What Is DOT VPN? DOT VPN Review

What Is DOT VPN? DOT VPN Review

Are you looking for a quality VPN to enjoy content on your favorite OTT platform Netflix? Although there are hundreds of VPNs available in the market, all doesn’t possess the same quality. One amazing option that has gained mainstream attention is Dot VPN having a terrific set of features. It may be a little bit new service provider in this industry, but lots of experts believe it will give a solid potential that very few can offer. 

In this post, we will provide a brief Dot VPN review to help the community make the right decision. It will talk about the features, positives, and negatives of this software. Let’s go through the entire post and decide whether to have this VPN or not!

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What are the major features of Dot VPN?

At One Glance, the Dot VPN looks like a perfect option having WireGuard and OpenVPN for keeping the system secure. They are efficient in preventing any third party to find out online activities. However, it isn’t the only feature available in this amazing software. Have a look at few terrific features of Dot VPN in detail below:

  • DNS Firewall

The biggest thing about this VPN is its DNS Firewall technology that keeps your system away from malicious internet locations. It identifies websites with irritating pop-up windows and blocks them instantly.

  • Unblocking Multiple OTT Platforms

Dot VPN allows the users to unblock the Netflix libraries of many countries like Japan, the UK, and the USA. Additionally, you can unblock YouTube and BBC iPlayer that make streaming super fun. It allows users to access these platforms without even downloading the apps as a browser extension is enough for this purpose. 

  • Liberty to Choose Selected Apps

The next feature we will mention is Split Tunneling, which allows the users to select apps they want to connect with the VPN. It can be convenient to use for users whose main purpose to buy this VPN is P2P protection. 

  • Fine Print

Fine Print is an impressive feature that allows you to disconnect the internet connection when the connection drops out. It helps in protecting online frauds from third parties.

What Are the Positives of Dot VPN?

Every VPN comes with a certain set of positives about which everyone should stay aware before buying. Let’s look at the major positives of VPN Limited we have mentioned below:

  • Superb Level Encryption and Protocol

There is AES-256 Encryption used by Dot VPN that can keep the attackers away even if they use brute force technique. On the other hand, the availability of IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols make sure data can be transferred safely in the connection. 

  • Avoid IP/DNS Leaks

The users won’t have to worry about any issues related to security and anonymity when they use Dot VPN. It means the chances of exposing locations in one way to another won’t happen in the presence of this tool.

  • Super Strict No-Logging Policy

Every user who bought VPN wishes that none of their online activities and personal information get logged while getting connected with the VPN. The developer has added a dedicated section in this software that mentions no details regarding login, IP addresses, and browsing activities logged while using VPN.

  • Reliable Speed

Most users love this reliable tool that won’t disappoint even someone who wants a long-distance connection with the United States. A common issue that many VPN users face won’t be the case with this one at all. 

  • Impressive Server Network

An incredible thing regarding Dot VPN is it comes with more than 500 servers across 50 countries worldwide. It is one of the most respectable server networks that please the users incredibly. They also have top European options in major countries like Germany, France, and United Kingdom. 

  • Bypassing Censorship

Another positive regarding this tool is allowing the users to bypass the geo-restrictions of almost any country. It let the users enjoy the content that is only based on a particular area. 

What are the negatives of Dot VPN?

It won’t be a justice to complete the Dot VPN Review without mentioning its negatives. Have a look at them in detail to understand this VPN better:

  • Asking Too Much Information

This tool asks for tons of details from the users that might not go down well for many people. Many of them believe that their details can be leaked considering the nature of VPNs these days.

  • Lack of Split Tunneling

Lots of users wish for accessing both public networks and VPN simultaneously. However, VPN doesn’t allow the users to do so that definitely goes against them.

How good is Dot VPN Customer Support?

It has quite a great customer support thanks to the helpful interface and support. They also have a live chat option that very few providers offer. It means the users won’t have to worry when they face any issue while using Dot VPN. 

How much Dot VPN Costs to the Users?

As of October 2021, the provider offers many different types of plans to cater various clients’ needs. Their monthly plans cost US$ 4.99/ month, while the buyer has to pay US$ 2.99/ year if someone goes for an annual plan.

They also offer an free plan to the users that come with minimum features. The users can only access things like unlimited data storage and cloud firewall protection. All these plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee for customer’s peace of mind.

Do we recommend Dot VPN to our Readers?

Although this VPN provider has few issues, it has still worked well for most customers who are very happy with its use. It offers a pretty faster speed to individuals looking for a dynamic IP address without committing to long-term commitment. Their privacy policies are slightly complicated to understand for newbies, but it isn’t a big reason to worry.

Overall, it is a balanced purchase that works suitably for both Windows and Mac users equally. What do you think about this Dot VPN review? Write about it in the comment section for sharing your views! 

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Still in search of an excelent VPN? We got your back! Try out this one for Free!

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