What is Purdue VPN? Purdue VPN Review

VPN or virtual private networking, a procedure through which users can have access to internal network resources of some organization by using an internet connection ensuring security. VPN offers access to the users, which is not the part of the organization to connect it, even they are outside. This purpose can be achieved by encrypting your data, passing it through a tunnel, and transferring data in the form of packets securely using VPN services.

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What is the purpose of this VPN, why do we have to use it?

By using Purdue VPN, you can have access to the resources of networks that are just available for the users on campus, and no need to leave your comfort zone. Users can easily use it to print something from campus printers by just saving it into drive. And can take when you reach campus.  You can approach course content from home which is not possible without using a VPN. Not only from home, but you can also access to university’s network from anywhere anytime.

How to connect to a VPN service?

You just have access by administrators on your device then you may connect easily. If your device is administered by IT staff or your department, then you have to take permission for having a client for VPN on your device. After maintaining it, move to the site of community Hub and download software on your device after that follow the simple procedure to install this on your device. Under the option of antivirus and software of security, you will see the software of AnyConnect cisco. After completion of installing process user will be asked to enter the name of the server of the VPN. And if you have a profile that is customized then you may use the site of webvpn2.purdue.edu. A user with this profile can easily be configured by the IT staff of your department. Its log-in box will be slightly different from other dialog boxes. Use your identity or user name and then it will ask for a password.

How does Purdue’s VPN work?

VPN services protect your activities by giving a route to your data using several servers and you may select one of them. Your data will be encrypted, which means that your data will be coded to a specific language that can’t be decoded by unauthorized users and sources, and cannot be translated. It uses the process of tunneling, which converts data into another format. This will pack your sending and receiving data when you are using VPN.

When your data travel from your device to any of the servers on the internet, VPN will make a path for data. While using VPN service, data will reach the private server at first, and then move forward and packed and coded. After that, it goes towards its final destination after passing through the server. It will protect your data from hacking and can’t be decoded by anyone. 

Features of Purdue’s VPN 

Ensure users’ security

The basic feature that is very beneficial while using a VPN with Purdue is the option of added security. Suppose you are at a coffee shop or any other public place and you immediately need to connect to the WiFi, the shop is having free WiFi and you connect to it, it may steal important information regarding your campus or department, etc. But if you are using a VPN then your data will be secured and encrypted and offers you anonymity by providing private servers. Even though you accidentally connect to the networks or connections running by cyber attackers. Your data or information will not be accessible even not be seen by them. All you have to do is make the connection to the VPN service after that you may log in to any server that may be insecure or not. All we ensure you that your data will remain safe.

Permits its users to unblock sites

Some sites or content is restricted or blocked in a specific region or country. Sometimes universities or an organization block some websites during working hours. Or some content is just for the campus students and faculty and campus students may not access it. To access all these data or sites you should have a VPN. Using Purdue VPN can connect you to these sites by pretending the user is being allowed to access some specific information. Sometimes data is not restricted or censored in a country but its government does not allow their data to reach other countries because of security issues. This may be an issue if a user is not in-country and want to do assignments or work from outside.

The solution is quite simple you just have to connect to Purdue’s VPN quickly to have access from foreign countries. You can easily browse from home even if you are not at home or in your country still you can access the content. Make sure that you have activated and signed up before leaving for abroad.

A powerful way of security provides peace of mind

Using Purdue’s VPN will offer you high-level security when you are online and doing activities via the internet and always protect your information. Not all VPNs are equal in security but you have to select best to make sure your security. To choose the best VPN with Purdue you should have to consider all the features that a VPN is offering. The first thing you have to consider is the best security feature. So, the VPNs that have military graded encryptions and have protocols such as IKEv2 and L2TP etc.

Protect your device data

Many VPNs are emerging in the market nowadays but not every VPN matches the requirements. As we are using our mobile phones and laptops for online shopping, sending emails, and even doing business by using campus connections. And if we use a VPN, it will be difficult rather impossible for hackers or attackers to find your data.

Generally, the VPNs function for android, apple, or windows is similar. But VPN services on iOS or macOS need better protocols to work better and a nice experience of security.


Purdue’s VPN can be used to have access to network resources of a university, off-campus. You should have to take permission from your respective department to connect through a VPN. In this article, we share a method to connect to this VPN and also the features that a VPN should have to use for the Purdue network. 

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