What is Tuxler VPN? Tuxler VPN Review

What is Tuxler VPN? Tuxler VPN Review

Tuxler is a very decent VPN to use at a very affordable price, it provides premium features of VPN at a very low price. Tuxler is one of the old VPN services that are working for the protection of their users. They offer users end-to-end encryption to prevent their data from third parties. Nowadays some users connect to the network by using the IP address of other users so now it has been becoming complicated to protect both the users and their security.

This VPN also provides free-of-cost service which makes it more popular among its competitors. It offers unlimited bandwidth, so you can use this according to your choice and can enjoy streaming on movies and music with no worries of buffering. You can change servers and can use the proxy IP address that is available at a time but these are limited. 

To have access to your favorite videos you can connect to proxies, and do streaming. Users can also surf the websites that are being blocked in a specific region or country and can bypass their geolocation. 

This VPN provides you a have high speeds. But speed is upgraded in paid version if you are using a free version then you may have to face issues of speed. You can easily upgrade it to have a better experience by paying a fee for it.

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How does Tuxler VPN work?

Tuxler is a VPN that is also known as community-powered. Users can share resources through it. As it is offering a great number of servers that cover the whole world and approximately every location in the world.



The speed of a VPN determines that how fast will be the experience of uploading content, so if you are streaming or doing torrenting, to enjoy it smoothly it must have a speed similar to the speed of the internet. As it has to encrypt your data so it will be more time-consuming. However, if you are facing throttling or your internet service provider makes your connection slow, VPN will try to speed up your network. Testing a VPN is now meaningless as new servers will affect the speed of pop-ups. And a factor of location also affects your speed it may vary according to location. So it may be different at your location.

Server Locations

Tuxler VPN has about 180 servers that are located in 64 different countries. 

The average ratio of servers with countries is very essential when we choose a VPN. Never just pay attention to the number of servers or the number of locations of different countries. More servers mean this VPN is faster, but if the number of users increases it will gradually down the speed. But ideally, we want such a VPN that has more servers in a certain location and Tuxler to provide you this service of a large number of servers so you do not have to take worry about the ratio or speed

User Experience

Tuxler is providing you better options for free, It doesn’t have limited bandwidth and users do not have any need towards paid model just for better bandwidth. But it has some other limitations in a free mode. This may limit the choice of available servers and limit how many servers you can change at a time.

You can watch high-level sites on it like Netflix and also connect to other servers that are US-based. But if your internet service provider has slow speed, then the user may watch a sluggish response on it. Also, they will not be able to make their bank of servers but they have to depend upon other users.

Tuxler VPN makes all the data very clear that is being collected over it. It may access your data like your online searching through browsers, access your device, and activities, and also payment details. But cannot have information about your login when you use this VPN as an extension on chrome etc. When we see the privacy policy of Tuxler in detail we may know that it can share your data with a third party such as ads etc. It’s a thing to worry about because sharing data to allow access to a third party is insecure to you and you can not have desired security.



Tuxler VPN can hide your identity, IP address used by you and it encrypts your searching ad data, and makes you invisible online

Free to use

It offers protected and secure connections and a free experience along with unlimited bandwidth.

Unlimited bandwidth

You choose a paid or free model, Doesn’t matter it will always offer you unlimited bandwidth.

Military graded encryption

Tuxler VPN offers you an extremely high-security level and offers you full anonymity.

Residential IP

 Tuxler VPN continuously refreshes your location to offer you full encryption and privacy.

Restriction free

You can have an unlimited surfing experience, as tuxler VPN uses different proxies.

Choice of location

If your user is traveling, it offers online freedom on website surfing, no matter where ever you are.



Tuxler claims that it offers its user torrenting and peer-to-peer but is never told which servers are offering for it. So for a better working experience, you have to try different servers for you. Besides this, it also offers low speed at the free version and may not be the best option for you. Mainly it doesn’t offer kill switches which can make torrenting so risky and may show your identity.

Simultaneous Device Connections 

This VPN does not support different connections at a time, which may be irritating. So it is not a better option for you if you want to use it for a group or a family. 


Tuxler VPN is providing you access to blocked websites and gives you the option to surf websites and different apps anonymously. Here we discussed different features of this, along with different advantages and disadvantages you may choose according to your need and choice.

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