What Is Melon VPN?

What Is Melon VPN?

When looking for the best VPN on the market, there are a few key factors to consider. Aspects like security and compatibility. In addition to overall performance, aspects such as security and compatibility play a huge role in whether a service is worth your money or not. Given the large number of VPNs now available, picking the correct one should not be difficult. We have, however, opted to discuss a lesser-known specialized service. We’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of Melon VPN in this article.

Unless you’re very interested in this topic, you’ve probably never heard of this company. Does this imply that it is untrustworthy? While it is too soon to draw any judgments, we can state that this company’s marketing efforts were lacking.

To conduct this Melon VPN review, we signed up for the service and ran a number of tests to learn more about it. Keep in mind that it is only compatible with Android and iOS devices. If you’re a PC or macOS user, you might want to explore elsewhere.

To find out more about this VPN, read on!

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Is It Paid Or Free VPN?

Melon VPN’s review will begin with a discussion of whether or not it offers a free trial. Many providers are entirely free, yet they almost always sell your information for a profit.

Is the same thing happening with Melon VPN? Yes, it appears. This supplier offers to give unlimited data transfer and access to hundreds of servers for no cost.

Still, given their hazy logging policy, we can confidently state that it isn’t the best offer out there.


It’s hard to discuss a VPN’s overall performance without mentioning it. Any service that hides your original IP address and encrypts communication, as you may be aware, can slow down your internet connection.

The question is whether or not the reduction in speed is acceptable. Not only that, but a service that can’t maintain a steady connection and doesn’t time out every few minutes isn’t reliable.

Let’s have a look at how Melon VPN performed in this regard.


Because their service is absolutely free, we didn’t have high hopes, to begin with. Unfortunately, you can’t expect top-notch service from such a company.

When it came to overall performance, we evaluated four of their servers and found that the results were pretty similar.

We used a download speed of 235 Mbps and an upload speed of 211 Mbps as a benchmark. This is what we found.

We began by connecting to their server in Germany, which was the closest to our primary location in the United Kingdom. The ping increased to 70 ms, and our download and upload speeds also decreased by 75%.

Take into account that our download speed was 235 Mbps and our upload speed was 211 Mbps. As a result, the results of connecting to this server were less than ideal.

The second test we ran was with the US server, and we saw even more dramatic speed differences this time. Our download speed has dropped to 35 Mbps, while our upload speed has dropped to 5 Mbps. In addition, the ping time was 200 ms.

This means that using this provider for HD streaming or torrenting would be impossible.


The second aspect of overall performance that we wanted to examine is connectivity. The outcomes were, as expected, unsatisfactory.

We were unable to use the VPN while connected to servers in the United States and Canada without being disconnected many times.

The biggest issue we faced with the European servers, on the other hand, was that we were repeatedly sent to the nearest random server. In our case, we were redirected to one set in the UK. As a result, we were unable to use locations in France and Germany without interruption.

If you’re an online gamer who relies on a stable connection, this isn’t great. 


Without examining the security aspects, we can’t say whether you should give a VPN a chance or not. The truth is that most users pay for this type of service in order to browse in a secure and anonymous way.

There are a few components that go into good security and privacy policy. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got.

Where Is Melon VPN Based?

The first question involves the location of the firm’s headquarters. Unfortunately, because Melon VPN is based in the United States, we are not off to a good start. The main problem is that the country is a member of the 5/9/14 Eyes alliance, and as a result, the provider is bound by this agreement.

Melon VPN will have to send up your data or private information if any of the relevant authorities ask for it. However, if the supplier is highlighted by a strict no-log policy, this won’t do any harm. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Log Policy

There are a few difficulties with their data storage policy, as we just highlighted. Melon VPN appears to store information about your payment history, downloaded files, and email address.

All of this can be used to make money by selling it to third-party websites that will then bombard you with advertisements.

Melon VPN Protocols

One of the VPN’s major problems is that the encryption does not meet current industry standards. Although 4096-bit RSA encryption worked a few years ago, it is difficult to feel secure nowadays without 256-bit AES encryption.

Furthermore, there is just one protocol available, which is PPTP. It is compatible with older devices but doesn’t support anything other than Android.

Leak Protection

Last but not least, consider whether you’re safe against WebRTC and DNS leaks. Surprisingly, this VPN has a kill switch built-in, which should reduce the possibility of IP leaks.

On the other hand, we conducted a series of experiments and found the danger of malware to be quite high. That is definitely something you should think about.

Melon VPN Countries And Servers

Melon VPN’s server park isn’t all that horrible, as we’ve already noted. It is divided into four continents: Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia.

Our favorite servers are on the East Coast of the United States, in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. This is because it has the ability to unblock a wide range of censored information.

These servers, in actuality, do not provide a stable and fast connection. The total number of sites available is just over 100.

On the other hand, few other VPNs have over 5,500 fast and stable servers. 

Devices And Connections

When it comes to overall value, one of the few key factors to consider is whether or not a VPN may be linked to several devices and you should evaluate if you’re looking to download melon vpn.

Melon VPN Supported Devices

The primary concern we have with this supplier is that it will not satisfy customers of Windows, macOS, Linux, or any other popular operating system.

There is only one pre-installed client, which is for Android and iOS operating system users.

Simultaneous connections

Furthermore, you are only allowed to use one device at a time. When compared to the usual amount of 3-5 for most providers, this is a shockingly low number.

Customer Service

To be honest, we don’t think Melon VPN has a solid case here. We usually try to be objective when reviewing customer service, and it was rather simple to do so here.

They don’t have a live chat option or a knowledgeable base. As a result, your only choice is to send them an email.

While we did receive a response within 24 hours, it was unprofessional and did not help us in our case. 

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