What is Atlas VPN? Atlas VPN Review

What is Atlas VPN? Atlas VPN Review

Atlas VPN brings the entire world with just one click. This is an excellent VPN service for freshers to use efficiently on mobile. It provides its users with the best experience of apps; the best thing about atlas is. it’s free to use

Using this VPN service, users can easily access the banned streaming sites, just like BBC players etc. It offers you the experience of browsing, utterly free from advertisements, as it uses the feature of an ad blocker. It ensures that your information is completely secured and free from any data leak by providing a checker for data breaching.

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Atlas VPN Features

This is a free VPN service and does not have a great range of different features, but it still offers some functions to improve your experience.

As it blocks any site or malware that tries to reach or have access to your data, so it makes you secure from any danger. A unique feature of the atlas is it provides the quality of rotation of IP addresses, which is lovely! Besides, checking for data breaching is admirable, ensuring that your data and browsing are entirely safe.

Atlas VPN SafeBrowse

Users can see the toggle of SafeBrowse on the devices of iOS and macOS in the tabs of security. This is an additional feature of security by which you can block suspicious or malicious sites. If this type of site is found while browsing, your connection will be denied to access that kind of website.

Atlas VPN SafeSwap

This feature was added to the service recently, which is unique in the market of VPNs as its name shows, it rotate states or swaps users’ IP addresses continuously while using a VPN.

While using another VPservices, if you want to change the IP address, you will first be disconnected and then connected to any different server. But in the atlas, by using this feature, this can be done while browsing. It uses one IP address for a single page. As you change or close the page, your address will be adjusted automatically. As one SafeSwap has more than one IP address and is distributed among the users, so this makes your IP address unpredictable for anyone. But this feature lag to support macOS; it is predicted that it may release a new version supported by macOS soon.

Detection of a data hack

You may think that it is extraordinary or complex to use technology, but this function is to ensure that your data does not appear in breaches. One thing is clear that this is a premium feature and not be available for free users.


  • Free version
  • Money back guarantee of 30 days
  • Automated 2FA login
  • Provides web filters
  • Unbanned major sites for streaming.


  • Good for mobile but not for PC
  • Does not support the option of live chat
  • Have a base in the United States
  • Little fleets servers

Atlas VPN Compatibility

This VPN is compatible with the systems of Windows, macOS, iOS, and Androids. But here, it lacks in providing the app for Linux.


Atlas VPN service for android is much reliable than its services and app for Windows or desktops etc. It offers its users a great experience. Using this VPN on your mobile gives you a better and cleaner graphics user interface. Atlas doesn’t come with essential or cluttered services.

It provides the feature of kill switch, toggles, Safe browsing, and a comprehensive system to use. Bu using the hack of data detection, you can check whether your emails are coming in breaches of data or not.

It is the best VPN app to use on mobile; any user who uses VPN daily can consider it the best solution.


Users can not easily distinguish between the atlas VPN for android and iOS. As both of these apps look and work similarly. It is good to use for organisations as many companies and enterprises demand this. The main difference between them is that it has distinct names for the feature of safe browsing. Besides this, the button for usage statistics is not in the exact location. But these things do not affect the experience of using VPN with security.

Overall, the atlas is a great app to use with iOS.


As we discussed first, this VPN service was introduced to use on mobile systems, like android and iOS. But still, many best options and good points make it presentable to users. Users can easily use this according to their needs and choice.

But we know that all the things will not work smoothly as they work on the mobile. Often while using apps, it sometimes freezes and presents the error of connections. Apparently, users will not be found any issues, but we can say that it will be patched out instantly.

A list of countries is not so long, so we also do not need to search different servers. It is not a big deal to search from a given list.

Its login offers the feature of 2FA that is built-in. Whenever a user logs in from any other device, all you have to do is check the confirmation code in your inbox. You may be irritated by this, but it will provide extra security to you.


Atlas VPN offers a smooth experience while using this with a macOS device. It may affect the quality of text or image as it does not have a straightforward interface for macOS, but the text can still easily be read.

While using this, users do not need to connect or choose any server. It automatically joins you to the closest server. But here, you may be confused because if you check the list the nearest one will not appear on the top of the list, you may have to search for which option has a green dot or icon in front of it. A great thing about this is that it offers dark and light modes, users can switch between these modes according to their choice.

Atlas VPN Conclusion

Atlas is a nice-to-use VPN service for beginners. But honestly saying you should not have many expectations from it. As many great VPNs like NordVPN or ExpressVPN also do not provide 100 per cent services. As nothing can be perfect or 100 per cent efficient, it also has some disadvantages along with many advantages. It is a simple VPN for casual use. Offers good security, strong end-to-end encryption, streaming on major sites, and torrenting. Overall good to use and best for mobile services.

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