What is VPNCity? VPNCity Review

What is VPNCity? VPNCity Review

VPNCity is not a large VPN, it is based on Hong Kong service and not be recognized as a brand. Honestly speaking, we may say that we never knew about it before this. But if we see these VPN services closely then we will observe that this is very interesting beyond our expectations.

The size of a network is very decent Like it has about 3000 plus servers in 33 different countries along with different locations. Its servers are not only in America and Europe but also in Dominican Republic, Morocco, Peru, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Seychelles, and Australia, etc.

VPNCity is compatible with macOS, iOS, Androids, and Windows also offer extensions for chrome and Firefox.

It mentioned all the policies and features it provides to its customer. So, you do not need to deeply study or search whether it supports peer-to-peer, also if it can easily unblock the sites, as it offers special locations for streaming of different major sites like Netflix and iPlayer, etc. So, it is no less than any simple and easy VPNs.

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  • Strictly follows the policy of no-log to maintain your privacy.
  • Encryption of military-grade to keep data protected
  • Offers the function of the kill switch, its function is to disconnect your device from the internet whenever the connection breaks.
  • Clear the text of the DNS leak, which shows that it will make your online traffic secure and protected.
  • Supports all the devices and operating systems.
  • Can connect approximately 12 devices at a time.
  • Offers secure and encrypted extensions for different browsers like Firefox and chrome.
  • Provides special servers for streaming to enjoy the blocked data.
  • Works peer-to-peer and offers a friendly environment for networking.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • To block ads and pop-ups provides the function of Adblocker.
  • Users can solve their issues with the 24/7 services of live chat provided by customer support.
  • Easily manage an account for the users and business level.
  • Offers a different IP address to manage the account for business VPN.

If a user wants to have simultaneous connections with a VPN that he already using or an existing VPN, here is good news for him, Users can connect about 12 devices at a time, it depends upon your idea.


Save personal details of users and browse safely.

Nothing can be worse than the fraud of debit or credits. So, you can protect yourself and your details by using this VPN.

Strong protection against cyber attacks

This VPN offers security from harmful websites and can enter malware and spyware into your system.

Offers policy of no-log

 No-Log Policy. And make sure your online privacy. When a user is doing something online, it’s his own business, and a VPN service never keeps your history. Do not keep your data, information of credit cards, not even your IP address.

Offers 40 plus different locations on servers

You can easily alter your location by using 3,167 servers from different cities and countries.

Stay secure on Wi-Fi

If you are using a public WiFi or hotspot of mobile internet, this VPN can hide your identity and secure all your information to make you anonymous and will be secured on your device.

Unblock content worldwide

Content that is restricted or censored in some geo-locations, VPNCity can unblock it easily. You can watch different series and games and can have access to several networks etc.

Play and watch games and content of your choice.

Through this, you may have easy access to different sites and content, like Amazon, Netflix, and firestick, etc. It makes you able to enjoy your desired content on these sites.

VPNCity functions with Netflix.

Some specific servers are designed for streaming on Netflix, certainly, it’s one of the few VPNs that offers its users access towards it, and never be detectable while using this.

Superfast speed of streaming

This VPN does not reduce the speed of downloads and uploading. So, your online experience will be quite smooth and buffer-free. You will not be disturbed or have to wait for your favorite shows on different sites.

Connect by a single click

This is easy to use, even for beginners who do not have any experience using VPNs. This makes Apps simple and not complicated to access.

Customer service for 24/7 

 It offers real-time support in real meanings. Do not have to wait for a long time, you will get assistance in just seconds. You can ask anything via live chat or email support.

Offers the best extension for VPN

VPNCity is established to use with all the systems and devices, and it offers customer support for 24 hours and all 7 days.

Hide your ID and unblock applications and websites by using this VPN. 


Confusing Limits of device

As VPNCity claims to support 12 devices simultaneously, It is true to some extent. This offer of simultaneous connection is just valid for the plan of two years subscription.

It is not a common thing as other VPNs in competitive markets provided an already classified number of servers, no matter what the package is. Just to have this feature of devices, you have to select this package and have to commit for a long time. And when a company says 12 devices it is not clear that this is for a specific package, so users may be misguided by such things.


Is VPNCity a safe-to-use VPN?

Safe to use. This VPN offers highly protected features, low cost, good support to customers, and fast speeds. This is best for the users who are searching to have freedom of streaming and surfing at a low cost.

Is VPNCity offers good customer support?

This VPN service provides the opportunity of 24/7 customer support via live chat and also gives the option of email. Besides all these, it also has a help center online, which offers you the following options to resolve your problem.

  • General Guides
  • FAQs
  • Guides for Troubleshoot 


VPNCity is providing nice services for the starters. Provides its user the facility of optimized servers to unblock content from Netflix, also offers a great number of servers along with different locations in several countries. It promises to protect your privacy and data will remain encrypted. Best for a user who wants to use a nice VPN with all the best features at a low price.

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