What Is Surf VPN?

What Is Surf VPN?

The protection they provide is great but it comes at a cost, some VPNs like Surf VPN are highly expensive while some of them does not have a great service.

Surf VPN is a mid-range VPN with great speed, privacy and customer support. It offers many unique features with greatly designed app and exceptional customer support. Surf VPN has established itself as a serious competitor against the big names like Express VPN, Nord VPN etc. The VPN has reached here because of their competitive speed and astonishing security features.

Surf VPN is operating at more than 108 locations in 65 countries. It offers unlimited simultaneous connection with a kill switch. The price of the VPN is immensely affordable. It only costs 12.95$ per month and you will only pay 59.76$ for 24-month plan. The VPN is supported by almost every platform. It works on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linus, Gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, Smart TVs etc.

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Surf VPN Cost

First thing first the cost. Surf VPN starts at 12.95$ for a month which is quite expensive. But the prices decrease significantly on long term plans. The 6-month plan cost only 38.94$ which is like a 3-month subscription fee and 2-year plan only cost 59.76$ which is even better. You are absolutely saving a big chunk of money on these plans. But make sure to try the VPN before making any purchase decision.

Surf VPN accepts payments from many sources like credit cards, paypal, amazon pay and cryptocurrencies.

Security and Privacy

It is not easy to verify if the VPN is keeping the data logs of used data or not. But surf confirms that they don’t keep any data logs and location identifying connection. Moreover, they also provide diagnostic crash report on demand.

Surf VPN has standard AES-265-GCM encryption, which means it has perfect forward secrecy and the company periodically changes the encryption eyes. This process ensures zero compromise on security. Another excellent security feature is the kill switch. As the name describes it kills the communication between the computer and server in case the VPN connection fails. The switch saves the data from leaking.

Moreover, the VPN does not leak IP address, DNS and any other information that can leak our location. There might be a chance of WebRTC which is a popular issue with many VPNs. The Surf VPN also provide a special chrome plugin to prevent any WebRTC leakage. DNS privacy is a bigger issue on mobile than computer. Surf VPN use different tools to converge the website information directly to the surf servers instead of internet service provider. This process keeps the internet provider away from your data.

Surf VPN Speed

Surf VPN is great with the speed. No doubt that the speed mainly depends on the internet infrastructure in the area. The better one will generate better speed and low-end system will work at slow speed. In VPN we measure the amount of speed loss.

In case of Surf VPN, the average speed loss was only 17% which is even less than the speed loss in 2019 which was 27%. It is among the fastest VPN in the market. Let’s compare the speed of Surf VPN with some popular one.

Surf VPN easily surpasses the best Nord VPN. The speed loss on Nord was 54% which is around triple then the surf. The results were similar with other VPNs like Express VPN and others. We are astonished to see how a small VPN is outclassing the well-known VPNs with a great margin.

Surf VPN is delivering extraordinary results. We performed a test with surf VPN. In our speed test the average speed without any VPN was 194mbps, the loss was mere with Surf VPN. We were still getting 164mbps which was exceptional. None of the locations have speed lower than 100mbps.

The average internet speed in US with surf VPN is 204mbps and averaging at 165mbps and 171mbps in UK and Europe respectively. The results were great in Australia and Singapore as well, averaging at 126mbps and 142mbps. This is one of the best internet speeds from a VPN.

Streaming experience with Surf VPN

Streaming experience is great. Firstly, you will connect to the VPN through the browser’s extension. Simply click on the icon and surf will automatically connect to the fastest location. After you are connected the data will go through the VPN and it will show the connected location and new IP address.

Main reason to use VPN for streaming is that it will connects you through a different part of the world as it breaks the regional restrictions. Surf VPN provide a search box to search for your desired location.

The experience was great it works exactly the way er expect it to work.

Unlimited device connection

It is another great feature of Surf VPN. It can work with unlimited devices with a single account means that a one transaction can provide a good VPN service for entire house. Surf supports a wide range of devices from computers to mobile devices and gaming consoles. The wide spectrum of device support enhances the functionality of the VPN.

Why other VPN service providers don’t follow the same principles, they might be afraid that the company will ran out of sales. But if this is the case the Surf VPN will be out of business a long time ago.

Most of the people do not share their VPN account, because the primary goal of the VPN is privacy and anonymous connection and sharing it will tarnish the basic goal of VPN. So, it is good if you are not sharing the VPN with other devices.


Surf VPN is a great service, it has a wide range of features and locations at fairly affordable price if you are buying a long-term plan. The kill switch, ultra-fast speed, great streaming experience, exceptional privacy and security and unlimited device connections are a few prominent features of the Surf VPN. We will recommend you to buy the VPN but make sure that you check it first with a month plan and then go for a long-term plan.

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