What is Dartmouth VPN? Dartmouth VPN Review

What is Dartmouth VPN? Dartmouth VPN Review

When users work remotely, to connect with the network of Dartmouth, a VPN service is used. Whenever you use the VPN the data will and information will be encrypted between your device and the network. Users can access the network from outside by just pretending that they are on campus.

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Where it will work?

The VPN with Dartmouth will work just when the account of Dartmouth is valid and the network connection is active.  It will not function when the internet connection is based on satellite

Need to use VPN 

 Sometimes, some apps or sites do not work properly even if we are at the campus if the app or site does not support the protected and powerful authentication system. Nowadays most of the services and apps are strongly authenticated and we do not need any VPN to use them, doesn’t matter we are on campus or not. While using the VPN the service may not work according to your need and desire. So just use the VPN providers where there is no second option or it’s essential to use with. You should be more clear about that which services you have to use VPNs.

Compatible devices

VPNs with Dartmouth are compatible with different devices and software as,

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux
  • macOS.

How to choose portal for VPN.

First of all, install the desired VPM provider of your own choice after considering all the features of a VPN. After that follow a proper method to connect to its service. It’s completely your choice whether you want to transfer whole data by using VPNs or want to use the option of split tunnels. If users tend to use split tunnels then the traffic of different apps like canvas and zoom etc will be sent directly over the providers. Sometimes the sensitive software lag by using this VPN service so you can’t use this while video-conferences etc. 


Here are some features of the best VPN to use with the Dartmouth network

  • Outstanding features of security. A wide range of features of security. Money-back and refundable policies.
  • Offer you perfectly secured access online with just a click
  • Provides a large number of US-based servers
  • Secure online browsing with excellent features
  • Different devices can be connected to the network at a time
  • 30 days trial with all the features.
  • Here is a list of some VPNs that support all the above-mentioned features and work with the Dartmouth network
  • The best VPN has a kill switch, that works to make sure that your identity will not be visible to any site whenever you lost the VPN connection, you lose connection with the VPN it automatically disconnects the network.


Express VPNs are the best to consider with Dartmouth whenever we talk about the paid VPN service. It is affordable with the best security features.

The super-fast connectivity feature

When we consider free VPN services it will not match the requirements of the network. For best speed, this VPN is best to choose.

Can work at any location

To use the internet according to you, and for a nice online experience, it offers more than 150 servers all over the world. So select a location according to your choice and enjoy the restricted content.

Secure access to a network

For having secure access to the network of Dartmouth, and to use all the apps and software unrestrictedly. This VPN service offers the best security even you are using a public wifi network.


Offers you unlimited bandwidth to browse on different sites.

Guaranteed privacy policy

This VPN ensures you that it will never keep a record of any of your activity as strictly follow the policy of no log

Industrial level security

Prevent all your history and online activities by using encryption of 256 bits system of AES, offers a kill switch to ensure your IP address will not be shown event for a second.

Customer support

Users can contact the team of VPN service by using an email service live chat system. It provides all the best services at low prices.

Affordable packages

It is affordable and offers different packages to subscribe for a month, three months, or yearly subscription.

Cyber Ghost VPN

Lightning-fast speeds

This VPN offers bandwidth without any limit and speed is also unmatched. It protects you from buffering and you do not have to wait for much time.


It provides you the choice of the select location anywhere in the world. It hides your IP address and you can choose more than 100 locations in 91 different countries it will never show your actual location.


It keeps you protected even if you are using a public network for wifi. As we know that public networks are at risk, your data may be hacked or stolen. So it will secure your online experience.


It encrypts your data and has several protection options from leaks. Also, have an option of kill switch along with split tunneling.

IP Vanish

Online safety.

If you need protection while using different networks like public wifi etc, this VPN is best to use with the network. Its backups simply make sure the security of all the devices that are connected to the network using VPN at a time.

Powerful privacy

It gives a layer to your online activities by providing you with an anonymous IP address, it will hide your real address and secure you from different spies and hackers. Make your data confidential from any third-party apps.

Live chat

Offers you the service of live chat support whenever you have any problem setting up it. Or while using VPN with another network


It is compatible with all the devices like Linux, macOS, mobile phones, Androids, and iOS also on desktops and PCs.


Users have to use a VPN with the Dartmouth network to access particular sites or apps on campus or to connect to a network off-campus. We mention all the features of the best VPNs along with the recommended VPNs and their features now it is up to you to choose a VPN service according to your need.

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