What is Earth VPN? Earth VPN Review

What is Earth VPN? Earth VPN Review

Are you looking for a VPN that provides powerful protection? Then, you might want to consider Earth VPN. 

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Our Verdict

This VPN is possibly one of the most affordable options in the market. Despite its low price, it offers superb performance and features. However, reliable streaming should not be expected from Earth VPN as it is one of those areas where it lacks. Users have reported being able to unblock Netflix some of the time. Unfortunately, Netflix’s anti-VPN software was able to detect it. Therefore, if you want to unblock Netflix, you will need to look elsewhere. Otherwise, Earth VPN offers great performance. 


  • Affordable
  • Provides plenty of features
  • Bitcoin supported


  • Unblocking Netflix can be a struggle
  • Speed is not the best
  • Keeps connection logs

Northern Cyprus-based Earth VPN is a capable VPN service that offers plenty of features that you might not find elsewhere. As it only has 190 servers, it does not offer fast speed. Similarly, it does not have a kill switch feature nor does it offer live chat support which can be frustrating to learn about after you have subscribed to it. It offers a 7-day money-back guarantee to help users determine if it is the right fit for them or not. However, a week might not be enough time to get a hang of it. 

Earth VPN does not fall under a 5 eyes, 9 eyes, and 14 eyes country. Thus, even if the US authorities or any other country tries to order user information, it is not bound to oblige to any orders. However, their logging policy should be considered before you do anything using the VPN. Although its network might seem small, it is spread out across 6 continents and 54 countries. It has servers in China, Taiwan, and Middle Eastern countries. This means that it is able to bypass the strongest internet restrictions. 

VPN Plans and Pricing

Earth VPN provides 2 different pricing plans. Both of these are considered affordable. Users have the option to sign up for the monthly plan which costs $3.99 a month or the yearly plan which costs $39.99 a year. Even though the price range is not as affordable as Nord VPN or Express VPN, it is still on the cheaper side. Moreover, you can utilize the 7-days money-back guarantee before making any payment. However, there are not as many pricing plans in comparison to other VPN services.


Privacy is an area where this VPN truly excels. As Earth VPN is based in Northern Cyprus, it does not have mandatory data retention laws despite falling under the jurisdiction of Turkey. Besides this, Earth VPN claims that it does not log any user activity or usage. This means that no third party can match the IP address of an account. 

Users can easily download videos and whatnot with P2P/torrent software as long as the special servers are used. It is important to note that P2P traffic has been blocked on other servers which should not be an issue. Similarly, when we look at the encryption levels, they are also good. However, it is recommended that PPTP with CHAPv2 authentication should be avoided.   


Earth VPN has a zero-log policy as can be seen in its Privacy Policy. It has a very readable policy that explains just about everything. The company does a terrific job at explaining that there is no logging of browsing history, server usage, data content, download, IP addresses, metadata, and connection times. Although the server stores the IP address while you are connected to communicate with you, it is deleted when your session ends. In addition to its high-end features and low cost, Earth VPN is dedicated to privacy. 


The VPN connection was tested using a 20 MEG UK broadband and the speed tests showed that connection speeds went down by more than a half to just 9 Mbps while using the London server. We also checked the Swiss server and found that connection speed dropped to 12 Mbps. Even though the performance is not terribly good, it is not the worst VPN out there. To further analyze the performance of the VPN, we also tried to connect using the UPD protocol and found that it made little difference. However, the SSTP result proved to be amazing as we saw speeds close to 18 Mbps. It is important to note that connecting to some servers such as the one in the Netherlands showed trouble. But, there were no disconnections during the test period as far as reliability is concerned. In addition to this, we also checked Earth VPN for DNS leaks and found it to be a great option. 

Netflix and Streaming

If there is one area where Earth VPN does not perform well, it is Netflix and streaming. If you are someone who needs a VPN for unblocking Netflix, you would be better off looking elsewhere as this VPN simply fails provide the results that you are likely to be looking for. The thing about a good VPN is that its job is to make sure that you access all types of geo-blocked content. To test the unblocking abilities of this VPN, we tried to connect it to US Netflix and found its performance to be extremely poor. It simply is unable to unblock Netflix. Now, you need to know that only the best VPN service providers can unlock Netflix library as there are strict restrictions that have been placed by the streaming giant. For unblocking Netflix, Surf Shark and Express VPN are the best options. 


The next thing you need to consider is torrents when on the lookout for a VPN service. Earth VPN has P2P optimized servers that work perfect when downloading torrents. It makes sure that you are completely anonymous online by blocking your IP address. You will find it to be a great option for torrents. Therefore, you should encounter no trouble when using Earth VPN for torrents. 

Manual Setup

A great thing about Earth VPN is that it is relatively easy to set up. It follows the same rules as any other service out there. All you have to do to get started is select a plan, enter your email address, and create an account. Then, you will download Earth VPN which you must unzip and install. You must run as administrator and allow the program to make changes.

Windows Client

Earth VPN has a simple Windows client. It is more of a bare-bones affair which means that you get to select the server you would like to connect to, which port to use, and which protocol to use. It covers all of the basics. However, you do not get to benefit from any fancy DNS leak protection, server statistics, or internet kill switch as provided by other VPN clients. 

Android App

The android app for Earth VPN is just as simple as the Windows client. You should not expect a lot from it. But, the Android version is much more dynamic and rather useful. You get to use it to easily connect to the desired location by providing basic details. Thus, you should not experience much trouble while using the android app.


Earth VPN also has an iOS app that has a similar basic interface and operating rules. You will not find it to be much different from its android cousin. Its features are the same and you have to simply enter the desired location for connecting with the server. You should have no trouble using the app as it is quite straightforward.

Browser Extensions

For quick protection while using your PC to browse the internet, you can use the browser extension of Earth VPN. It will help keep you secure. You can download it from the Chrome Web Store. The browser extension takes a few seconds to download and will allow you to hide your IP address and unblock websites for the best online experience. 


When it comes to support, Earth VPN does not offer much of a choice to users. There is no live chat support feature on their website. However, it does not provide a ticketing and email system which you can utilize. But, you will need to wait for around 12 hours for a response. This means that you will have to sleep on it. Hence, support is an area where Earth VPN could do much better. It can make things harder for you if you have a strict schedule and need to access a website immediately. 

Earth VPN Review: Final Verdict

There is no denying that Earth VPN is an affordable VPN. It provides amazing performing for its price range. With a windows client, iOS app, android app, and chrome extension, you can run it on almost everything. However, it fails to unblock Netflix and offers slow online support. Therefore, if you want to watch Netflix or are looking for a quick service, you might need to look elsewhere. Besides, it does not provide a kill switch. 

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