What is Gom VPN? Gom VPN Review

What is Gom VPN? Gom VPN Review

Virtual Private Networks are essential for anyone who is looking to keep their digital information secure. They offer a more private connection when browsing the web or downloading files.  There are many different types of VPNs, but they all have one thing in common. VPN is a new service that claims to be the best VPN on the market. It’s a product of GomTV, a company that has been in business for over ten years.

 Gom VPN, however, marketed as a VPN, is really just an unblocker with some basic security features. It can unblock sites that are geo-restricted or censored. Gom VPN is an American company that has strict data retention policies. It’s possible to use the service for up to thirty days, after which point there will be no more access unless you pay some money.

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Is Gom VPN Secure

Gom’s website states that your connection is encrypted, but it’s unclear what kind of encryption this is. Despite offering users a “synopsis” on their privacy policy where they promise not to collect person-identifying data. The actual one states completely otherwise, with no mention at all about protecting your identity from prying eyes. In short, you shouldn’t trust your security to Gom alone. The website is extremely vague and lacks meaningful information.

Speed And Performance

Speed and performance-wise, Gom doesn’t really stand out as being particularly impressive. Download speeds were reduced by around 50% during our trial run, whereas uploads suffered from even greater reductions of 80%. Our standard speed was the benchmark against which we tested the connection, but watch what happens when we connect to Gom VPN. These speeds are simply not good enough for a “VPN” that does nothing in terms of security either.

How To Download Gom VPN

It is much easy to install. In order to download Gom VPN, you need to follow these steps.

  • Head over and visit their website by clicking here.
  • Once there, click install now, which will take u directly.
  • Click Install Now to reach the web store.
  •   Simply follow instructions that appear

Once you have done it, the VPN will work without any registration. However, if for some reason that doesn’t suit your needs or preferences, then be sure to sign up with either Google Account OR email address. when setting up an account for each time, this amazing service is required in order to get started on its seven day trial period.

Apps And Extension

The Gom Chrome extension is only available to users of Google’s browser, which makes it seem like an unfortunate VPN. If you try using the service, there are many issues with connection and speed that prevent any kind of comfort while browsing online. People are turned off by this fact, and the low-quality feel of using Gom will come through clearly. When you’re looking at all these negative reviews online about how poorly designed their software was or that they don’t work because there were numerous errors while installing them on someone else’s computer.

Gom VPN For Netflix

Gom Vpn can unblock Netflix. When we tried to stream anything on Netflix using Gom, it was no go. This is because their servers only have limited availability in the US, which means that users won’t be able to watch BBC iPlayer or Hulu if they try it out for themselves.

Gom VPN For Torrenting

Gom VPN can be used to torrent using a webtorrent client. However, this would expose you to WebRTC leaks since they work through it as well. In other words, Torrenting with Gom is likely not secure.

Does Gon VPN Work With China

While we can’t claim to know the answer, using a VPN in this country comes with some risks. For that reason, it might be best not to use them while you on-the-go and try out different methods of internet access like WIFI hotspots or public computers (although if you’re desperate, try!) 


The Gom VPN team is quite accessible, and they have been very accommodating when we’ve needed their help. We found that the support staff had a decent knowledge about how things work. But it didn’t go beyond what’s available on this page for customers to learn more without going into too much technical detail.

 For Asking questions is not answerable by simply clicking through Google searches. That is why some users may be frustrated with having those types of queries unanswered right away. Gom’s website was down when we tried to access it. In order to find a way around this problem, I had sent an email to support at GOM company, and they were able to supply all of my questions pretty quickly.


Gom is cheap in isolation, but not when you take into account what else they provide for such an affordable price. You’ll be getting access to their proprietary networking technology that allows them to serve users around the globe without any downtime. The monthly price is 4.99 dollars per month. In the yearly plan, 3.99 dollars per month. It is much cheaper as compared to many other VPN.

Gom offers a “Gold” version which comes with the stipulation of being able to get Private IP addresses and refer other users. For each person you refer, Gom will pay out $2 as well as an additional two for every user they bring into this scheme.

If you are looking for a modern VPN that can protect your privacy, is easy to use, and provides high-speed connections, then GonVPN might be the right choice for you. They have servers in more than fifty countries worldwide.

If you’ve been looking for an affordable VPN service, we recommend checking out GON. They offer a three-day free trial, and they don’t require any personal information to sign up. The company has recently released its new update called “Gon Shield.”It blocks all ads on any browser without slowing down internet connection speeds. They also offer unlimited bandwidth with no traffic restrictions, so it’s perfect even if you live in one of those areas where free wifi is hard to come by.  For more blogs, keep visiting our website.

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