What is Larva VPN? Larva VPN Review

What is Larva VPN? Larva VPN Review

If you want to try using a relatively new VPN for internet privacy and accessing blocked content, Larva VPN might just be up your alley. 

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Our Verdict

Released back on 27th July 2021 by Unikel Global Ltd on all major platforms, Larva VPN is the new kid on the block. Not many people know about the VPN. However, things are about to change as people sign up to give a go. The fact that the VPN has emerged as an alternative to Nord VPN and Express VPN shows that it has potential. However, the question is if it is worth your time. After using the VPN, we observed that it is not like other VPNs that we wonder if they would work the next time we use public wifi at the coffee shop. It has not let us down and manages to connect to anywhere we want for the best online browsing experience. But, streaming Netflix US was another thing. 


  • Offers high speed
  • 100% traffic encryption
  • Relatively easy to use, especially for newbies
  • A futuristic app that looks flawless 


  • Speed can be unreliable at times
  • Unable to access Netflix US

Larva VPN is an okay VPN that anyone can use for unblocking content on the internet and safeguarding their online activity. Having an extensive network allows it to provide various features that will keep you hooked. Larva VPN manages to provide decent coverage. It has some great features that ensure that you have the best online experience. We noticed that Larva VPN has a huge online presence on Twitter where it has close to half a million followers. If there is one thing that we found strange about the VPN, it is the fact that it has a website link that took us to a WordPress page considering that the company could have managed to create a simple SSL. But, the application has a futuristic look that impressed us. Moreover, it supports all major protocols including Soft Ether, PPTP, SSTP, IKEv2, Open VPN, and even Wire Guard. The VPN is available for every device. 

VPN Plans and Pricing

Larva VPN is not a free app. In fact, it is quite an expensive option considering that you need to pay $7.99 a month for the monthly plan, $38.99 for the 6 months plan, or $59.99 for 12 months. However, its annual plan is not that costly when compared to other big VPN players such as Surf Shark. To get a hang of the app, the company offers a 3-day free trial which you can subscribe to. It includes unlimited data and every feature that is provided to paid users. Thus, you can take advantage of the VPN if you are looking for a free VPN for a few days. What we loved about the VPN is that they do not require any payment details such as an email address. In fact, you do not even need to sign up. You can pay for the app directly from the App Store or Play Store. There is no alternative payment method that offers more privacy. 

Larva VPN Privacy and Logging

Privacy is something that we take very seriously. It is something that we value the most and audit VPNs based on the privacy they provide. As Larva VPN does not require you to sign up or provide any of your payment details, it is a VPN that does not seem interested in your data. 

Unlike Nord VPN that had audits wherein it revealed consumer data, it is something that you do not have to worry about when you use Larva VPN. Right from the moment you download the VPN, it lets you know that it does not hold any of your personal information. However, we did lots of digging to provide you with a reliable review which led to us finding out that your IP addresses might or might not get stored which might be something to worry about. Larva VPN has updated most of its details on its website to provide sufficient information. It claims to provide Full Data Authenticity and Confidentiality on its website which means that data is only encrypted/decrypted after it is verified that it has come from you.

Larva VPN Performance

We tested Larva VPN for around 2 weeks to provide you with reliable information. We used different options, locations, ad-blockers, and servers to determine performance. After consistent use, we came to realize that the speeds are consistent and quick as long as we chose a location in Europe. When we tried to connect to the servers in West Russia, Singapore, East Coast, and Pakistan, we experienced reasonable results. However, the app stuttered every time we connected outside Europe. Generally, the VPN offers amazing speeds of 60 to 65 Mbps which are quite impressive. Thus, it is safe to say that Larva VPN is a usable app.

Netflix and Streaming

If there is one area where Larva VPN disappointed us to the core, it is Netflix US. Although it claims to unblock Netflix US, we were unable to connect to the platform no matter how many times we tried. It truly shows that the VPN does not have good servers in the US or anywhere outside Europe for that matter. Therefore, Larva VPN simply fails in the Netflix and streaming department which is something that it tries to sell its product on. 


Torrents are a part of the online experience and are just as important as Netflix. Unlike Netflix US which we simply could not access with Larva VPN, torrents are something that the app allows us to utilize. We used P2P-optimized servers to download torrents without any difficulty. Therefore, you should have no trouble using the VPN to download content anonymously on any device and much more. Larva VPN truly delivers when it comes to torrenting. It hides your IP addresses so that you benefit from a secure connection. Thus, you can use Larva VPN for accessing torrents whenever you want. 

Larva VPN Manual Setup

We realized that setting up Larva VPN is very easy as there is not much that you will have to do while using the tool. You can get started immediately with the VPN as it does not require you to provide any of your details. The same goes for your basic details. However, as the plans are paid, you just have to choose the paid plan that you want to subscribe to. But, you do have the option to use the 3-day free plan to make your choice.


Larva VPN has one of the most beautiful apps out there. Users of Android, iOS, Windows, and other devices will find the apps to be beautiful. The iOS app does provide better control over setup. It does have greater complexities that you will not find on the other apps. 

For a sensible default option, you can use Larva VPN. It is easy to use and offers overall control. The app lets you choose a location from the list of locations that you can select to connect to. The Connect button will appear which will show that you are connected and you can tap it to disconnect to the VPN whenever you want.

Moreover, we did encounter server ping or load times. Besides this, you can switch to another server without having to manually disconnect from the server. As you make your way through the tabs, you get to familiarize yourself with everything the app has to offer. Upon testing the apps, we found that both the iOS and Android apps are somewhat similar just like its desktop counterpart. There are specific tabs for the Smart DNS and other VPN options along with a Connect button that features a basic list of locations. 


Again, Larva VPN failed to deliver superior support. Considering the fact that the app does not compromise on price and charges just like any other VPN that provides superior support, we believe that being unable to provide reliable support is something that discourages us from using a VPN. The only support option that is actually available is either the support section on their website, Twitter page, or App Store. Thus, the support provided by the company is not even near to that offered by most VPNs which provide forums, tickets, and live chat support. 

Larva VPN Review: Final Verdict

Larva VPN is definitely not the best VPNs that we have used. But, using the VPN is fine in certain areas as long as you do not want to access Netflix US or encounter any issues. At the end of the day, the app did not do it for us despite its high speed. Even though the speeds for quick in Europe, we are already able to access everything in Europe since it is the freest place. The areas where it shined include consistency in speeds, a comprehensive privacy policy, ease of use, and is downloading of torrents. But, they are not enough to make up for accessing Netflix US and receiving support.  

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