What are VPN Stocks? VPN Stocks Review

What are VPN Stocks? VPN Stocks Review

In the past few years, breaking down of data affected government bodies very much, different private users and businesses are now spending more on cybersecurity due to this issue.

Equifax Inc. breach gave many indications for about 145 million people, whose data have been accommodated. As a result, the company has to face paroxysm of important internal repairing.

In some previous months some servers around the world were attacked by “WannaCry” and “Petya”, these are programs like malware attacks that damage many computers and different devices.

In 2018 an American firm of research and advisory named ” Gartner Inc.” predicted that spending on cybersecurity around the world will rise to 96.3 billion dollars, which will be some 8 percent more than the year before and also predicted that it will rise to triple in next 3 years.

As its demand is varying around the world. So now here we present you the five most demanding stocks with the best promising features, and will greatly protect your cybersecurity ETF.

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There are the 5 best VPN stocks to lookout

  1. Norton LifeLock Inc. 
  2. FireEye Inc. 
  3. Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. 
  4. BlackBerry Ltd. 
  5. Palo Alto Networks 

1. NortonLifeLock Inc. 

Norton LifeLock is a cybersecurity service that focuses on the protection of identity against theft and threats. According to the latest calculations, it has about 4.4 million users, and around one lacks is just added in the previous few days. It was nominated for online trust honor in 2016 as a roll of recognition for its best prevention providing to users, standard protection practices, and security of information.

The stock of this VPN is trading around 28.25 dollars and peaking at 34 dollars and following the Equifax breach.

S&P IQ shows that this is one of the most affordable stocks in the software of the cybersecurity peer network. The price earnings ratio of Norton LifeLock is recorded 15.13 when comparing it to an average of its cheap group ratio 28.85 for forwarding price earning.

If we look towards the expected yearly earning of 1.68 dollars for previous years, and the average peer group had a forward ratio of 28.85 price earning, and is expected that its share will have a worth of 48.47 dollars next year, that shows the upside of 71.58 percent.

It is expected to fall in the first month of next year, but no sooner as the company will report all the earnings through the third quarter, and will present results in next month of this.

2. FireEye Inc. 

It is a dedicated and decent cybersecurity provider for high-level enterprises and governments. The company is trying its best to produce the latest and advanced cybersecurity developments so that it may attract a large number of customers continuously.

For instance, let consider, its most important product that is cheap and has a simpler version of “FireEye Global Threat management” and is designed for smaller and mid-range companies.

This is also offering a cheaper multisector virtual execution of Cloud and multi-vector virtual execution of small Grid, offering you intelligent cyber-attack detection and solution for higher enterprises and mid-range businesses.

Its model is recently changed, it was providing services of selling software, now it offers subscription-based services of Cloud. This provides better stability for a long period but is expected that it will offer lower revenues at first. Customers who have to renew their subscriptions and want to improve security will be provided this all when they update their current version of this service.

The abilities of the company are strengthened by providing the extra services of intelligent leading security for enterprises small to large sizes. This feature of security provided is matchless.

It also added Invotas, which is an automatic and real-time security solution to cybersecurity threats. It collects data from different products of security and produces an auto-response whenever an incident occurs.

FireEye Inc traded about an average 14.05 dollars mark recently, it is about a 17.06 percent increase in efficiency in a year. Fourth-quarter earnings of the company reached about 202.3 million dollars; this is around 10 percent more than the fourth quarter of the company in last years.

3. Check-Point Software Technology Ltd. 

Check-Point Software Technology is providing you with the solution to cybersecurity issues worldwide. Although this is an old company that worked on high-level security threats along with hacking attacks, the company transformed from a gadget leading company to a software bladed manufacturing company. It is gaining more popularity in its customers because of this. Because it offers them a choice to select software blades and solutions according to their need.

The fast assumption for data of checkpoint main gadgets and continuous increase in data center consequence lines offer many of the best-supporting options. The company is working on the capabilities of mobile boosting also trying to make it high according to the latest market technology.

Check-Point Software Technology Ltd is trading an average of 102.94 dollars, and become low at about 80.87 dollars in previous about 52 weeks.

4. BlackBerry Ltd. 

This company is providing cybersecurity to mobile and consultation to government agencies across the world. BlackBerry Ltd. is offering strategies to reduce the risk of threats, have high information and technology security standards, as well as offer protection against attacks in the future.

With the acknowledgment of the National Security Agency, it offers and sells a protected messaging tool to the federal government of the United States

The stock of BlackBerry rises by about 56.5 percent in the last some years, and the results of the second quarter is was about 196 million dollars according to the service revenues and records of a company. Now it is trading at 13.10 dollars. 

5. Palo Alto Networks

In elite cybersecurity options, Palo Alto networks are completely the latest play. Palo Alto Network has been set as a name for it along with a firewall that commands the flow of data in the infrastructure of an enterprise, allowing the security of customers to have command on applications that are being connected. It gives a route to traffic from a device to a network.

In previous years revenue of this company has jumped towards 248 percent and reached the level of 1.4 billion dollars.

The stock has been varying, it has been trading about an average of 34 percent below in the mid of 2019 and was high before that. The main reason is that company is being transformed the model of product subscription and will prove helpful to create a better relationship with users and make a continuous profit.

Currently, the trading of the company is around 142.53 dollars and which means an increase of 13.98 percent this year.


All the above-discussed stock VPNs are predicted to give a better performance this year and will prove beneficial to your portfolio. One thing we ensure you that this will offer you the best security and protection as we are not the expert of finance and stocks etc., we are just experts of security. So before investing your money make sure that you are going right. Take advice from any specialist of finance, and someone who knows the fluctuations of the stock and trade market deeply. 

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