What is Synology VPN? Synology VPN Review

What is Synology VPN? Synology VPN Review

It has been a very devastating year for the human race, but it’s not over yet. The new coronavirus’s impact on society is clear in its wake. Lives lost and personal sacrifices made as people struggle financially during this difficult time period to come back from COVID-19 safely without being hit again when a pandemic strikes once more. Smaller businesses have taken on an increased workload. At the same time, larger corporations are integrating work-from-home options into their policies.

The business world has been reacting quickly and positively to the COVID-19 pandemic. Synology is one of those best companies doing what they can do to support people and small businesses. They make the rapid transition from an office environment back into working remotely. The company realized that many users were purchasing VPN Plus licenses, so after seeing a five-fold increase over two months.

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What Is Synology VPN And How Can It Help

Synology VPN Plus allows you to turn your Synology router into a powerful Virtual Private Network (VPN) server. It’s easy, reliable, and secure. With this key tool in hand, employees will be able to connect securely back at home infrastructure. So that they can continue accessing files remotely just as before during business hours or on another network of their choosing, like libraries with limited Internet access while traveling abroad.

Mentioning Synology’s VPN Plus, you can quickly and effectively transition your company by setting up a virtual office that is adaptable and flexible to the needs of any given business. This solution saves time on long setups with complicated IT systems while also not requiring large budgets for hardware or personnel costs associated with managing these networks themselves. With plenty of tutorials available online, as well as what seem like clear instructions from experts transitioning over might just become easier than ever before.

How To Get Free Synology VPN

The free Synology VPN  is installed onto your router hardware via the excellent and easy-to-use Synology Router Manager (SRM) software. If you’re already using a Synology product, then this will be very familiar to you. It makes network management simpler than ever before. Synology Router Add-Ons are found in the Package Centre, which is where all of Synopis’s excellent add-on devices can be installed. Installation for these packages may seem daunting at first due to their intricate nature, but it will become clearer when you follow along with our guided video.

You may be a novice when it comes to setting up VPN Plus, but don’t worry. The SRM has you covered with extensive information in its Help menu. From explaining the different settings and their purpose for use on the program all through Beginner mode or Advanced Mode. Just click on the Licence button at the bottom of your VPN Plus Server menu, then select add License from this drop-down list to log in with account details.

Synology VPN Pricing

The Synology VPN server is a great way to protect your network and keep the data safe. With three licenses, you can access your Synology VPN server from anywhere in the world and still enjoy complete peace of mind. Each Synology router comes with one free License as standard, and adding more is very easy. These lifetime subscriptions are free so make sure to grab them. The RT2600ac router supports up to 20 users at once – perfect for large families or if a few friends need their own accounts too.

Is Free Synology VPN Just For Small Business

With so many different options for small business owners to choose from, it can be hard deciding which is best. The Synology VPN Plus and RT2600ac might just have what you need with their seamless work-from-home solution that doesn’t require a constant internet connection or even an office space. The Synology VPN server is a service that allows you to create your own secure network, so not only can family members enjoy it together, but they’re also able to protect their data.

 With attached storage and the new NAS, I’m looking forward to reviewing soon – this product has everything one could need. One of the perfect ways to make your parent feel like they are part of the family is by giving them a Synology VPN and NAS combination. The setup will allow them access not only during special occasions but also when it comes time for little-person life.

Synology Rt2600ac Router

Synology has made VPN Plus free for any new customers, which makes the RT2600ac a truly impressive router. With in-built security and fast internet speeds that are perfect if you need to stream videos or download large files without buffering, this is one of those products worth investing into even just once when it comes down to your own safety but also making sure everything around goes smoothly with less downtime as well.

The RT2600ac is a powerful and feature-packed router that will suit your needs in any setting, whether you’re at home or running one small business. Installation was incredibly easy – I completed it on my Android phone within minutes with the help app. What’s also fantastic about this device are all those things they’ve done so far to make sure even novice users can get their work done while still having access to advanced features like hardware encryption.


The simplicity of the app is greatly appreciated by home users, but SRM software should satisfy those looking for a more advanced platform. For me – an avid tinkerer and business IT manager who falls somewhere in between these two groups- I’m well catered for with both options available on this one website.

Synology’s VPN is a great choice for small businesses that need to access their files remotely. It also offers some nice features that are not found in other VPNs, like the ability to disable your internet connection when you’re using public WiFi. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then give it a try with our free trial. The new VPN service will help you stay safe and secure on any device, anywhere in the world. For more blogs, keep visiting our website.

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