watched some local Netflix shows with the lowest speed ever.

I think an average user will always demand good speed over anything. If someone think that a free VPN cannot deliver more than that, then they are wrong. We have tested some free VPNs as well, and most of them have provided the users with a good speed in the end. We are not talking about any privacy concerns or something, speed should be the main concern of every VPN application. At least, a fast VPN application, and its good server count can solve half of the problems of an average user. This VPN did not even offer a good speed.

We read some reviews and found that the Romania server somehow managed to deliver a good speed within some specific areas and countries of the world. So, a little glance at a good point in the end after all.

Should I be using VPNMaster? (conclusion)

So, this application has a poor structure of its website, make false promises, terrible customer care support, no access to applications, sucks at unblocking streaming sites, and only one location. I don’t think that there is any reason or logic for choosing this application for hiding your internet activities.

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