What is MSSM VPN? MSSM VPN Review

What is MSSM VPN? MSSM VPN Review

The value of virtual private networks (VPNs) for businesses and organizations today cannot be overstated. A virtual private network (VPN) creates a secure connection between you and the internet. All of your data traffic is routed over an encrypted virtual tunnel via the VPN. When you access the internet, this masks your IP address, making its location invisible to everyone. External attacks are also protected by a VPN connection. Apart from that, it allows users to unblock geo-restricted content, among other things.

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VPNs are an easy-to-use, fairly cost security feature that gives you a basic level of internet protection if you are concerned about your data privacy. Even the most innocent among us have data secrets online, such as sensitive passwords and financial information. While it may seem stupid to safeguard your data when you aren’t doing anything “illegal” on the internet, even the most innocent among us have data secrets online.

MSSM’s Mount Sinai VPN:

 You’ve probably heard of a lot of VPNs, but today we will tell you everything you need to know about MSSM VPN Mount Sinai.

Who Can Access MSSM VPN:

VPN Mount Sinai is a VPN service provided to faculty and students of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS), previously the Mount Sinai School of Medicine (MSSM).

Pricing & Plans:

Only personnel and students at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine have access to the Mount Sinai VPN. Outsiders or general public cannot access the MSSM VPN Service.

Pros and Cons:

A product’s evaluation can be done better by comparing its pros and cons. While comparing VPN it is important to consider small details that make it a good or bad option. MSSM’s VPN Mount Sinai is no different. We gathered all the information and prepared below analysis for you of its pros and cons.


Let’s jump onto the good side of Mount Sinai VPN first. What makes it a worthy option to choose?

1. Speed:

We’ll start with the most important features that distinguish great VPNs from bad ones. One of them is speed. No one enjoys a sluggish internet connection and Mount Sinai VPN just assures that.

2. Security and Encryption:

Privacy is precious, that’s why you are using a VPN, right. Another feature we admire about Mount Sinai VPN is its ability to provide a secure connection with lowest possible risk. Mount Siani VPN’s encryption techniques are diverse as well, making it a standout VPN service in its own right.

3. Tech Support:

A VPN service’s benefits don’t stop with the features it provides; knowing that any questions you have will be answered is just as vital. Mount Sinai VPN’s support team ensures that and we give them a point for that too. Customer service that is both helpful and readily available is difficult to come by, but it is critical, especially if you are not well-versed in the field.


Every good thing comes with a little bad side too. Here are some of the features of Mount Sinai VPN, we consider as disadvantages or which need improvement:

1. Only accessible for Faculty and Students:

Only personnel and students of Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine have access to the Mount Sinai VPN. The VPN is accessed by the official email credentials.

2. One User at a Time:

One person is allowed to connect the Mount Sinai VPN only, which mean, one device is turned off to make way for another. If you need to connect a phone and a laptop at the same time, or if two persons wish to use the VPN at the same time, Mount Sinai VPN is unable to accommodate you.

3. Lengthy Registration:

The registration process can take a long time if you are not physically there. You will have to call the support team to set it up for you in case you are off site. The more time it takes the more it becomes annoying for the user. One point off for that.

How To Access Mount Sinai VPN?

For accessing Mount Sinai VPN here is a detailed guide on how you can access Mount Sinai VPN:

  1. First you have to download the “VIP Access App”. The VIP Access App is easily available for download. To download and install the app, Android users should search for “VIP access” on Google Playstore. IOS users can download and install the same from the App Store exactly that way.
  2. Afterwards, you have to register your Credential ID. Credential IDs are also known as Tokens. You must be on-site to complete this; otherwise, call 212-241-4357 to have registration done for you in case you are off site.
  3. Sign-in now using your network email and password and fill in other required details (Credential Name, Credential ID and Security Code) in designated fields and click submit button.
  4. Now that you are registered, login using your credentials (Network ID and password).
  5. Open the VIP Access Application on your Mobile Phone and enter the VIP Security Code.
  6. After entering the Security code, click on “Log On” Button which should now take you to a page with your webmail link.


Encryption and identity protection services provided by a VPN are similar to a lock on a door, or a basic security feature that everyone should have. MSSM’s Mount Sinai VPN is for a limited and specific audience which is for Icahn School of Medicine’s 6000 staff, 560+ Masters’ students, 90+ Master’s/PhD Students, and over 270 Ph.D. students. Despite this limitation, Mount Sinai VPN has its perks too and is a secure VPN to hide behind. It has always been an obvious choice for people joint with Icahn School of Medicine.

With that said, MSSM VPN can be overall considered a decent and pocket friendly choice for the people involved with the University itself and can save a lot of bucks on other expensive VPN services available in market today.

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