What Is FlashVPN

What Is FlashVPN

Unfortunately, FlashVPN isn’t among the top Android apps. There aren’t many free Android VPNs that provide good security and performance. This VPN provides little information about its functions and has a number of performance problems. It’s definitely one to pass by.

You may have stumbled across and have decided to get FlashVPN in your quest for smartphone privacy because it is an Android-only Virtual Private Network/Proxy available on Google Play. And it may have been intriguing when you did. It just sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? From the zero-dollar price tag to the simple UI, promises of secure encryption, and consistent unblocking of sites all over the internet, it just sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s have a look at what it has in store.

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Security and privacy

VPNs aren’t VPNs unless they have encryption, DNS leak protection, strong protocols, and a kill switch. Customers who use free VPNs are frequently unable to get any of these benefits. It’s difficult to say what the deal is with FlashVPN because there isn’t a website with fact sheets regarding the encryption it uses or its leak protection procedures, so all we have is the Google Play description.

This promises:

“Secure VPN encryption”

And that’s it.

What we do know is that the VPN app seeks lots of new permissions that a VPN wouldn’t necessarily require, such as caller ID information (potentially a route to capture valuable IMEI codes). Flash also requests access to users’ media libraries, which may include music files, photographs, videos, and other types of media. Why? We don’t know, but it could be for malicious ends.

It’s safe to infer that features like stealth mode and a kill switch aren’t included because they aren’t specified. Furthermore, there is no mention of OpenVPN/IKEv2 or other secure protocols, implying that users may be depending on obsolete formats.

Does FlashVPN keep logs?

Although logging is one of the cardinal sins of VPNs, we can accept a small amount of data collection if it is solely for the purpose of improving the service. Worse, VPNs that provide no information about their data handling practices are even worse. Unfortunately, this is the case with FlashVPN, which does not even claim to have a “zero logging” policy in place.

So, once again, you’ll be flying blind if you download this app. This isn’t a risk worth taking because it’s free and consumers might be “the product.”

Furthermore, the developers, FlashSoftware, provide no information regarding their location, which can be a major issue.

Speed and performance

Despite the lack of information about security and location, this FlashVPN review could give it bonus points for providing a quick and easy-to-use service – if that was the case. The findings of our Android speed test were not particularly encouraging. Despite connecting to a nearby server, our normal connection speed of 20 Mbps dropped to under 10 Mbps, which was not disastrous but far from ideal. So this isn’t a VPN that tries to strike a balance between bad security and lightning-fast bandwidth. On either count, it fails miserably.

FlashVPN Server coverage

FlashVPN hasn’t invested in a large network of servers, which is a shame. Google Play lists servers in three different countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan. Only three countries are offered, which is a tiny fraction of the options available to modern VPNs, and the geographic restriction will leave many users in the cold. FlashVPN may suffice if you need a lightweight mobile VPN for use near these locations, but it isn’t well suited for anyone else.

Ease of use and multiplatform support

Users interested in trying out FlashVPN as their best VPN can do so by downloading the Android-only software.

That is all there is to it. On the plus side, downloading the app is quick and easy, and it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. However, there is no service for Windows or macOS users, as well as iOS and Windows Phone users.

The client is really simple and easy to use. Just open it, close any pop-up adverts that appear (there are a lot of them), and then press the Connect button. In theory, FlashVPN should then connect you to the closest and fastest server available. However, as customer feedback on Google Play shows, many users leave the service due to connectivity issues.

P2P and torrenting.

Torrenting is a niche activity on Android phones, but several video download companies rely on torrent downloads to deliver content. And those platforms (like Kodi) require top-notch security in order to keep users completely anonymous.

If that describes you, stay away from FlashVPN downl.oad In any case, the speeds are too poor for secure torrenting, there’s no kill switch, and the encryption utilized is unknown. Don’t even consider jeopardizing your privacy. There are far better alternatives available.

Online censorship is common in China and elsewhere.

Most cheap VPNs can’t even get over Beijing’s Great Firewall, which blocks access to sensitive web information. FlashVPN is not unusual in that sense.  This isn’t the tool you’re looking for to open up the internet and defeat Internet surveillance. You’ll need heavyweight (usually premium) VPNs like, not lightweight free versions like FlashVPN, to feel really protected against spying technologies like Deep Packet Inspection.

Worse, there’s a significant probability that this VPN is Chinese-owned, which means that anyone using it in China will be in trouble.

FlashVPN Customer support

You’re on your own if you run into issues with FlashVPN. You can leave a negative review on Google Play, but it’s unlikely to help. There are no contact details for the firm behind this mobile VPN, no forum, no live chat, and no way to get direct phone assistance. There isn’t even a frequently asked questions section to provide basic consumer information. That’s totally insufficient for a reputable provider, but not rare in the world of free VPNs.


FlashVPN is, as previously stated, entirely free. To make anonymous payments, you won’t need to mess with Bitcoin or PayPal wallets, and you won’t have to read up on the company’s refund policy. Users can, instead, just download the app and start using it right away. In fact, that is probably the VPN’s most appealing feature.

Bottom line:

FlashVPN is a very simple smartphone privacy program that advertises itself as a “Free VPN Proxy.” It makes the usual boilerplate promises regarding anonymity, unblocking, evading censorship, and encrypting user data. On paper, it appears to be a good game, which may explain why so many Android users have been enticed to try it. However, a closer look reveals that there isn’t much there.

FlashVPN provides so little information about how it works and how it compares to other VPNs that it may not even function as a “VPN” at all.  The word “proxy” in the title is a giveaway, and it’s an indication that if you’re actually concerned about privacy, you should be checking out the top Android VPNs instead.

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