What Is Atlas VPN? Atlas VPN Review

What Is Atlas VPN? Atlas VPN Review

The Internet connection can be a lifeline for its users. But, the world is also filled with dangers and risks that might cause someone to feel unsafe when browsing the internet.  There are many important reasons individuals may want to protect their identity or location from being revealed on the web. A VPN service will provide you with a new IP address. It makes it harder for hackers and other third parties to track what you do online. The world may be at your fingertips with the help of Atlas VPN service. It’s perfect for beginners and has user-friendly apps, as well as an excellent free version.              

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Is Atlas VPN Fast:

Connecting to a web server through VPN is slow. The best way for me, as an independent tester with no ties or loyalties. The average IKEv2 download speeds reduce your speed by around 42%, which is what you’d expect from this protocol. However, uploads and pings take a nose dive – reducing 94% of total internet capacity when uploaded or received over long distances. Overall, speed is not their forte.

 Does Atlas VPN work with Netflix?

Streamers have been flocking to VPNs for years now. But not all providers are created equal. Atlas has some pleasant surprises when it comes to unblocking streaming services and making sure you can still enjoy your podcasts without any buffering. I’m happy to report that, surprisingly enough, Atlas VPN managed to unblock various libraries. It also provides a stable connection with no errors or lags when streaming.

Does Altas VPN Allow Torrenting

It’s possible to torrent using Atlas VPN. But they don’t have any dedicated P2P servers and aren’t advertising the functionality. However, I can confirm first-hand that it works as advertised. I got a download speed of around 4-6MB/s (32 – 48mbps). So it took approximately 8 minutes to download a 2.7 GB file. It is pretty impressive for such an advanced VPN service. Your results may vary depending on your internet connection and seeders/leechers, but you should be able to get somewhere close with enough testing. Atlas VPN doesn’t advertise this, but torrenting also works on their free version.

Safe Browsing With Atlas VPN

The SafeBrowse tool is an optional safety measure that allows you to block malicious websites. Anyone browsing with a VPN should stumble upon these blocked sites, then it’ll deny access.


You can find the SafeBrowse toggle in your security options tab. It blocks malicious websites that could attack you when browsing with a VPN enabled. Atlas VPN is expanding to three different locations. The Netherlands, Singapore, and United States. I suspect they’re planning to increase the server numbers but with so many IP addresses needed for one Safe Swap location.

Data Hack Detection

The data guardian feature recently became available to all users. It checks your data against any known breaches. Immediately notifies you and notifies it appears in someone else’s possession, giving the thieves less time than ever before. It’s essential to check if your data has been compromised in case of a breach. It is good for reference when trying to patch up security holes with email addresses or passwords that may be affected. It is good for reference when trying to patch up security holes that may be affected.

Encryption And Tunneling Protocols

When you connect to Atlas VPN’s servers, your connection becomes encrypted. It means no one can see what you’re doing online because all data is scrambled with AES-256. Even powerful computers have been unable to crack it.


Atlas VPN is based in the United States. The location also matters because it determines how difficult or easy law enforcement and intelligence agencies like the NSA can get user data. However, even though Atlas doesn’t keep any private information themselves, they still have a no-logs policy which means what goes out will always stay inside. The policy mentions how you’re able to ask for your information at any point before deletion if something serious happens, like losing access through loss/theft, etc.

Kill Switch

A dangerous leak may have just been averted by implementing a new safety feature called “kill switch.” It’s designed to shut down Internet traffic if it is interrupted by links from your VPN server. We perform two tests. The first one is in which we block access through our router. The second one is disabling background processes for good measure.

Atlas VPN Server And Location

The benefits don’t stop there. With a large server fleet, the user has access to an even spread and faster loading of resources across all systems. It also means it’s easier if you need another one. Unfortunately, Atlas VPN doesn’t cover many locations. It only has almost 700 servers across 28 countries, and this is a shame. Because in previous years they have proved themselves as one of the best providers in their field with fast speeds and excellent customer support. It’s not enough for those using mobile devices that need more options than what such limited networks can offer.

Plan And Pricing

Altas VPN is a very affordable and reliable VPN service. The cheapest yearly plans start at $9.99 per month. While 1-year subscriptions cost just$2.49  monthly and 3year plan costs $1.39 per month. Client satisfaction surveys show that users are happy with their purchase because Altas provides features without costing too much money.

Free Version

There are a few services that offer free versions, and it’s important to note the data limits. The Atlas VPN plan has 10GB of internet usage – so make sure you know what your needs will be before signing up for this service. At Atlas VPN, they are always looking for new ways to make your experience as easy and hassle-free as possible.

With the right VPN, you can stay safe while browsing. The connection is always strong, with no lag or buffering issues. This service also offers some excellent privacy features that protect from third-party hackers and government surveillance programs. It is the cheapest option on the market. For more related blogs, keep visiting our websites.

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Still in search of an excelent VPN? We got your back! Try out this one for Free!

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