What is Viscosity VPN? Viscosity VPN Review

What is Viscosity VPN? Viscosity VPN Review

Viscosity is a VPN client that establishes fast and secure connections to external OpenVPN servers. Viscosity is not just a VPN client. It’s the only high-quality alternative that provides fast and secure connections to external OpenVPN servers. You will have to find your own server for this program since Viscosity doesn’t host any of these resources on its server network. You can add those servers into one-use clients for all your favorite Virtual Private Networks through Visciousity’s easy drag & drop interface without any username or password. 

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Viscosity is a secure VPN provider that provides military-grade encryption to establish an encrypted connection between you and OpenVPN servers. By running its own IPv6 on the client-side while connecting, Viscosity will benefit from 2 layers of protection. It gives your data extra safety when torrenting. One major flaw is that Viscosity does not have a kill switch.

This means your data might leak if the connection drops, and it would put personal information at risk to other unknown peers who are torrenting with you on this same network. Protecting your identity is important, but it’s not enough. Losing a connection to the VPN exposes your IP address and personal information like credit card numbers putting users at risk for hackers. It can lead to problems such as stolen cards/identity theft.


Viscosity saves logs. They claim this is only to identify any server issues. It collects email and username information in order to keep track of who used their product. On their official website, they make note that if you use the product for 90 days or more before canceling, then your email address will be kept with contact information. Viscosity is a rare and costly fluid that holds information for only a short period of time. It can also be used as a valid tool in the troubleshooting process.

Servers And Locations

VPNs are a perfect way to hide your browser traffic, but not all of them offer the same level of service. When searching for an excellent VPN, it’s important that you look at various factors such as the amount and quality (the number)of available IP addresses. The number of servers is much important because more servers mean faster speed. Viscosity has only two servers and is located in just two countries.  It is a major drawback for those who want quality assurance, which makes it hard for Viscosity to expand.

Can Viscosity Unblock Netflix And player

Viscosity doesn’t provide you with the facility of its own servers, but that is where the beauty lies. If your OpenVPN server can keep up and unblock streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, then Viscosity will give them everything they need to stream freely in HD. But it can be limiting if you want to access from other countries in which VPNs are blocked. It all depends on what OpenVPN servers you have.


Viscosity is a VPN client that can be used on Mac and Windows. It allows users to connect to virtual private networks, which are useful for companies or individuals who want to establish secure remote connections. Viscosity is a new app. That’s why it is only available on Mac and Windows devices. It’s not yet compatible with other computers, so its usage will be limited in the near future when more people have access to it. It can’t be used on other devices, which makes its utility very low, as it only works with laptops and desktops.

Easy To Use

Viscosity is a VPN client that provides you with comprehensive series of guides on how to use it. These are very easy to follow, which makes starting out easier than ever before.

  • Navigate over to the Viscosity homepage. Once there, you can download a client for Mac or Windows.
  • When you complete the download, a startup wizard will appear. Navigate through it by pressing next and finish while checking all boxes that apply.
  • Now that you have finished downloading the app, head to its location on your computer. Right-click or tap and hold over Viscosity’s icon until a pop-up appears.
  • To add servers, click the + in OpenVPN’s bottom-left corner and either import or manually input them. Viscosity has detailed guides that walk users through it with ease and will teach anyone who needs help on our website.
  • There are many VPN providers out in the market, but only a few will be compatible with Viscosity. If you want to use your own VPN provider or one that is not listed here, then do some research on what OpenVPN protocol they offer before connecting it up.


You can easily get help from Viscosity’s support team through these two options

Viscosity does an excellent job of adding features and improving their product with each update. The customer support was responsive but not very helpful. When submitting a ticket, they responded quickly, which surprised me since most companies take days or even weeks before getting back to you on your issue.

Pricing And Speed

When it comes to pricing, Viscosity has the best prices I’ve seen. You can use it for one month on macOS or Windows devices without any credit card required. Viscosity is the only VPN that lets you try out both a free and paid version on just one device. Once your trial expires, Viscosity will automatically upgrade to continue using their service. Viscosity has a one-time purchase policy, so if you request for refund and it doesn’t suit the company’s needs to make your product or service better in return, then they can refuse.

If you’re looking for a one-time payment, the $14 subscription fee is worth it. You can try out their service, and if you like what they offer, then great. I was surprised to find out that Viscosity had no impact on my connection speeds. From gaming, watching Netflix, and reading articles without any lag or buffering at all.

Viscosity VPN is a well-known and popular service that provides quality, reliable, and secure virtual private network (VPN) connections. They are proud to offer military-grade encryption as well as DNS leak protection at no extra charge. Viscosity is a good choice for those who want total control and flexibility. It has an easy-to-use interface but fewer configuration options than some other products. For more blogs, keep visiting our website.

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