What is Yoga VPN? | Yoga VPN Review

What is Yoga VPN? | Yoga VPN Review

VPNs are used to have access to websites or apps that are restricted in your region, for some reason. Besides this VPN removes the IP address of your device to secure your search history and data. If you want a perfect VPN app for you then I have the best VPN app for you. That app is Yoga VPN, which is free to use, provides you secure proxy and unblock, and is available to install on your device for free.

Yoga VPN is the best VPN that can be used on smartphones. This is free to download and use and provides endless bandwidth. You do not have to login or register to use this, just simply click on the connect button and your mobile will be connected to it. The best feature of this VPN is it offers a stable and speedy connection.

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Why use Yoga VPN?

If you live in a country in which the government has censored any type of content, or if any company is not providing any service or brand product in your region and you want to have access to that data for any reason, Yoga VPN is best to escape restrictions and you can use all that restricted content without facing limitations

Compatible devices for Yoga VPN

Yoga VPN is suitable for the smartphones

  • Android devices
  • iOS devices


This app is easy to use and does not require any lengthy procedures, all you need is just to choose the country to which you want to alter your location and press confirm. Yoga VPN will automatically fix your connection, then just leave it to work this in the background and do your work on websites.

In the list of available countries that you have to select for Yoga VPN, select your favorite one, or VPN will choose the best for you. This also has a pointing system that allows you to access more countries. As this app provides you with enough options, so you will not require any extra service.

Yoga VPN offers you a secure path to search and browse, and you can easily enjoy censored and restricted content without departing any mark of your distinctive data on the website or no one can access your data.

Yoga VPN is an amazing service to help you to secure the connections you used, on your Androids and iOS devices. But it does not yet launch a desktop version. You can use it on your PC by some specific methods.

It is free and has an extensive scope of available servers. Yoga VPN allows you to use its servers even without signing in to it. So, you do not have to worry about entering the details of credit card etc.

This app has a unique system that helps you to assign you the guiding points, that how can you use it. By using these points, you can have access to specific servers and offers you better and higher quality features. To have access to these points all you need is to invite your friend on Yoga VPN or just have to watch many ads that are being posted.

This app has passed the test of DNS leak and it is assured that the IP address will be secured all times you use it. Whenever you will online their encryption will keep you protected.

A great advantage of this VPN is that they offer different available proxy servers, if you are facing the problem of slow connection, you can move towards a new server and retain your speed.


To watch too long advertisements just to have access to better and decent sever is very annoying and frustrating.

Another drawback of this app is the insufficiency of customer service offered by them. If you have any concerns or want to have some help about using these services, they just provide an email address. This is not a convenient method as a customer service reply will be received after a few days, not suitable if you want a quick answer and need some help urgently. As Yoga VPN is free to use and access service, so this is not usually like many free-to-use services that are limited and do not have support systems.

No doubt overall it is a good VPN if you are using it for free on your mobile phones etc. However, if you are looking for a VPN having more capabilities a then we will not suggest this use a premium VPN.

How to Download and Install Yoga VPN for PC (Windows & Mac)

Initially, it was not possible to install Yoga VPN on PC but now with the help of Android emulators, it has become possible.

By following these steps, you can easily install Yoga VPN on a PC (Mac and Windows)

  1. First of all, download Android Emulator on your device. Many emulators are available I will suggest downloading NOx App Player.
  2. If you have downloaded the file of .exe NOx then install it on your device by following these instructions.
  3. After the process of installation, you will reach NOx Emulator’s homepage 
  4. You will see the option of Google folder on the homepage click on that, then choose play store app of google.
  5. If you have to sign-up with a new Google ID, then select New, but if you have it already then choose an existing one.
  6. After that, you will play store interface will appear, same as on the android device.
  7. To install VPN Yoga on your PC, on the play store move to search, type Yoga VPN tap on search then click install. Confirm install, tap Open. Yoga VPN can also be used by accessing the homepage of Android Emulator
  8. You can download Yoga VPN on your PC by following the above procedure.


Is there a Kill Switch in Yoga VPN?

For starters, this is the most essential function which a VPN can have, even though most of the users can not live without a kill switch. It is specifically important for stream users as it provides security against leaks and makes sure that whatever they do while streaming, will not be viewed by anybody. Unfortunately, Yoga VPN does not have a feature of Kill Switch. 

Is Yoga VPN safe to use?

Yoga VPN is a free app that can only be used on mobile. It does not have such strong encryption, invading ads, and unclear privacy policies. There are not enough security features that also do not support P2P. We can say that it is not much fast and safe to use at all.


Above mentioned app, Yoga VPN is free to use on mobile for proxy connections to have access to restricted content, has many great features but is not much secure and fast. 

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