What is Owl VPN? Owl VPN Review

What is Owl VPN? Owl VPN Review

Used by tens of thousands of people from across the globe, Owl VPN is a popular option for those looking for internet privacy and an ad-blocker. 

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Our Verdict

With servers hosted in over 40 different countries, VPN Owl is an excellent VPN that you can use to access content and enjoy your privacy online. It offers fast internet connection speed and works all the time. All you have to do to use it open the app. The VPN is not the most affordable option in the market. However, it delivers on all fronts. Hence, it is worth using. 


  • One-tap VPN connection
  • Top-notch security along with military-grade encryption
  • Automatic fastest connection
  • Decent Value
  • Has a free plan that comes with ads


  • Speed can be unreliable at times

VPN Owl is an amazing VPN provider that is used by countless people in different parts of the world. It has an extensive network and provides plenty of features to keep users hooked. VPN Owl provides the best coverage. You will find its features to be useful. Boasting a Smart DNS, you can unblock just about every website on the internet. It provides support for all major protocols such as PPTP, IKEv2, Soft Ether, SSTP, Open VPN, and Wire Guard. Besides this, you will be glad to know that there is a VPN Owl for just about every device including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. 

VPN Plans and Pricing

VPN Owl can be used for free if you do not mind watching ads. It also has a monthly plan that costs $9.50 a month. However, you should opt for the yearly plan as it costs $83.99 a year or $6.99 a month. There is also a 6-month plan that costs $44.99 or $8.50 a month. To take advantage of everything that VPN Owl has to offer, it is important that you subscribe to its paid plan. The current plans are available for a fair price. However, there are better deals in the market. But, you can easily sign up to the plan and pay with Bitcoin, PayPal, credit cards, and more. 

Owl VPN Privacy and Logging

When it comes to logging, VPN Owl has a clear and transparent policy. You can rest assured knowing that none of your data relating to online activity would get stored. The company claims that it does not record, monitor, or store any of your information. Furthermore, VPN Owl guarantees that information that has been obtained does not pass on to any third party. Similar, none of your IP addresses, traffic logs, session duration information, used bandwidth, and connection timestamps would be stored. Hence, you do not have to stress about anyone keeping track of you. Besides, VPN Owl has not put itself under any type of privacy audit unlike other VPN services like Tunnel Bear, Nord VPN, and Express VPN. 


Upon testing of VPN Owl, we came to know that it does an incredible job at unblocking sites. Whether you are interested in accessing US Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, or BBC iPlayer, it has got you covered. Moreover, you also have the option to use its Smart DNS to unblock websites and platforms. We used the VPN to stream Disney+ and Amazon which not many VPN services are able to provide access to. Our performance tests also found VPN Owl to be an excellent choice as it offered speeds of 66 to 68 Mbps and more. It is pertinent to mention that we did experience inconsistent speeds when connecting to different locations. Hence, we it is clear that VPN Owl is very much usable as we did not encounter any issues when browsing the internet. 

Owl VPN Netflix and Streaming

If there is one area where VPN Owl performs rather well, it is Netflix and streaming. While streaming shows, we had an excellent time as there were no issues with the connection. Therefore, we would definitely recommend the VPN if you want to watch Netflix and stream shows. VPN Owl does a great job at unblocking Netflix so that you get to watch quality entertainment without any disturbance. 


Torrents are vital when on the lookout for a VPN. With VPN Owl, you get to use P2P optimized servers for easily downloading torrents. You can use the VPN to download content anonymously and much more. It is possibly the best VPN out there for torrents. It will make sure that your IP addresses are hidden as long as you are connected. Now, you can use VPN Owl to access torrents as much as you want. It offers outstanding performance at all times. 

Owl VPN Manual Setup

Setting up VPN Owl is very easy. You do not need to do much when you use the tool. To get started, you only have to create an account to start using the VPN. It requires you to provide your basic details. Then, you can proceed with selecting a plan that allows you to browse the internet. However, you always have the option to use the free plan as long as you do not mind ads popping up every now and then. For the paid plan, you will need to provide additional information. Then, you can start using the VPN and get comfortable with it.


VPN Owl is the ultimate option for users of Android, iOS, Windows, and other devices. The Windows provides greater control over setup. It introduces you to the complexities that you would otherwise not find elsewhere. If you are looking for a sensible default option, you should opt for VPN Owl. It is easy to use and offers great control. The app will open to a familiar list of locations which you can instantly connect to. It has a Connect button that you have to press to connect to the VPN. 

The app sorts the locations list based on speed. However, you should not expect to come across server ping or load times. Moreover, there is no Favorites system nor any Recently Accessed list for helping you reconnect. But, you can easily switch to another server without having to manually disconnect the server. This is something that you cannot expect from other VPN services. As you make your way through the tabs, you will like the interesting touches. 

As you enable Smart DNS, you will get to access more websites and platforms. There is even an App Killer as well as system-wide kill switch to close specific apps in the VPN stops for some reason. Furthermore, we also appreciated the fact that there is built-in DNS leak protection. 

The VPN offers support for all major protocols like Open VPN, SSTP, IKEv2, L2TP, and PPTP which we found to be rather impressive. As we continued to test the app by closing it manually, we did not encounter any problem. Even if there was a drop, the client simply proceeded to reconnect and allowed us to browse the internet without any issues. 

Both the iOS and Android apps quite similar to the desktop version. They feature separate tabs for Smart DNS and VPN options, along with a Connect button and a basic list of locations. Whether you start your experience with their Android app or iOS app, you will find the other app to be similar and can immediately get back on track. But, we did notice that there were some missing settings in apps. The app had an overhaul recently and it has managed to simplify the user experience to ensure that users have an easy time navigating the app. As there are no automatic connection or split tunneling, accessing insecure networks is not as straightforward as we would have preferred. Overall, we did like the apps. But, they do not seem to be as polished or powerful as their counterparts. 

Owl VPN Support

VPN Owl offers extensive support to its valuable clients. It has a technical support team that tries to resolve any issues that you might encounter along the way in the shortest amount of time. When it comes to support, the VPN does not compromise on quality and timeliness. This is something that many VPNs fail to provide. Thus, you would not need to wait for a long time to get your query answered or problem resolved. The technical support team is always ready to address all your concerns. 

VPN Owl Review: Final Verdict

VPN Owl is one of the best VPNs that we have used. Although we did find it to be pricier than its counterparts, the app does an incredible job at providing everything that one could possibly need from a VPN. It manages to deliver consistent speed, has a complete privacy policy, is easy to use, can be used for streaming Netflix and torrents, and has a great support team. Therefore, you should definitely use the app for free to understand everything it has to offer. At the end of the day, you have to use a VPN yourself to decide if it suits your requirements or not. But, overall we do think that VPN Owl is worth using. 

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