What is Shrew SOFT VPN? Shrew SOFT VPN Review

What is Shrew SOFT VPN? Shrew SOFT VPN Review

This is a reliable VPN that uses the protocols of IPsec specially manufactured for the users of Windows and Linux. It offers protected access to organizations by connecting through VPNs. It keeps secure data of users, apps, and the whole network from attacks or threats. It offers efficient connectivity and does not have complicated connections for users.

Shrew soft VPN is designed to connect to the servers you already have and does not depend upon the vendors. This VPN can deliver your data according to your choice, no matter the vendor is Cisco, Juniper, or even Linksys. It can combine a single user client for VPN from different networks, for different organizations. The operating system will never affect the working of this VPN.

This is a real picture of best and easy-to-use and installs VPNs, and tell us how to set up servers of VPN. This VPN offers a large number of users in an organization when selecting a solution for you, it will be proved best because of its access too remote VPN and can fast your unstable connections.

It is designed to protect knowledge and data sharing between the system of mobile host and gateways of Open VPNs. Then the users will have access to Open Swan, tolls for IPsec, etc. This VPN is provided by all the best and paid features of a network. Like it is completely compatible with all those servers that are connected by vendors like, Juniper, Fortinet, Checkpoint, Juniper, Zywall, and much more. The advanced features that this VPN service is handling with proficiency. These features may have Pre fragmentation of packets, split tunneling, Dead detection of VPN, Split tunneling, etc.

Besides this, These VPN servers along with different supporting servers, make them compatible with organizations and companies. It comes in 2 distinct modules, which can enable the user to search for the best match. The standard module will offer you different robust features, through which you can easily connect to a large range of organizational and commercial use, by the opensource gateway. This version for free does not have a limit and be available for professionals and commercial users. You will not have to lag screen and software. If a user can have access to LAN and it offers some additional features of desire.

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Is Shrew Soft VPN free of cost?

For individual and organization use, it’s free. But sometimes we may observe that professional versions are offering more features that will be helpful to connect to a local area network. By default, the test period is of 14 days.


  • Some rights are given to some specific users, like employees, partners, or different contractors, it will offer safe communication and accessibility for this. 
  • Increase efficiency by expanding the network and several apps.
  • Offers nice features that are flexible, that will reduce the budget by doing so.
  • Along with your real IP address, your geolocation will also be hidden and will not be shared with any third party.
  • Secure your data for networking and resources.
  • Without any complications or extra components, VPN has allowed newcomers to be added then.


How to install Shrew Soft VPN

  1. This VPN can be installed on devices that have windows, and Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.
  2. The process of installation is comprised of two parts. On your current device first of all have to install software for the client and the other one is to import user ended profile.
  3. Before starting the process of installation, keep checking that all the components are completed.
  4. Installation file for this VPN
  5. End-user profile of this VPN.
  6. If you want to make an end-user profile, we will give you instructions, no matter how much will be time. Like mobile VPN with the protocols of IPsec file, we want to have.

Process of installation

  1. A file will be installed after all the above procedures, Copy the file of this VPN to install on the current computer.
  2. Open the file that has an extension of the .exe file
  3. A wizard of VPN client setup will be shown on the screen
  4. Choose the edition you want to install
  5. It does not need any license for using this.
  6. After the 14 days trial period, it will support all features except premium ones.
  7. Choose the folder where you want to have it
  8. Finish the Setup of Wizard.
  9. This VPN client and VPN administrators are guides to install in the selected folder.
  10. The Shrew Soft VPN client software and Shrew Soft VPN Client Administrators Guide are installed in the destination folder you selected.

Import the End-User Profile

  1. On the currently used device, copy the extension. vpn then files will be observed.
  2. You may have a start menu on your device.
  3. You can start Shrew Soft VPNs manager of success.
  4. Access manager will be prompted.
  5. Then, select the option of File then tap on import.
  6. Select file, that was copied in previous steps
  7. Tap on Open
  8. Your shrew Soft VPN has been set on your device. 


It is a quite reliable VPN app or software that works with the protocols of IPsec VPNs. Specifically for some operating systems. It provides its users influential connections, without any difficulty. All the possible pros and cons are discussed here along with the method of installation on your device.

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