What is Risenup VPN? Risenup VPN Review

What is Risenup VPN? Risenup VPN Review

Want to evade censorship, the anonymity of your location, or end-to-end encryption for your online data traffic? Risen up is to solve all these problems. For making it possible, all you need to do is that transfer all your data traffic to Risenup via a connection that is encrypted. Then it will move from the internet of common users. It provides you security as some other VPNs can save your data by the policy of login. As it follows no-log policy so your personal information will be protected.

The client of Risenup is known as Risenup VPN. This is extraordinarily easy, as no lengthy procedures are required, all you have to do is to install this, and simply use this.

When we talk about Risenup, we believe that it’s essential for every user to use this VPN to encrypt the traffic of their internet. As sometimes internet service is broken by some corporations, governments, or even internet service providers.

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Advantages of Risenup VPN

Give protection against surveillance of Internet service providers.

This VPN can remove or hide your identity while using the internet, so that your IP address, may not be recognized by your internet service provider. Even they can’t maintain your data history on the webs, neither the government nor the marketers can use this.

Give protection against surveillance of corporates 

Sometimes some marketers or commercial webs keep tracking the behavior of your web browser so that know about your interests, by using different advertisements via a network. They are also making a record of your online behavior. This VPN is to use block and restrict these types of companies to do so. But this VPN does not block some companies like Facebook. 

Unlock censorship of the government

This VPN can easily breach all the restrictions and censorships imposed by the government on specific content in a specific region. Using this you can have easy access to that content through the internet. But much careful track of your data can show that VPN is being used, which sometimes is not legal in your region.

 Be on Internet  

Instead of using a single IP address with different devices, by using Risenup every device permits to own different and unique internet public addresses, although it is beyond a firewall. It will make your device more efficient.

Peer-to-peer networking

It uses peer-to-peer technology, which is essential, and uses distributions like backups that are secure, gives guaranteed access to public information, and offers live chat information. It is also affordable in delivering content. Some internet service providers are hiding behind peer-to-peer internet traffic. In some institutes, only peer-to-peer can cut off your connection. This VPN enables users to bypass all the restrictions as provides individuals IPs to make service better.

Access the internet regardless of your location.

This VPM permits you to select a country of your own choice, where specific content is available, and pretend to this site that, you live in the country in which VPN servers are working. By doing this, you will be allowed to have access to restricted content. 

Break free firewall of corporates

If you are in a university or at the workplace and have free time, want to surf websites, but the firewall of corporate does not allow you to use the internet for different websites, as risenup is also banned on many corporations to use or surf, so use Risenup VPN to unblock and bypass the restrictions and you may have access to the entire internet.

Protected Wifi connection

Whenever a user uses a public connection for WiFi, it is not secure anyone can access your data or spy on your online traffic, so risenup VPN will protect you from all these hacks.

Disadvantages of Risenup VPN.    

There are some limitations we may have to face while using this VPN service. These limitations are common as the other competitive VPNs have

Insecure connections

If you are using this VPN with an insecure connection, although it has provided anonymity and your original location is hidden, and protects you from identification through any internet service provider. First, if your data is securely passed through a VPN it will move towards the internet as in many cases it would.

Risenup is not ideal

We may say that even no VPN is ideal, as it fixes a lot but the matter of fact is, it cannot fix everything. Like it does not promise to protect if your device already has viruses or malware. Along with this, if you give your information at any platform then there are few chances that VPN can maintain the anonymity of your device with that specific site.

Speed issues

As this issue is with all the VPN services that this may decrease speed and can slow your connection because all the network traffic will be encrypted to this VPN before going to the internet. It follows a specific route, this additional move can lower the speed, to minimize this effect a better VPN will be needed.

 VPNs are difficult to manage.

No doubt it offers you security and anonymity and is easy to use but sometimes it adds complexity to your network’s setups.   

Some special features that risenup VPN has

Risenup is distinct from different VPN services in some following ways.

  • Follows No log policy
  • Block advertisements and marketers that want to track you
  • Provides different IP addresses each time you connect.
  • It is a donation-based service, paid for by some volunteers.
  • Easy to manage and use, Users, can use special secrets for VPNs instead of passwords. 
  • It enables users to bypass all the firewalls by an organization or institute.


Risenup VPN is good to use simple VPN used on risenup.net. It makes you able to bypass all the restrictions offered by the government or state, your institute or corporation, etc. It is free to use VPN service and offers you the features like best VPNs. Make all your surfing and online activities anonymous so that you may not have to face any kind of difficulty. You may approach censored and restricted content by pretending a user from another country where there is no such restriction. Decent service at no cost recommended using by a single user.

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