What Is Speed VPN? Speed VPN Review

What Is Speed VPN? Speed VPN Review

Speed VPN, the free mobile VPN app that has been downloaded more than 10 million times. This isn’t a very big surprise to those who know how popular smartphones and tablets have become over recent years. They continue their steady rise in usage throughout different parts of our lives, from work productivity apps to social media websites. Speed VPN is designed specifically for Android users’ minds. The design focuses entirely on ease-of-access via these devices, which make up almost every single one out there today.

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About The Company

Gospeedsoft is an online privacy company, and Speed VPN was created in 2014. It’s difficult to find any information about them because they’re not transparent with their customers’ data. But don’t worry. Switzerland has some great privacy laws that will keep you safe from prying eyes on both private browsing sessions AND location-based tracking techniques like cookies.

Speed VPN Pricing

There’s no risk of infection or data theft with Speed VPN, as we mentioned earlier. This is because the service does not require any payment information. So if you want to upgrade your account features, there isn’t even an additional charge. Most free VPNs will sell their users’ bandwidth- which can put people at risk for online fraud. Sometimes they don’t know who else has access (potentially) insecure connections like those found on compromised WiFi networks. For just $3.33 per month, you can enjoy this VPN.


Speed VPN has a simple and straightforward interface. This means that there are not many features or ways to change settings. But once you download it through our extensive permissions list (which can take some time), then your device will ask if you want battery optimization disabled before continuing on.

Not all VPNs offer access to the same servers of Speed VPN. For example only gives you four countries- Germany, United States, England, and France. It has no special features other than a decent speed of the connection.

Speed VPN Performance

You’d be surprised how many people don’t know that their internet provider slows down their connection speed. With a free VPN, you can expect slower than normal speeds, which is why it’s important to always use one when streaming movies or playing video games online. Speed test showed us an average 45Mbps with American servers but using Speed VPN only managed 36 Mbps – over 21%. It shows just how much slowing down happens even without any other factors involved like distance from server affecting bandwidth level VPN 


 VPNs are a perfect way to protect yourself from online tracks. However, it can be difficult if you have never used one before and need help getting the hang of things because there aren’t many options available in your region or country that work well. There are few important basic steps to follow for connection.

  • Speed VPN is available for download in Google Play. Google’s Play Store offers a variety of apps to choose from, but if you’re looking for an easy way into speedier internet, then Speed VPN can help.
  • “Allow” the VPN connection to open.
  • When the barrel is loaded, click on “Continue” to continue.
  • The client can choose from a number of server locations. From there, they’ll find the Server Locations section and click on one to open it up in more detail – just like we showed earlier with an app or two.

Benefits Of Using VPN

Nowadays, quite a bit of internet traffic comes from mobile usage. When browsing on WiFi, and need to load up your data bill for all those hours spent watching YouTube videos or checking email. No wonder more people are turning their phones into hotspots. So they can access the world wide web while away. However, this convenience also leaves us vulnerable in some ways though. Speed VPN can provide you with all these benefits.

Geo-blocks are becoming increasingly common as content creators, media companies, and governments work together to restrict access. If you want around these geo-restrictions, simply connect with a VPN. It will make the organization believe that your location is different than what’s really true for your device. 

Does Speed VPN Leak

The most serious problem that many of the free VPN services have is DNS leaks. If your service is leaking, that represents an immediate critical security flaw. Because you would usually use a VPN to protect yourself from prying eyes and ears that might monitor this connection- leaks can reveal one’s IP address. We’ll use do leak to test SpeedVPN for these vulnerabilities, which shows us different issues with our speed tests; among them are those caused by leaky servers or internet traffic snooping.

A few types of leaks can be resolved on the browser side (as with WebRTC), while others show up in Speed VPN. As you see below, there is some leaking going on, and this defeats the purpose of using VPNs because it doesn’t protect your data 100%.

Should I Use Speed VPN

If you want to get around geo-restrictions, Speed VPN is the right service for you. It also allows only one connection. So if your computer or phone has multiple devices and an internal network with similar rules against P2P traffic, this isn’t going to help either way. 

The Speed VPN is a popular choice for downloading torrents, but it doesn’t allow users who want the protection of their privacy. Leaks have been reported in the past where users’ information may become compromised. Because speed VPNs slow down download speeds on all connected gadgets to give anyone an edge when downloading files or streaming movies etc.

Bottom Line

The use of a Perfect VPN is one way to ensure your data and information are kept safe. However, not all VPNs are created equal speed VPN is a fast and reliable service that can unblock geo-restricted content. It also comes with many ads, can’t be changed at encryption level or specific servers location. But there are only 10 million users so far, which we feel makes up for since they won’t have any kind of problem finding someone else who needs such an app.

However, because this free version lacks certain features like choosing your own country, you might find yourself having problems when trying to watch something without being able to due to DNS leaks at times. For more related blogs and articles, keep visiting our website.      

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