What is UIUC VPN? UIUC VPN Review

What is UIUC VPN? UIUC VPN Review

VPN permits students, staff, and professionals to connect to network resources of campus securely. You can connect to a network of campus anytime, no matter where you are, by using a VPN, and can have access to the network resources and services commonly people can’t have access to it.

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UIUC network services Off-campus

Many users outside or off-campus illinois.edu can’t connect to a network as they don’t have access like UIUC provides complete access to different journals that are electronic. Although you can access the journals on campus, without any restriction. But if you want to have access to these same journals outside the campus through the website of the library, you will be asked to provide NetID and passcode then you will have access to it.

Resources other than this must-have access outside the campus. Like the files of sharing ports that are blocked on the route of campus, so you can only share this when you are on campus.

Different cities provide users services of VPN servers. Simply you can install Virtual Private Networks on your devices. Whenever you join the network remotely, then start the client for VPN, and make a connection to the server of Cites. When the connection of VPN will be activated, data traffic of your device will have encryption and will be sent to servers of VPN. And if you want to have access to network resources within the campus, the device you used will be shown as they are on campus and can access without any restrictions.

Who can have access to it?

  • Undergraduates and graduates
  • Professionals
  • Staff and Faculty

How to have access to service

VPN access is available to everyone by using the NetID of campus. Clients of VPN can be downloaded by using the site “go.illinois.edu”


This VPN is free to use anywhere, anytime. You may have connected to it free of charge by using the identity and password.


More devices can be connected simultaneously, approximately three devices can be connected to UIUC VPN at a time. 

Maximum time of connections

Devices can remain connected to this VPN for a maximum of 24 hours. The user should ensure that must reconnect to the network before it disconnects.

Opportunities of maintenance

It provides unlimited opportunities for trainers and offers consultation.

Different maintenance hours are depending upon the timings of campus, also provides this opportunity at the noon of Saturday and Sunday.

How to download, install and start UIUC VPN

By following the instructions, you can install this VPN on your devices. Students, faculty, and professionals of Illinois University can have access to their devices for connecting VPNs.

If you are using a VPN account as a guest, like the VPNs that are recommended by Technology services for a device that is on campus. And if you want to continue your access off-campus as a guest, you may have to contact the host to help in downloading and installing.

Quick Start

From a website, you can download the VPN package of installation. First of all, ensure that select the best match version for the central processing unit. Many of the users require a version of x86, but for some devices that have ARM CPUs, you should have to install the processor accordingly.

Your device software may give you the option to set up a built-in VPN. You may have to download the AnyConnect software of VPN as this does not work.

Keep in mind the privileges of administrators while installing the software.

Use servers vpn.illinois.edu to set up a new network.

Enter your NetID in the place of username. But if you are entering as a guest, use the ID of the guest.

In the space of passwords, use the password of the active directory you have. In case you are a guest, use the password of the guest ID. 

Here are detailed instructions to install software for VPN.

Move to the place, where a package of VPN installation is saved.

On the .msi file, double click, and the installer will be opened.     

VPN installer

A prompt of control account will have appeared that will ask for permission and a program will appear by using that you can make variations in device. By completing the procedure, Tap OK.

Account Control

A wizard of setup will be launched. Tap on Next.

Wizard Setup     

A prompt will appear by agreement of user license, Click Accept. You will see different windows about the installation process. 

After completing the procedure of installing, a prompt will appear that will ask to restart your device.     

Now the process of installation is completed, after restarting,

To start VPN     

The menu of programs will have a new folder named, Cisco. When you open the folder, a new folder will appear inside that will be the client cisco mobility of AnyConnect. Inside this folder, you will see an Icon.

You can also approach this icon, through icons that are hidden in the taskbar menu. Instead, you can use a search tool to search this icon by typing Cisco.

Logging in

  • When you have launched the client of AnyConnect Cisco, at first you have to give your identity to a server of VPN and connect to the server.
  • In the dialog box, add vpn.illinois.edu, then tap Connect.    
  • After that, you should add three types of data.
  • First of all, a username that id NetID, or guest ID if you are using as a guest.
  • After that password of the directory that is active or guest password, for guests.
  • If users want to have access to resources of libraries and don’t want to log in by gateway of the library. Then vary all profile tunnels.

Note: If you want to access Library resources without logging in to the Library Gateway, you should change to the Tunnel All profile. Then Log in. Now you are connected.


  • If you have done with the use of VPN, then disconnect.
  • Tap on the menu that is hidden, will be appeared as an arrow close to the clock.
  • Tap on the icon of AnyConnect Cisco.    
  • Tap on the button of disconnect, in the window, appeared.


UIUC VPN is used to have access to university network resources, inside and outside the campus. You can connect and approach it anywhere in the world. In this article, we discussed the advantages of UIUC. Also, the proper method to connect to this VPN from all types of software and devices.

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