What is AdBlock VPN? | AdBlock VPN Review

What is AdBlock VPN? | AdBlock VPN Review

Whenever you browse the internet, actually you are exchanging information between the device you are using and the device that is running the website you are visiting. Information includes the website that you visit, your location, and much more can be collected by the internet service provider to make a profile of your browsing history and online activities. VPNs block the third-party providers of service to have access to your location or information of your IP address.

So by using good VPNs with your online activities, it is harder rather impossible to watch your activities online. On surfing websites, you will have an extra security layer and anonymity.

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Why AdBlock VPN?

AdBlock VPN is providing users a free distraction experience of surfing and browsing. Blocking advertisements and pop-ups during your internet experience has been the focus of AdBlock VPN. Over 65 million users are enjoying this ad-free experience with AdBlock VPN. Nowadays, it’s a period when we are spending most of our time online. So, we should bother that when we browse, which information we are making available about us and our device. Advertisers are using technology to have access to your data on the website from their website or can collect data by the location of your internet service provider. Many companies will try to sell things in which you are interested in having your browsing history. All these practices are very common that the majority of users now think that their online history and activities are being pursued.

 In many countries, government inspection is ordinary and citizens can not have access to different websites on the internet without having the tension about the government’s interference in their web browsing history. Here is the solution to all your privacy problems and concerns. AdBlock VPN is software that you can use to protect your online privacy and browsing history on the internet. 

How does AdBlock VPN work?

AdBlock VPN permits you to have access to the internet and different websites privately. It makes secured connections, that are sometimes called “tunnels” between the servers of VPN and the devices used for surfing. This secured tunnel makes sure that all your internet traffic will route through it and keeps your internet data end to end encrypted and information about you, your browsing, your device, and your location will be secured.

AdBlock VPN Advantages

Anonymous Browsing

Your browsing history and search activity through the internet should not be exchanged with third-party service providers without having your permission and access. AdBlock VPN helps you in this regard. It keeps your online activities private and secure

We believe that your browsing activity should not be shared with third parties without your consent or understanding. AdBlock VPN helps you keep your online activity private and secure.

Content Unblocking

Want to have access to restricted content and website that is being blocked in a specific location.  By using AdBlock VPN you can choose a virtual location where the content is available and accessible and can access international and banned content in your region.

Secure Public WIFI Connection

This VPN service makes sure that the internet connection between your device and website is secured. It makes the public Wi-Fi more secure to use and provides you with a tension-free experience of browsing.

Private VPN Service

You should not have to log in and this VPN strictly obeys the policy of “no-log” and keeps the standard of privacy high. It makes sure that your online behaviors are not being tracked and never give access to your private data or activities.

AdBlock VPN Disadvantages

Besides all the advantages of AdBlock VPN, there are some disadvantages of this VPN service as well.

Blocking of Content

As we use it to block ads and third parties to approach our data and personal information, blocking all these ads may also block more than just advertisements. For example, in a frequently used in-app for messaging, a tool Intercorn is blocked along with ads when we use this service.

Cut of Access

As many apps host ads with actual content. Sometimes it is reported that by using this VPN service, the approach to YouTube may be cut off.

Damaging Economy

AdBlock VPN when used with the extension of AdBlock extension at browsers, affects the sites and apps having ads in them. By using this to block ads, it may spoil the livelihood of people for whom the ads are the only source of income. This can damage the economy and will affect the level of available free content also from the sites of news, blogs, etc.

Do AdBlock VPNs track my browsing history?

Not, AdBlock ensures you the ultimate standards of security and privacy. It is very rigid in its policy of “no-log”, which means you should never have to log in to access it or your online activities can not be tracked by it. Also, you’re surfing and browsing history will never be shared with any third-party service providers.

Do AdBlock VPNs use to block ads?

Yes, it can block ads when we use this VPN with the combination of AdBlock extension at browsers because directly blocking of ads is prohibited on some specific platforms using VPNs, like on Androids and iOS.

Is AdBlock VPN free to use?

AdBlock VPN is not free, however, this VPN offers affordable services to ensure your online privacy. We can say that this VPN is providing the best services at this low price. If you want to cancel your subscription to AdBlock VPN, you can easily do this by contacting to support team or accessing your account.

How many devices can be connected to AdBlock?

AdBlock VPN can easily support and manage up to 6 devices at a time with this service. You can easily add or remove any device from the VPN service to have access to your VPN account.


AdBlock VPN is providing you the service of your online protection, by keeping your searched data end to end encrypted. And avoid third parties service providers having access to your data. This is a secure and low-price VPN service to provide you with a secure and worry-free experience of browsing.

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