What is Emory VPN? Emory VPN Review

What is Emory VPN? Emory VPN Review

Living in this online World where data breaches and systems hacking is becoming ordinary day by day, we all hear NEWS involving these kinds of online thefts daily in almost all parts of the World. 

To make your system hackproof is nearly impossible, so Emory has decided to facilitate the education sector as educational institutes play the role of backbone in the developed human society and economic structuring of the World. 

With the advancement in technologies, physical presence in the classroom is not mandatory in many courses. These technological advancements have facilitated many people around the globe, as they can now attend lectures from the best Universities by just gaining a connection to the internet on their device.

It has been an incredible blessing, but at the same time, there could swear side effects to these advancements as well, due to the unsafe perseverance of the online World as hacking and data breaches are too common these days. 

People who study at Emory University in online mode are provided with access to this Emory VPN. This Virtually Private Network (VPN) provides the solution to all the problems the off-campus students face. Through Emory VPN Access, students get straight accessibility to the internal network established by Emory University. The function of this VPN is to develop remote access between web browsers of a user or standalone clients to Emory University’s Internal Network by encrypting communications between devices.

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This encrypted access could be gained only if you have a dedicated network ID and a password. If you want this access, you must contact the IT Services Desk in the university or at 404-727-7777. 

Note: This access was mandatory, but due to COVID-19, there is relaxation in this requirement for the university users. But for the users related to health care by Emory healthcare network, gaining access to the VPN is standard. 

Emory VPN Client:

Windows and Mac users are advised to download VPN access network, i.e., the latest Standard Client. (Link Inserted)

Access To the VPN: You can access the Emory VPN any time with this web address vpn.emory.edu 

 Facing any issue:  Feel free to Check the Troubleshooting guide for Emory VPN. Or call our IT Services Desk. 

For Emory University students and Staff, the contact number is 404-727-7777.

For Emory Healthcare Employees, the contact number is 404-778-4357.

Connection Instructions:

One must follow some sets of instructions to connect to the Emory Very Personal Network (VPN), which depends on the type of in use.

There are some basic sets of rules which apply to almost all the devices in common. 

Getting Started: For all the devices, there is a process of connecting F5 SSL VPN. You are supposed to provide admin rights of the devices to download certain mandatory aspects of VPN. If you face any issue, don’t hesitate to contact Emory University’s IT Services Desk by just calling 404-727-7777.

There are two basic methods to connect to the VPN, 1. Standalone Clients and 2. Via Browser.

It is commonly seen that people prefer to use the Standalone method the most due to its simplicity. 

Here are some simple steps to follow:

Standalone Method

  1. Visit http://it.emory.edu/vpntools to download Windows/Mac Standard Client, but you would need some Admin Rights for its installation.
  2. Once it is installed, you should run a file named “Big-IP Edge Client” and press the “connect” button on-screen. By doing this, you would be able to find the application on your start menu.
  3. This system is intelligent enough to check firewalls and Antiviruses before leading you to the login page. In case some extensions are missing, you will be provided with a prompted pop-up; from here, you will be able to access your missing files and install the mandatory files.
  4. The next step is to log in with your dedicated ID and password. You might be asked for further authentications depending upon the location you are accessing the Duo app. For additional information, check http://it.emory.edu/duo .
  5. When the app is connected, it will minimize the menu automatically to “F5 ball” in the taskbar.
  6. For ending the VPN session right click on the “F5 ball” and then press on “Terminate Connections.”

Browser Method:

  1. Search https://vpn.emory.edu on any browser you use system will grab some data. The same procedure as the Standalone client method will happen, in which examination of firewall and Antivirus will be done. 
  2. Same as the Standalone method, input your ID and Password. Depending upon your location of connection, some authentication regarding Duo might take place to ensure your safety. 
  3. The system will connect and minimize its IE 11 browser in the taskbar at “F5 Ball” like the standalone client method.
  4. For ending your VPN session, press “terminate connection” located in “F5 ball”.

VPN can be connected to all the devices possible like Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Chromebook, and all the Web Browsers. If anyone still faces any issue in connecting VPN, they are welcome to contact the University Service Desk by calling at 404-727-7777.

Emory VPN User Guidelines:

  1. We discourage users from remaining connected with VPN all the time, and users must only link to the VPN at the time of need. To identify the time of need, one must try to access the required web address before connecting to VPN; if it works fine, they should continue without a VPN; otherwise, you should click it.
  2. When your need for the VPN is fulfilled, disconnect it. This act helps others as free resources of VPN are available for everyone.
  3. We promote Emory-owned and managed devices for this Very Personal Network connection until and unless there is an emergency and there is another option available. 
  4. The user who wants to avail of the elevated VPN access (Admin, HIPAA, DMZ, and other accesses) should contact their local support. Supervisor or Sponsor to submit Catalog Request on their behalf.


In this online World, Emory VPN Access is not a thing less than a blessing. This will ensure the safety and security of the communication by encrypting the data, which is accessible to only ones having dedicated long IDs and passwords. 

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