What is X-VPN? X-VPN Review

What is X-VPN? X-VPN Review

If you are looking for a VPN service that has countless servers, X-VPN might be just the option for you. 

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Our Verdict

This VPN is decent for unblocking Netflix as it offers fast speeds on nearby servers. Boasting a huge server network, you can easily get started with the VPN as it is easy to use. However, X-VPN has weak encryption, a lack of kill switch and an invasive logging policy which makes it not the best option for online privacy. But, it does perform rather well in comparison to other VPNs.  


  • Easy to set up.
  • Works well with Netflix.
  • Offers fast speeds on most nearby VPN servers.
  • Has more than 5,000 servers in 52 countries.


  • Fairly extensive logging policy.
  • Unclear torrent policy.
  • No VPN kill switch for desktop users.

X-VPN is a popular VPN that is owned by Free Connected Limited. It is based in Hong Kong and has been around since July 2017. The company states on its website that it believes in equal and fair access to an internet that offers transparency, privacy, and security. If we look at things from the perspective of data retention, Hong Kong is privacy-friendly as it is not a part of the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance. But, according to a VPN ownership investigation, it was found that X-VPN has links to mainland China which might be a concern for some. It is important to mention that the company director is the sole shareholder and is based in China. However, the VPN delivers high speeds for those located nearby. 

X-VPN Plans and Pricing

X-VPN has a monthly plan requires you to pay $11.99 and an annual plan that costs $5.99 a month. Although it might not be the cheapest monthly rate on the market, it offers some solid features that make it worth getting. However, if you are looking for basic features or just want to stream Netflix, you can find another VPN service for less money. X-VPN accepts payments through American Express, Bitcoin, MasterCard, Visa, Monero, PayPal, and vouchers. A great thing about X-VPN is that it does offer a seven-day money-back guarantee. If you require a refund, you will need to reach out to live chat support and state your reason for canceling the service after which you will be refunded. Thus, you can use a debit card, credit card, cryptocurrency, or PayPal to pay for your subscription. 

Privacy and Logging

X-VPN has a clear and transparent policy on logging. It is important to keep in mind that it does collect a lot of user data like the chosen VPN server, Network Type, Choice of VPN Protocol, VPN connection timestamp, and Server CPU Load and Bandwidth which are stored for up to 96 hours after which they are deleted. The company claims that the data is collected for service optimization which is something that you can trust. X-VPN also logs city-level location, data usage, app version, and device information for product development. This information has to be deleted upon request. But, as your user IP addresses are not stored, you have nothing to worry about.

X-VPN Performance

After testing X-VPN to determine out how it fares in terms of performance, we found that its selection of protocols makes optimizing internet speed quite tricky. After consistent use, we managed to find fast local speed. But, long-distance connections offered mediocre speeds regardless of which protocol we used. However, it is important to note that X-VPN does not use the standard VPN protocols. Hence, it is simply unfair to compare its speed with other VPNs. Protocol-X is the proprietary protocol used by X-VPN. 

We used Protocol H for conducting the speed tests as it claimed to offer the fastest speeds and the highest level of security. But, we still only saw fairly mediocre speeds. It is worth mentioning that the VPN performed well overall as we saw low ping times and speedy downloads. Our normal download speed only dropped by 15 percent which is not a low. However, speeds got slower the longer the distance of the connection such as the US and the UK.

Netflix and Streaming

X-VPN performs a whole lot better than most VPNs when it comes to unblocking streaming services. In our testing, it consistently unblocked Netflix, including the US, and even unblocked BBC iPlayer. In a time when some of the best VPNs struggle to provide access to streaming sites, X-VPN performs very well. It has optimized servers for streaming popular services such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix. All you have to is choose the server from the streaming tab on the app and you should be able to watch your favorite show. We also managed to unblock Netflix in Brazil, Spain, and UK with their respected servers. Moreover, streaming other services like HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ also provided to be easy. Thus, X-VPN unblocks every streaming service. 

X-VPN Torrents

Torrents are an essential when on the lookout for a VPN service. X-VPN has an outstanding server network that makes torrenting a walk in the park. In fact, it has the largest server network on the market. Boasting more than 5,000 servers in 60 countries and a well spread out network, you will find it to be a great option for torrents. However, there is no mention of torrenting on their website or privacy policy which might concern some. But, the fact that there are specialized servers for gaming and streaming makes it worth using for just about everything. 

Manual Setup

One of the things that we absolutely loved about X-VPN is the fact that it is very easy to use. It does not provide any extra features which means that you should have no trouble navigating it. Therefore, beginners who have never used a VPN in the past will find it to be the perfect option. However, experienced users will find the VPN to be quite stripped-back. Since X-VPN is very easy to use, it does not offer as many options for configurability. There are not many settings that you can play around with. 

All you have to do to get started is head over to the X-VPN website to download it for your computer and run through basic installation prompts, choose the desired server location, and connect. You do have the option to use Application Control for routing certain traffic outside your VPN tunnel. As for the main screen, we found it to show minimal information once we connected to the server. However, the protocol options can be rather confusing if you are used to standard VPN protocols. But, the desktop app does provide some context about the performance and security of the various protocols unlike the mobile app which leaves users in the dark. 

X-VPN Apps & Extensions

X-VPN has a simple VPN app that is the same for an extensive range of devices. It does a great job at protecting every device. You can use the dedicated native app for Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows along with Linux to browse the internet as you please. X-VPN also has a Google Chrome browser extension which you can use for accessing the VPN on your Google Chrome. The VPN can be used by up to 5 devices at a time using a single account. Although X-VPN does not have Smart DNS for consoles, you can install it on the home router which would allow any device that is connected to it such as your Nintendo, Xbox, or PlayStation to benefit from IP spoofing and full encryption. You can head over to the X-VPN to look up setup guides for TP-Link, Linksys, Huawei, D-Link, and Asus. Amazon Fire TV Stick users receive a simpler solution as X-VPN offers a custom app. 


Support is something that you must consider when selecting a VPN service. If there is one area where X-VPN does not perform well, it is support. Although it does offer live chat support, you will come to know that it is not manned 24/7. Even if the agents seem to be online, you will need to wait for a few hours to receive a response from them. However, X-VPN offers useful resources that cover just about every popular topic. But, when the agent does reply you, you will realize that they lack technical expertise and will require you to send an email to the manager for an answer which would take a few days for a reply and you cannot count on the reply to answer all your queries. Hence, the VPN service lacks behind in support. 

X-VPN Review: Final Verdict

Overall, X-VPN is a great VPN as long as you do not require support. It does manage to get many things right such as a huge server network, amazing streaming, and ease of use. Since it also works in China, you get to access the Chinese internet. As we do not know which protocols the VPN uses for encrypting traffic and logs too much information, it might not be the best option.

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