What is Potato VPN? Potato VPN Review

What is Potato VPN? Potato VPN Review

A VPN is a great way for you to be able to browse the internet securely. With just a few clicks, your IP address will be hidden, and anyone else can’t see any data you send or receive. Potato VPN is a freemium product launched by the Singaporean-based company Fast Potato PTE. LTD. It means you can use it for free. The Google Play Store lists over 1 million installations by satisfied customers that average four stars out of 18k reviews.

 Each one gives this VPN high marks in both performances and customer satisfaction levels making it seem like good value. Potato VPN is a popular VPN, providing internet access to anyone on any device. They are committed to your personal information and do not keep any data on you past 48 hours. They specifically state that they don’t store it for longer than necessary.

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How Much Is Potato VPN

Potato VPN is a free service as long as you don’t pay for a premium. They offer two plans, and the monthly charge stands at $11.99 unless your purchase runs longer than one month. A yearly plan costs about six dollars per month. The app has plenty in store with unlimited bandwidth and 23 countries accessible through streaming access alone. As soon as the trial ends, it will automatically charge you $71.99 for a full year of service. They only accept PayPal and Google Pay at this time. It means there are no refunds if you are not satisfied with their product.


One of the differences between Android and Windows clients is that you can’t use a VPN without signing in. Of course, with Google Play Store, there’s no need for an account as it offers PayPal or Apple Pay options instead. With the ability to customize your own protocol and server. It’s no wonder Potato VPN is one of our favorite providers, with options for both UDP & TCP (OpenVPN), TLS, FTP, STP, and  TCP+. It has much more to do with HTTP/HTTP+ connections because it allows the user to paste the link of a site they want to visit without a VPN.

Premium users get to choose between a variety of US servers, as well as 22 other countries. They also provide streaming options for those who don’t want constant updates on their location in order not to break the bank with data usage. It also provides you with options such as selecting the domain for an improved connection but also adds more security features than other similar products on the market.

Is Potato VPN Fast

For this test, we used a paid version of their service. First, the performance without VPN was at 459Mbps in New York City. When connecting to NYC servers, it shows an encrypted speed of 201 Mbps which lines up more well-known providers. Here are some other speed tests.

  • San Francisco has one of the fastest internet connections in America, with an average speed of 460 Mbps. With a VPN, this number drops to 79Mbps, which is still pretty good.
  • London’s internet is fast and reliable, With an average connection speed 461Mbps without a VPN. With a VPN, this number drops to 86Mbps.
  • In Amsterdam, the average connection speed 451Mbps without a VPN. With a VPN, this number drops to101 Mbps.

You can see that Potato VPN has a decent speed for the premium version. We tried using their mobile app and found that if you select one of the fastest servers, then your unencrypted connection will be around an average of 94 Mbps.

Does Potato VPN Leak

Your browsing can be tracked, which is why it’s important to protect yourself online. Leaking your DNS information means the VPN service will not work as promised and may even hurt your performance in some cases. Leaking your DNS information is a big no-no when it comes to protecting yourself online. Potato VPN does not leak and will provide all the protection necessary for one’s privacy needs. 

If you’re looking for the best VPN service to keep your browsing safe and private, then it’s important that a provider doesn’t log traffic or store logs of their users’ activities on-site. We used a server in New York City for our tests. The geo-location shows us as being located there, and we actually were able to access test content without any problems whatsoever.

How Well Potato VPN Unblock Streaming Service

The free version is only used for testing, as it does not provide good results. Their premium account with the “Streaming” option, however, shows they have thought about these matters thoroughly. It offers different servers that range from Netflix US to UK locations – all of which worked well in our tests. Next, we tested the BBC iPlayer server. Not all VPN services work for this one, but they specifically set up servers to enable access.

 VPNs are great, but they don’t always work. We tested potato VPN and found it works well in letting us access US exclusive shows. Potato VPN does help you unblock streaming services. For example Hulu Plus in addition to other popular websites that may have been blocked by your government or company for whatever reason.

Customer Service

Potato VPN is one of the few providers that does not offer customer service. They only have an email address for support, and it can take up to two weeks before getting a response. It means if you need help right away, all hope might be lost in this situation. We would like to see them add more social media channels or even provide live chats on their website. They should really consider adding these channels to help users who may have questions or issues with their product quickly.

We hope you have found this blog on the benefits of VPNs to be informative and that it has given you a better understanding of how they work. Potato VPN is an excellent choice if you want to get around geo-blocks without sacrificing too much speed. Unfortunately, it does have some drawbacks, including high monthly costs and slow premium servers.

 It leaves us with mixed feelings about recommending the service outright. It also performed over other services for unblocking popular streaming sites like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video without leaking our DNS information. For more blogs, keep visiting our website.

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