What is VPNHub? VPNHUB Review

What is VPNHub? VPNHUB Review

Pornhub is on the cutting edge of innovation, and they’re releasing their very own VPN service. It’s not surprising that this would happen with PornHub’s forward-thinking mindset. After all, the website has been known to branch out into new areas before other companies even think about them. VPNhub offers high-quality virtual private network services that allow customers to stay safe online by encrypting their data traffic. It means your data will stay private when you are browsing the web. It’s had its fair share of bad reviews, but this doesn’t mean it can’t still provide an excellent product for you to purchase and use.

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Does VPNHUB Work With Netflix

VPNHub is a way to bypass censorship and protect your privacy. We researched VPNs that can unblock Netflix or BBC iPlayer but found they were not available on the service. Netflix doesn’t work on the US server. We tested a couple more and couldn’t get it to play smoothly either, so you might be able to enjoy sporting events through sites with higher bandwidth like 10Play.

Ease To Use

VPNhub is easy to run, but getting there can be a challenge. This especially applies if you want the added functionality of desktop support as well. It comes at an extra cost! Installation on Android or iOS goes without issue for most users. VPNhub has a free and paid-for VPN service. The app stores for Android and iOS make things simple with the downloading. The desktop software is only available on Android/iOS, but Windows and Mac users can use their own laptops or desktops with the help of this browser extension.


The VPNhub client is sleek and simple to use, with plenty of handy features. Encryption is solid, working with OpenVPN (at least on Windows). You can also choose between AES-128 and 256 ciphers alongside SHA256 authentication. Notable features include a kill switch and DNS leak protection. VPNhub’s free plan offers unlimited bandwidth, but there are some drawbacks. For one thing, the US location is just a single server with limited speed and constantly being bombarded by ads on screen while browsing online. VPNhub Premium is a VPN service that gets rid of all ads and offers much faster connections.


VPNhub is a very affordable VPN Service. The free version of VPNhub only offers a network of mobile-only servers with speed and unlimited bandwidth. It cannot be upgraded to Premium. The additional costs involved in upgrading. It makes this service rather expensive for its features as well as its marketing strategy to get users into paying monthly or yearly subscriptions. The monthly plan cost13.99$  per month. The yearly plan costs 6.99$ dollar per month. The 3-year plan is only $3.49 a month. It works out to be about 125 cents an hour for the next thirty days and four hours of labor each week, so in total.

Payment Options

The only payment option for VPNhub is the Google Play Store/AppStore.It means you can use a credit card. Unfortunately, there isn’t PayPal or cryptocurrency available to purchase Premium upgrades with this service. VPNhub is a one-week free trial, but there’s no money-back guarantee. The company operates under their “no refunds” policy in order to make sure people don’t get scammed by making purchases through VPNhub.

Does VPNhub Allow Torrenting

The provider won’t allow torrenting. If you’re from the USA, we strongly advise you not to use VPNhub for torrenting. Those who know what DMCA is will know how dangerous it can be when using a provider that does not support P2P and/or has been targeted by these terrible notification letters. If you want to avoid DMCA and enjoy P2P file sharing, then VPNhub is not recommendable.


VPNs are great for protecting your data, but not all of them will have the same impact on internet speeds. Some may reduce it by as little as 10%, while others could drastically slow things down to 80%. We did a speed test on US, UK, and Australian servers. Without using a VPN, downloading speed 211.88Mbps, while uploading speed 202.20Mbps.With VPNhub In the US, downloading and uploading speeds were speed 108.51 Mbps, 126.75Mbps.In the UK, downloading and uploading speeds were 74.3 Mbps,30.92Mbps. VPNhub is very slow, making your browsing experience a chore instead of enjoyable. The US server didn’t show any great results either.

Security And Logs

This is where things get interesting. Pornhub has created AgeID, an online age verification platform that will allow UK residents to watch adult movies only if they are over 18 years old and have a valid ID card or passport with a photo.

The new system was made specifically for the United Kingdom. So under-aged citizens cannot access content on this website anymore. We also don’t recommend porn to people under this age, but it turns out that the same company has a VPN service that bypasses AgeID and essentially aims “to destroy” its own security measure. IPVanish handed over their logs to US authorities, who used them as evidence in catching a suspect.

 This showed us how much information they have on each user and even the timestamp of connection/disconnection. IPVanish is no different when it comes down to Compliance with government requests or not.” They even share your personal information with other countries in the world, which is a crazy thing to do.

Number Of Servers

We all know that the  VPNhub has 1000+ servers worldwide. But what many people don’t realize is how few there are in total – especially for this price. We all know that Russia has been an issue for VPnhub, but you would never guess by their list of 60 locations. Surprisingly there are no servers in this region.

If you are looking for an internet connection that is always private, secure, and fast, then VPNHUB might be the perfect provider. There are even different packages available to suit your needs, whether it’s just one month or longer-term service plans.VPNhub protects your data. With the free version, you can easily connect up to 10 devices at once and access unlimited bandwidth for both Android and iOS-powered mobile devices. For more related blogs and articles, keep visiting our website. 

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