What is VPN Plus? VPN Plus Review

What is VPN Plus? VPN Plus Review

VPN Plus is the best VPN Extension with chrome to hide the IP address, it provides free proxy that are unlimited, and to unblock websites.

VPN plus server can change your simple router to unique and advanced server of VPN. This allows users to have access to the internet and also to all those local networks that are behind router, just by using a web browser or client for VPN.

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Following are the features of VPN Plus that make it distinct from others.

  • No need to login or register yourself
  • It connects users to the fastest proxy server
  • Provides unlimited traffic for free.
  • Follows the policy of no-login.
  • By just one click, user will be connected to VPN proxy.
  • High level security and bank graded encryption methods.

VPN Plus Advantages

Websites Access

VPN Plus offers you the full access of entire web apps or sites in your own country, or specific place. You can do surfing on YouTube, snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and much more by using this.

Anonymous Searching

This VPN allows you to surf websites or apps anonymously, without the worry of being tracked by internet service provider or any third party, because by connecting through it your IP address will be changed.

Band width

VPN Plus is very important against throttling of bandwidth, sometimes user have to experience buffering or long gap in loading a website, then ISP of networks throttle bandwidth so that specific users may use this within the download limits.

Secured devices

It protects your connection of browser whenever you connect with public Wi-Fi or other connections at public places. It is more secured than a simple HTTP proxy connection. Your personal information like passwords etc. are protected from attackers.

Fast Speed

VPN plus is superb fast, it automatically detects the location and then connect your device to the nearest available server, so connection through it is faster than any service provider.


If you are connected to a VPN server by sinology router, you can change the settings, privileges authorities and your logins to VPN plus server to continue the use.

Bypass Geo blocked Content With VPN Plus

Another main advantage of VPN plus is it offers its users the capability to unlock different sites and streaming options. It can easily by-pass any filters used by website and really reliable to have access to the content that is not available in a specific region

If a website wants to have access to user identity it has to track the IP address of users, through it, website can have location and to the content that is being surfed by a user. VPN stops to happen this and to track geographical location. This feature is very useful for the user whenever he tries to have access to movies or a series that is on streaming.

Some companies offer their services and provides content for a specific area or country, you can also approach that content via VPN plus. As companies do not want to have such kinds of approach to their data, they attempt against VPNs so must use high quality VPN that may proof strong and keep maintain the anonymity of users like VPN PLUS.

VPN Plus Disadvantages

Here are some disadvantages of VPN plus:

Decreased speed

VPNs encrypt the data of users and after that transfer it to VPN server, which may be near to user or may anywhere in world. After reaching to sever it will be sent to its final location and then travel back to user using same path. So sometimes the speed will he decreased by the increase of distance.

Dropped Connections

Because of the disorders in internet, sometime service through VPN be dropped. Whenever the connection will drop even for an instant it may leak the data which may compromise your privacy and anonymity.

This VPN Isn’t Legal in All Countries

VPN plus may or may not be legal, depends upon your country or location. Sometimes government impose restrictions on some specific content. So, at some specific type of content government. So, then the use pf VPN will be illegal for that. So must use VPNs in the regions where the use is legal.

Not every device supports it.

Sometimes there are some platforms which do not support this VPN. Some users do not use streaming device or OS then it will be a problem to them. Compatibility is not an issue but of there were old versions of operating system or even hardware. As it may not work with older versions of Windows or Linux etc.

How to migrate to VPN Plus

  • Move towards package center, and stop the actions of VPN server.
  • From Package center fist install VPN plus then Run it on your device.
  • When related settings of your VPN server will be notices then there will appear
  • migration wizard.
  •  Choose those items you want to migrate towards VPN plus, and follow the given instructions by wizard to complete migration.   
  • Keep in mind that, never run VPN server and VPN plus at a time.

Standard VPN

VPN Plus servers offers you different VPNs, you may choose according to need and environment of networks.


SSTP or Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol is a VPN solution that offers secured VPN connections. If you have built in client on your device then you may join and connects to SSTP VPN.


OpenVPN is a source to implement and connect your VPN service openly, and offers you SSL and TLS secured VPN connections.

It does not support some connections in wireless mode like AP bridge. Whenever you run OpenVPN graphic user interface on windows like window 7 you must have to ensure that User Account Control is working by default. 


Layer 2 tunneling protocol or L2TP along with IPSec offers you connections through VPNs having more security and protection. Almost all the clients support this, like macOS, Linus, android, iOS and windows.


Point to point tunneling protocol which is also called PPTP, is often used VPN that is supported by different clients including macOS, Linux and Windows.

VPN Plus Conclusion

In this article, we have discussed all the possible facts about the features, advantages and disadvantages of VPN Plus and the VPNs that can be used with VPN plus. Hope so this will help you to choose the best according to your need.

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