What is Tiger VPN? Tiger VPN Review

What is Tiger VPN? Tiger VPN Review

Tiger VPN is a fast and secure VPN service with over 500 servers in 50 countries. It’s perfect for streaming media content from around the world. Tiger VPN is a Slovakian-based VPN service with some appealing functions and features. The company also offers customer native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows, allowing you to get started. And OpenVPN compatibility ensures the service can also be set up with other clients on different platforms.

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Server And Location

This company offers 300+ P2P friendly servers spread across 62 locations in 43 countries, for instance; there are much larger networks around (Express VPN, etc.), But Tiger maintains they own to run their own hardware as well as having DNS servers/infrastructure coding everything themselves to make sure your connection remains fast at all times.

Tiger VPN Pricing

When downloaded and installed the Windows client, it offered a free three-day trial. We had to provide our email addresses in order for them to let us use more than two devices at once. It seems like they’re trying hard not to have as much advertisement for their services so that people can’t take advantage of Tiger VPN’s monthly plan looks expensive at $11.99, especially as you only get support for just two simultaneous connections. 

With a yearly plan, you can have up to five simultaneous connections for a total monthly cost of just under $6.67 per month – that’s pretty reasonable. A three-year plan is the best value, but there are other options with better rates. Private Internet Access’ annual plan costs $2.85 per month for one term and increases to just over 3 dollars on renewal which makes it a good deal.

Customer Support And Payment Options

If you’re looking for the best VPN service, Tiger VPN is one of those providers that will be hard to beat. They have top-notch customer support and provide a wide range of payment options so everyone can choose how they want their money spent. In addition to accepting credit card payments through PayPal or Bitcoin, there are other ways customers may choose to pay, including via bank transfer in Australia as well cash on delivery (for international orders).

Tiger VPN Privacy And Logging

Check out Tiger VPN’s feature list and its views on user monitoring. “Protecting our customers is what it means to be in business, so we don’t store any activity logs anywhere – period.” The company doesn’t collect or log any sites you visit, but it does record some sessions and other details. Here list is taken from the privacy policy.

  • VPN Protocol And Version
  • Operating System
  • App Version
  • Traffic Static

It’s rare to see a VPN store your favorite locations centrally, but there is a good reason for this. The feature allows you set locales on any device and have them instantly synced across all of them. That way, if I’m using my iPhone at home, then its settings will apply when streaming from abroad too – a nice touch indeed.” Still, the policy of privacy goes to great lengths to provide you with real details on how their service work and what it means for your personal information. 


Signing up with Tiger VPN was much easy. We worked through the usual email, password, and payment sequence and arrived at the web console, where we were also given access to their app downloads. So you can connect from anywhere in just a few steps. Installing the Windows client was straightforward, and within a couple of minutes, we were looking at her dashboard. It is much like any other VPN app in this world connection button, list of locations with favorites pane to select one place before proceeding onward for installation steps if desired.

The Settings panel revealed the client’s real problem, as it barely has any features that we’d usually expect to see. You can’t switch protocols (OpenVPN is only available) or auto-connect when accessing insecure networks like Wifi hotspots in public places, for instance – there are also no connection tweaks beyond being able to select between UDP and TCP over VPN connections; this means you won’t be protected if your internet drops out during use!

The manually closing of OpenVPN is not a good solution when the client will just reconnect and block internet access until you get back online. A more capable client would at least have an option for automatically reconnecting, which can help protect users’ traffic by hiding all outgoing connections while they’re disconnected from their VPN service provider or Internet connection altogether. The desktop notification was warning us that our protected data may become vulnerable upon losing connectivity.


Tiger VPN is a powerful and affordable VPN that lets you access any website on the planet. By bypassing geo-blocks, censorship is no longer an issue for those who want full freedom of speech in their countries or wherever they may be traveling–and at prices as low as $3 per month. After a few minutes of trying, it became clear that Tiger VPN wasn’t able to provide access.

 In London and Manchester, websites detected our VPN connection and warned us about this content being unavailable in the current location – even though we paid for Nick Shaw’s service! We were surprised to find that we could stream US Netflix content via a Tiger VPN location. The company, however, says its servers are currently blocked by the popular streaming service, and it doesn’t allow for access in most parts of North America–including Canada, where our test was conducted.

Tiger VPN Performance

Tiger VPN’s results in our speed tests revealed a reasonable start with UK servers averaging 65Mbps on 75Mbps connections. Impressive was that the nearest US location gave us 40-50 Mbps, and even Australia delivered as much at 30+ Mpbs. We were getting mixed results with our speed tests. We got a 150Mbps download, but uploads only averaged 55-70Mbps, and this is not the best we’ve seen it! 30 Mbps was still usable, though, so at least Tiger VPN has some perks in that regard.

We hope you enjoyed learning about some ways in which Tiger VPN helps protect your privacy and security online. To be honest, Tiger VPN has been a bit of a disappointment. The lack of some important features and recent app updates are truly concerning for such an expensive VPN service that purports to offer all sorts of robust security protection. For more blogs, keep visiting our website.    

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