What is Onion over VPN & What are the Pros and Cons?

What is Onion over VPN & What are the Pros and Cons?

With the increase in digital threats, it has become crucial to make your devices and network fully secure to keep hackers away. Hence, Tor is one of the browsers that allow you to browse online without being tracked and the onion is a site/search engine that only can be accessed using the Tor browser.

In Onion browsing, your JavaScript remains to disable which is responsible for tracking either by the advertisers, hackers, or legal agencies. Now, one thing is clear the Tor browser with the onion search engine is comparatively safer than Google Chrome and other browsers that track users’ activities. Right? But, is it fully secure? OR you need an Onion over VPN for full security? Let’s take a deep dive to understand but first, you have to understand the Tor browser and Onion site.

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What is Tor/Onion?

Tor is the short form of “The Onion Router”. It is a required browser to access the Onion site and further browsing. This browser was created by computer scientists; Roger Dingledine, Nick Mathewson, and five others in 2006.

Tor is mainly used to access the dark web. Anyhow, you should keep in mind that using the Onion browser is not illegal until you do not perform any illegal activity. From the security point of view; Yes, Tor is secure as it does not allow JavaScript by default and your location remains hidden. But, your traffic can still be monitored and tracked so, you can not say that you are fully secure with the Onion browser.

What is Onion Over VPN?

Here we come, the most common question for newbies “What is Onion Over VPN?” I have told above that although Onion is safer but not 100% secure. As the name shows Onion over VPN meaning is to add additional security layers. In this process, the requests will first pass from the VPN and then the Tor browser will send it to the server. With a VPN, your IP will be changed, your location is already hidden by the Onion router and VPN also changed the traffic tracking location by assigning a new IP address to your device.

Is Tor Browsing safe without a VPN?

In simple and easy words, No! Onion browsing is not fully secure without a VPN. Your traffic can be monitored by the Govt. agencies and hackers so, you can be tracked. For a safer and fully secure environment, you need a VPN.

There are several Onion over VPNs that have built-in Onion functions. NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and other well-known VPN providers offer a built-in Tor Over VPN feature. You can activate with just one click. These built-in VPNs are created by keeping in mind the Onion browser and its working method so, you will not feel slow internet speed with these built-in VPNs.

Pros and Cons of Onion Over VPN

By the way, what are the advantages and disadvantages to use Onion over VPN? If there are pros to use a VPN with the Tor browser then surely there will also be disadvantages. Let’s see and decide either Tor over VPN is a good choice or not.


There are several advantages of using Onion over VPN such as:

  • No Tracking by ISP – As you are using a VPN that has assigned a different IP address so, you cannot be tracked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  • Even your VPN Provider cannot see your Browsing – Most of the VPNs clearly say that they have a No-Log policy which means that the traffic only passes from their servers but do not store so, even the VPN providers do not know the activities that you are performing. Anyhow, some VPN like Avast store some data but it is not good for users’ privacy.
  • Access Blocked Sites – With a VPN, you can access blocked sites. You can visit Onion sites and also dark websites.
  • Access Dark Web – You only need a Tor browser to access
  • Tor cannot See your IP – By default Onion browser can see your IP address but, using a VPN means that there is a security & privacy layer between your internet connection and Tor browser so, your IP will be hidden from the browser.
  • Better Security – By hiding your IP, location and adding military-level data encryption, you can feel fully secure while using Onion over VPN


Like the advantages, there are some disadvantages of using Tor over VPN such as:

  • Slow Speed – The very first problem is the internet connection speed. By adding the additional layers by VPN, you can face slow speed. Some VPNs, offer built-in Onion over VPN that can make a speed slightly better but you will surely see a little bit slow speed.
  • Web & Apps can see you are using VPN – Apps and websites can know that you are using a VPN to access your website so, they can also block you from accessing their website.
  • VPN Provider can see your IP and Browser that you are using – As per the VPN providers’ words, they have a no-log policy. But, still, they can see your real IP address and also the activities that you are performing on the Onion browser.

Now, the choice is yours. But, I and many other cybersecurity advisers suggest using a VPN while browsing with Onion.

Best Onion Over VPNs

You have known Onion over VPN meaning and its pros & cons. But, what are the best VPNs for the Tor browser? You can consider following VPNs for onion and dark web browsing.

  • VPN Unlimited
  • ExpressVPN
  • Proton VPN
  • SurfShark VPN

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