What is Astar VPN? Astar VPN Review

What is Astar VPN? Astar VPN Review

Astar VPN is a company that provides encrypted Internet connections to its customers. The service offers both free and paid plans with different options for users, but they lack any information on security protocols. It will protect your online activity from hackers who want access to personal data such as passwords stored in emails. Simply put, Star VPN is a straightforward bare-bones provider. It does not offer things such as kill switches which would protect users on the Internet were they to lose their connection.

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Security And Privacy

Astar VPN’s security protocol is not new, and it does not include any notable standout features. The encryption that they provide to their end-users could be better, but there are some other issues with this product. Its lack of kill switch protection or DNS leak reduction measures makes it less reliable than most competitors in today’s marketplace. Star VPN uses a custom security protocol that is said to be more secure than SSL, but it does not seem like they offer any notable standout encryption features. You get

  • Unknown Protocols
  • No Kill Switch
  • No unblocking streaming services
  • No Special Features

They do still have kill switches and other tools for reducing your vulnerability when using the Internet, which is absent in most of these types of VPN services nowadays. Security is the priority of all customers. It seems that Star’s new app isn’t using OpenVPN. They offer 256-bit encryption.

Does Astar VPN Keeps Logs?

VPNs that advertise a strict no-logging policy are usually just marketing speak for something more discreet. Many of these providers have various routes to get you where they need or want, and it only takes one slip up before your identity gets discovered. All the VPNs that advertise themselves as strict “no logs” servers are wrong. They may have a policy, but if you read their privacy policies or look into where they’re registered, then it becomes clear there’s no truth behind this claim at all.

Apps And Extension

It would be tempting to call Star VPN “mobile-only,” but given its lack of service for P.C.s running Windows or Linux. Users can still use the product on their Mac in addition to the iOS and Android compatible apps. Star VPN available on

  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Andriod

The Astar VPN App is a user-friendly, no-fuss solution. When downloading the Astar VPN App, you will be able to connect anywhere with an internet connection. The interface is uniform across all platforms, and there aren’t any distractions with features or clutter – just one big button to connect you securely & privately.

Unblocking Netflix And Other Streaming Platforms

Unfortunately, Astar VPN is unable to bypass geo-blocking and get you to access your favorite T.V. show. Be it the restrictions on Netflix or Hulu. We were also not able to unblock any sort of streaming services’ blocking with a VPN so we could watch our shows as well. Other user reviews seem like they back up this opinion too.

P2P And Torrenting

Star VPN only allows a P2P connection on three servers: Canada, France, and the Netherlands. It fares better than VPNs that do not support torrent downloads at all. But its lack of a kill switch makes it less ideal for secure downloading purposes where you want to stop your I.P. address from being exposed in case something goes wrong with traffic flow. This is where having a killswitch would come into play, so if it failed, then no data gets lost during an emergency situation when everything goes down due altogether offline.

Customer Support

The extensive list of Astar VPN’s customer support options is as follows:

  • An Email Address Listed on website.
  • One would never know that Star VPN offers customer support by looking at its website. There isn’t even a form on the site, which leaves customers with no choice but to paste the copied email address into their client or browser when they need assistance from this company in some way (there is an FAQ section). 


Astar VPN is the free or premium version at the following prices.

Astar VPN prices are $9.99/monthly and $2.99 per month for yearly subscriptions. There’s no mention of whether they offer money-back guarantees or refunds, but you can sign up for a seven-day free trial without commitment before being charged. Compared to both top VPN providers as well as worst performers, this company appears competitive price.” Star’s prices feel satisfyingly affordable, especially when taking into account how reliable

Astar VPN has a refreshingly simple philosophy for its customers. For one, it doesn’t promise anything in terms of refund or guarantee unless you sign up for their service with the free 7-day trial offer. Even then, your commitment will only last until that time is over and not after. Users can cancel the subscription at any point during this period without penalty so long as there are no issues arising from unused services.

Astar VPN Pros

  • Astar VPN is a great service for connecting with others, but only if you’re willing to pay. The free version of their product will not let users connect in P2P mode, and there are just three servers available – one paid customer can use all five.
  • The Astar VPN is an all-inclusive subscription that provides users with simple and easy installation. You can download the software instantly, making it perfect for those who are always on the go. Additionally, you will be able to transfer your purchase if you ever want to switch devices or cancel their service before its conclusion date. It provides customers peace of mind knowing they won’t lose anything.
  • Astar VPN Pros has a dashboard that makes it easy to connect. The company provides an easily-accessible dropdown menu. You can use it if your needs change from one server connection to another without having the hassle of clicking around on numerous screens in order to find this option. You can highlight specific features like anonymity or encryption for those who want more security when browsing online.

Astar VPN Cons

  • AStar VPN has a lot of pros, but one major drawback is the lack of customer support. At the same time, some providers offer live chat or an option for customers to get in touch with them on their website through email addresses. Star only provides you with sending messages outside your account using private messaging app services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
  • Astar VPN is a free VPN service that allows you to access geo-blocked content, protect yourself from cybercrime, and also unblocks websites like Spotify. However, upon going deeper into the company’s privacy policy, we found mention of their monitoring data for research purposes in third-party services. 

With all of the issues that can arise from a compromised internet connection, it’s important to know what VPNs are, how they work. In our blog post, we’ve covered everything you need to know about Astar VPN. It is affordable and easy to use. For more blogs, keep visiting our website.

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