What is Hoxx VPN? Hoxx VPN Review

What is Hoxx VPN? Hoxx VPN Review

Hoxx VPN is a US-based VPN. It fails to deliver on a few levels, the worst of which is privacy. While some other companies offer their products in both free and premium versions, emphasizing one aspect or another (usually speed). Hoxx has no such option; it carries over all its flaws from basic service into what should be essentially an upgraded version–the Premium package. On the upside, it does deliver on speed for HD and Ultra HD but fails to unblock a few primary streaming services. 

Hoxx VPN offers one-click connections with an ad blocker that can be limited when security needs must be met; however, this doesn’t mean you should avoid its features altogether. Although the Hoxx VPN lacks important security features, it does have a kill switch. The encryption and OpenVPN protocol can both be configured to meet industry standards for military-grade protection too.

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Ease Of You

It was much easy to get started with the VPN. All I had to do was find my designated app store and download it onto my device. Once downloaded, it will ask for an authentication code or if there’s already an account in place – but only when using paid subscriptions that can be purchased on their site (or used new accounts). For free users like myself- no worries at all since they don’t require any information other than clicking Create New Account And Accept Terms.

I created an account and was brought to the Free Server interface. There were only four servers available for me in this version. It was disappointed me greatly as there is no way that I would be able to use them all without paying a monthly fee. But luckily, premium mobile subscriptions are sold separately, so if you’re looking into expanding your options beyond just laptop or desktop access, then definitely check those out.

Hoxx VPN Device Compatibility

I downloaded the Hoxx VPN app on my Android phone and was pleased to find that there are plenty of server locations available. The free plan only allows one connection per day, but I could still use it for testing purposes without any problems at all. Hoxx VPN is a powerful, versatile, and fast online privacy tool that provides anonymity to its users. 

The desktop clients are also available for macOS as well as Windows or Linux operating systems. It makes it easy to access from any device of your choice! It’s compatible with Chrome OS, but there’s no news on when the extension will be released yet. So you can use our proxy browser instead if desired- we’ve got plenty in stock at this site alone.

Pricing And Servers

Hoxx VPN is the world’s leading provider for secure and private internet browsing. Our Premium plan provides access to over 100 servers in 50+ locations across 17 countries, with encryption at 4096-bit capacity and no data limits or bandwidth restrictions. You can sign up for a free plan that gives you access to 4 servers in four different locations. 

The basic version is not as secure with 1024-bit encryption, but it does allow 1500 MB of data usage per day without running into quota limits or being blocked from switching between locations. Hoxx VPN is a reliable and secure VPN provider. They accept various payment methods, including major credit cards as well as for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, for those who want to go that route instead.

Hoxx VPN Reliability And Support

The customer service team at Hoxx VPN was able to provide me with more than 17 servers in each country on their premium plan. However, this information is not readily available and instead has a dropdown menu indicating availability only for one server per location, which seems like an oversight as it would create confusion when trying to find out if there were multiple locations or just not all shown. Hoxx doesn’t have a 24/7 live chat support option for the free version, but it does offer premium subscriptions with instant answers.


Security Hoxx VPN is a budget-friendly and reliable service that offers an ad/malware blocker, Shadowsocks protocols for extra security. Hoxx VPN offers a range of plans with varying levels of encryption. The free version only provides 1024-bit security, which is not enough to protect your data from being intercepted while using the service and potentially leaving you vulnerable in case it gets hacked. Hoxx VPN has seen success in the industry thanks to its Shadowsocks proxy.

 A secure Socks 5 that isn’t a protocol, it’s perfect for browser extensions and as an added option on top of your standard VPN service, but Hoxxes uses this powerful feature as their default desktop app or mobile application with great results! Proxies are a common way to get access to blocked websites, but they’re not nearly as strong and don’t work with many programs. The browser extensions use the HTTP tunneling method, which encases your data in an extra layer of protection.

Hoxx VPN Privacy

Hoxx VPN is a shady company, but it has its moments when you least expect them. For example, their privacy policy is as honest and open about the data they collect from customers as any other company I have seen. Hoxx VPN is a leading provider of online privacy and security services. They offer fast, easy-to-use VPNs for both home and business users that are designed to provide the ultimate in secure browsing.


Logs include information about your computer and internet activity, such as browser type; access times for pages viewed on Hoxx VPN; the IP address you were assigned at the time log was collected. This is unique to each person who logs into their account from different devices or locations in order not to be tracked through the correlation between users’ browsing histories.

Hoxx VPN App

The app will monitor your location, analyze how fast you’re going, and add a few filters to make it more interesting. If you grant permission, it can collect device location, speed your phone is traveling, and add filters for any other reason. I’d heard nightmare stories of IP/DNS leaks while connected to Hoxx VPN, but I was happy to find that my experience with the service wasn’t marred by any such problems. A small but welcome relief after discovering their lack of privacy policy and cookie usage in general.

Bottom Line:

Hoxx VPN is not all bad, but I can’t recommend it for security. It logs extensive data, which could put your personally identifiable information up for grabs by third parties if you use the service incorrectly or have any issues with Hoxy in general). Try one of these better-known providers instead. Each has passed rigorous testing to ensure it meets strict requirements around privacy and protection from censorship on sites like Facebook/ Twitter etc. For more blogs, keep visiting our website.

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