What is Rus VPN? Rus VPN Review

What is Rus VPN? Rus VPN Review

Rus VPN is to have access to blocked websites, free of cost. Also, the fastest and protected way to provide you unlimited proxy services. Offers many servers, has a high-level encrypted system. You can have access to blocked sites anonymously. All these factors make this VPN out of class. It promises to offer you the complete prevention of your information. 

By using the Rus VPN, you may have easy access and can hide your actual IP address and complete access to all the sites that are restricted in your country.

If you are a premium subscriber you, can it on different devices and operating systems like, iOS, PC, Androids, MacOS also different routers, etc. You can use different protocols and Open technologies to access sites, in fifty different countries all over the world.

VPN free extension for different browsers of RUS VPN also has a unique and different interface that offers you different features.

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Complete access to different websites

Sometimes some resources are blocked in a specific area or region, like some social networks or different cinemas are blocked locally, and just a click far away. As it offers different servers’ options, you can select one of your choices with VPN and unblock resources of information that are avoided or censored in a specific region.

Access to specific content

RUSVPN offers you to use a proxy to pretend your location of different countries, such as the United States, United Kingdom, and France, etc. You can choose a VPN service according to your need and dough the system.


RUS VPN can offer 300 plus servers in about 37 different countries. As this VPN is not too old, so provides a good quantity of servers. Most of the servers are located in different countries that are advanced in technology and are highly populated, like US and UK.  VPN to use at home or for a single user is the best choice.

Save money by bypass

If you alter the IP address of your device while using a VPN, you can save the money that you have to spend on streaming, taking cars on rent in games, paying for some premium versions of software, and some paid manipulations that are online.

Free to use

Users do not have to pay a single penny to use this, RUS VPN provides and offers services that are completely free and also protected and secured. And you can reach the internet and websites for free.



While you are using RUS VPN it will decrease the speed of your network. As data you are approaching does not reach through ordinary servers it uses encrypted servers through different countries and then reaches you. This takes more time and also increases the time of downloading content from different websites to browsers of your devices. The speed of the internet that is being decreased depends upon your VPN completely.


Along with all these facts, the servers of this VPN do not have many servers for different client’s distribution, and can’t manage online traffic smoothly. The main issue that a user may face is an unstable network when using it in an enterprise or an organization. If you are a user that wants to use it for an organization or a company then 300 plus servers are not enough. For a large number of users that are working in a group, they need to switch continuously between servers in different countries. For these purposes on higher levels, you should have a VPN with a large number of servers.

Customer’s support.

RUS VPN does not provide a satisfactory experience of customer support to its customers. The system of support via email is very slow, you have to fill a form first and after that, the response is much slower than you may get a reply in 24 hours. But the positive side is you will get detailed instructions and answer by this method.

It also offers 2 contact numbers to call for queries. But this method is just suitable for the UK, the users that are not in this region and live far away and have to make calls from long-distance, then they have to spend on it a lot.


Is RusVPN free?

RUS VPN is a free-to-use VPN that is supported by all devices and operating systems. All you have to do is just download, install set it and enjoy the free services provides by this. It provides secure and easy-to-use network service options and surfing on your device and browsers. Offers you good quality encrypted connection and much more without spending a penny on it.

Why should we select RUS VPN?

This VPN is free of cost VPN and provides unlimited access to different sites and the option of streaming through VPN from anywhere in the world. It gives its users a safe and best experience of free streaming while playing games that are restricted or banned in s specific region. It ensures that all your activities will be secured and anonymous. Use different unique technology methods and reliable sources to make your data encrypted.

Is RusVPN secure to use?

RUS VPN offers you anonymity while using restricted content and is safe to use. It provides you the encryption of 256 bits and is completely secure to offer you privacy online. This is considered military-graded encryption and impossible to decode.


This VPN is nice for a single user, or a user does not require a large number of servers. It provides all the basic needs of a VPN and is good to use along with nice server speeds. It also has some advantages along with some defaults. 

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