What is Algo VPN? | Algo VPN Review

What is Algo VPN? | Algo VPN Review

If you think that no VPN in the market is being designed with high security and can be used easily. That is not true, here is a VPN, Algo. That is a personal self-hosted VPN, made for simple deployment and secure to use. This VPN on it deploys required services in the cloud that will not be shared with others, depending upon modern protocols. it just adds the minimum number of software that you required. For the users who are privacy conscious and have to do work frequently and cannot afford a devoted department of IT, Algo VPN is best for you.

Algo VPN is the simplified setup of IPSEC VPN having the most protected defaults. It can simply work with cloud providers, and never needs software for a client on most of the devices. For working it just need the minimum number of software, and is secure and strong. Algo is made according to the need of business to protect the bandwidth and expand security, it stops advertisements and squeezed what is left.

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Devices that are compatible with Algo VPN

  • iOS
  • Android devices
  • Linux 
  • macOS
  • Windows

Algo VPN Advantages

Ease of Use

The distinct function of Algo VPN is, it provides an ease to users to set up VPN on different Operating systems and configurations. After downloading and unzipping the files, it just needs some commands to install it, after that define list of the user for you, and you can run this VPN. 

Algo VPN has presented arrangements for several cloud providers, including Vultur, Google, and Amazon, etc. All you need is to enter your API code during the process of configuration.

Setup for clients is too simple. Also, we can connect IOS and Mac operating systems without going through the process of extra arrangements, moreover, devices with android and windows enable us to configure a file by scanning a QR code.

Overall, it’s a quite good setup, but not too much easy like we cannot set up this VPN with just one click. As users have to install prerequisites so chances of errors are more.

By using this, you will have more control over the process of setup, you will be able to choose between configuration options.


IKEv2 protocol, as well as IP sec, are used by Ago VPN on iOS, Linux, and macOS also uses WireGuard for windows and androids. Wireguard is the latest protocol having a profile of low code, along with fast speed and high security. Algo VPN applies HTTP proxy and resolves the local DNS to avoid ads. This is a bonus feature to this; it promises about the servers are separated from VPNs as developers. In testing about IP and DNS leaks were not found in Algo along with Wireguard


The features of VPN are not completed without discussing its speed. We evaluate the speed of Algo VPN, creating a VPN by this method will not be passed if it will have any down in the speed with a WireGuard setup, although it is faster than some other VPNs like Open VPN.

Algo VPN Disadvantages

A VPN is not legal in all countries

The use of VPN is not illegal in all countries many large-scale organizations use VPN to ensure their security. But there are some exceptional cases, where the government makes restrictions on the use of VPN and they want to have full control over their citizens. They want to restrict people to see some specific content on the internet, as VPN can bypass their censorship, so sometimes government does not allow them to use this in some dictatorial countries.

Algo VPN is not allowed in countries like China, they just allow the VPN that is approved by the government. This does not mean that VPN is illegal but you can’t use them without the permission of the government. In North Korea the use of VPN is fully banned. So, if you belong to such countries that do not allow you the use of VPN, the issues of online privacy and freedom can be faced by you.

VPN encryption

It is also not possible to check whether the claims of VPN providers are authentic or not, whether they do that they claim, the Average user can not have enough knowledge about cryptography to find out that data is encrypted or not. This means a normal user of a VPN does not have a clear idea about the encryption of a VPN. So, they will be unaware of that whether all the services by VPN are secured or not.

Connection breaks

A good VPN must have a kill switch in its software, this is the most important function. If anytime between your working the connection with VPN dropped, then you will be suddenly exit from a VPN without having safety. After that, all your online work will be linked to your real IP address. To protect this, your must-have feature of kill switch with your VPN. Sadly, Algo VPN is not provided with such a facility, using this VPN your security is not full proof when you lost a connection.

How you van setup Algo VPN on Android devices.

  1. First of all, install VPN WireGuard on your device, go to the play store, and search WireGuard there. After that install it
  2. You have to download QR images for algo servers while installing. Algo servers are saved in the directory of the algo master file which lies under an unzipped file.
  3. After installation opens, click “+” for setting new connections.
  4. Then click on the option “create from QR code”
  5. Scan the QR image you downloaded.
  6. A window will pop up having “Import Tunnel from QR code” then enter the name and click the “create tunnel” option
  7. Your request will be ensured, just click “ok” and be ready to go. Once the profile is being added just swipe to enjoy VPN from the Algo server that is secured.


Has Algo been audited?

Algo VPN is not been audited, it is under development process. Changes are being made to ensure the security requirements. Use this VPN service on your guarantee, as you may find some security problems with it.

Is Algo VPN free?

Algo VPN is free to use and automatically added to the cloud when you install servers for it and is not transferred to others, based on the modern protocols needs less amount of software.


Algo VPN is easy to use simplified VPN, that provides you access to restricted data with security, most commonly considerable pros and cons have been discussed in this article, hope so it will provide your assistance in choosing the best VPN service for you.

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