What is Easy VPN? Easy VPN Review

What is Easy VPN? Easy VPN Review

Are you looking for an advanced app with all the unique technologies of the latest generations of protocols for VPN that have extreme security levels and offer you a large number of servers with high speed across the world, then Easy VPN is just for you? No one in the world would be able to track your identity or location or any search history from browsers and make you secure from irritating ads.

It offers you complete encryption of your online data and traffic. That means your uploaded or downloaded information cannot be tracked by any organization not even by the internet service provider. Make you able to surf different sites anonymously. This is not an ordinary Virtual Private networking but has some classified features.

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Unblock content, and block ads.

This can be used to unblock restricted content or sites on some specific geolocations by providing you with different servers in different countries, choose according to your ease. Also, it is very famous to block all the annoying and frustrating advertisements which disturb you while enjoying your favorite games and series.

Function like bulletproof vehicle

Easy VPN functions just like a bulletproof vehicle, that can allow you to move easily on the busiest roads of a city. Same in the case of networking, VPN allows you to have access to heavy traffic routes by connecting and approaching blocked sites and content.

Steps to setup Easy VPN

Get ready

This VPN service will offer you full privacy and all your data will be secured. Install and enjoy the tensionless experience online

Set location

Want to enjoy blocked sites or content available in other countries. Select proxy location shows other nationalities from the given list of servers.

Go and surf

Enjoy the experience of surfing with no irritating ads and have the smooth experience

No need to follow lengthy installing procedures, simply install and enjoy.

How to start and manage this VPN service?

You should have installed the software on your device first of all. After installing the program, select the server given in the list of servers offered, and choose the country you want to pretend to live in. Then tap Connect, and you will be connected to the service.

If after downloading a program, you will not be able to find it. Then look at the tray. The tray will be shown to you in the bottom corner on the right-hand side. You have to double click that icon of software to reach it.

Sometimes you are connected with a VPN server but it does not work, which means that your free trial or subscription may have expired check for it. Again, do a subscription using your account pay for it to make the service available again.

In case your device is not working or crashed and you have paid an amount for a subscription. Don’t worry! Choose the email that you used for subscription; a link will be sent to you by email click on that. Again, install the program and you will automatically be connected with the same subscription.


Advanced Security

It offers high security, with ease. As its name, Easy VPN indicates it is an easy-to-use VPN service. Allow you to pass through several restricted websites offering you protection from attackers or thefts.

Absolute Privacy

Easy VPN service is providing you the extreme level of privacy that even your ISP cannot have your IP address or any other information about you or your online history.

Trust Worthy

It is a trustworthy technology; it makes you anonymous and prevents you from third-party attacks also it does not keep your record even for itself. You do not need to provide your information to VPN at any stage.

Streaming videos

Easy VPN is a VPN that offers you the opportunity to stream videos and games for free. It offers distinct servers just to provide a streaming function to its users.

24/7 customer support

Customer support is very essential when you are using software or program, whenever you need assistance Easy VPN customer support is available to you. You can ask for help via email or the live chat option and get a reply within minutes.

Access any content

You can access banned or censored content or restricted sites using this VPN service. It offers you protection and anonymity you can use proxy locations to pretend a user from another country where the content is accessible. So, enjoy your favorite sites from anywhere in the world.

Why do you need to use Easy VPN?

  • If a connection you are using is not secure.
  • The IP address of your device is visible to everyone
  • Internet service providers are saving your data.
  • Different websites track your search record.
  • Organizations and marketers record your activities
  • Hackers can attack your system

So, all these issues can be solved by using Easy VPN, which makes sure your online activities are protected and encrypted. It hides the IP address of your device and makes you anonymous while surfing. Browsing of data will not be visible to anyone. You will have easy access to data online along with 100 percent safety and do not need to face annoying ads.

How does Easy VPN work?

By using Easy VPN, it’s just like you have worn a mask or invisible suit, and no one now can locate you or keep your record.

Users do not have to provide their IP address Easy VPN gives its IP address whenever users have to surf on a website, using it.

First of all, the content or website will reach their servers of VPN then it will be delivered to you, quickly and securely. No one can identify from where this data is being reached.

 Where ever you are in the world, you may have access to content that is blocked and restricted for your country and other country fellows.

 As users do not need to use their original IP addresses so hackers or marketers cannot track them by using ads or something else, can never find who you are or where you are from.


How can you uninstall this VPN service?

It can easily be uninstalled just like any other app or program from your device. First of all, choose Start, tap on the control panel and click on the option of Remove programs. Choose Easy VPN if you want to uninstall press uninstall button. A pop-up will appear for confirmation, Confirm and the program is now uninstalled.

Does Easy VPN support multiple devices?

No, in one subscription you can just connect a single device, by using some other software it can also support 5 devices simultaneously.


Easy VPN is one of the best VPN, has unique and distinct features than any other VPN. All the features of Easy VPN have been discussed here. It’s a nice and decent VPN to use for a single user. Offers you 14 days trial and different packages of monthly and yearly subscriptions.

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